Holistic Fertility Program

Tried it all, and still NOT PREGNANT

Going crazy with all the conflicting medical advice, with nobody there to lead you through the long, scary tunnel?

Feel like you are the only person in the world who truly cares about your fertility and your treatment outcomes? 

Desire a holistic approach that respects your body, your spouse, and your future baby, and feel lost as to where to start?

There are hundreds of different treatment options out there, all with enticing promises for a baby. Yet, each one often leads you down the unending rabbit hole, as it seems they are all pointing in very different directions.

I’ve been there. I get it. And once I found the answer, I vowed to spread it far and wide.

The problem is two-fold.

1)  There is a lack of explanation for infertility and miscarriages.

Countless women I’ve worked with through the years have the same story to tell: “My Dr doesn’t know why I’m not getting pregnant” or “S/he said it just wasn’t a healthy pregnancy.” These answers are far from satisfying, and leave these women feeling like it must be something they did or didn’t do.

2)  There is a lack of a cohesive plan once you have your answers! 

Other women do get an answer (or 47 of them).  But too often, they are sent on their not-so-merry way to figure out how to deal with them. And this leads to a never-ending search for more education, as it seems the more they find out on their own, the less they trust the cookie-cutter treatment plans being offered them.

This leaves you with nowhere to turn, as time, money, and hope all seem to slipping away...

You need better than that. You deserve better than that!

What you’ll get from the new Healthy Homes Holistic Fertility Program I’ve developed precisely with you in mind, is:

A full-scope, step-by-step approach to finding any and all underlying issues impeding your fertility (and overall health!)

A tailor-made, hand-picked team of experts in their respective fields, all working TOGETHER for your family building success, while focusing on only their area of expertise

A support system, there for you each step of the way, never leaving you feeling forgotten or written off because you’re a “difficult” case

A team that truly cares about YOU and your marriage, and personalizes their care to get you the healing you deserve, instead of merely viewing you as a statistic for their clinic

The education necessary to understand your OWN body, your OWN health, and work alongside your team as the most important, most valued member

A comprehensive plan that brings you from pre-conception THROUGH postpartum, to optimize your results not only in conceiving, but in sustaining a healthy pregnancy, prenatal nutritional needs, establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship, and addressing prenatal and postpartum
hormonal health

And this entire program can be completed long-distance, 
no matter where you are located.

First, before we go ANY FURTHER, I need for you to know something.

I have been exactly where you are, right now. Whether you’ve barely Googled “why can’t I get/stay pregnant?” or you’ve traveled the world to visit top-rated fertility specialists – I’ve been there!

I am often asked how I think I finally got pregnant naturally after 8 years of infertility. Looking back on those years, I discovered that there is an answer, but it took me nearly a decade of research, travel to the nation’s leading fertility experts, hard work, wasted money (on many treatments), and trial and error to find what ended up being the key to success.

During those very long years, I was on a mission to find the answers, to gain not just understanding for my infertility but also long-lasting health results.

It was around years 3-5 when I was throwing every possible ‘solution’ at the problem, literally flying all over the country to seek healing from the best Reproductive Endocrinologists, Reproductive Immunologists, Nutritionists, pathologists, hematologists, acupuncturists, Natural Procreative physicians, Naturopathic Physicians, therapists, Osteopathic Physicians, Functional Medicine Physicians, psychologists, hypnotherapists, massage therapists, and more.

The craziest part of it all wasn’t the amount of things I was doing, or even the distance I was traveling (or the money I was spending!!) – it was how no one protocol was in alignment with another! It was as if each specialist had their own idea of why I couldn’t get pregnant, with their own treatment plan, and *I* was left to figure out on my own which avenue to pursue, and in what order.

And it wasn’t working!

I’m a very logic-driven person, and so it dawned on me that while each of these specialists made valid points about their theory individually, it really made no sense as a whole.

So, between years 5-8, I took a big step back, used the knowledge I had acquired, and slowly assembled a plan for long-term success in healthy cycles and general well-being (energy, hormone balance, immune strength, gut health, etc.)

The goal was no longer having a baby, for me, but rather to find a plan for long-term health in all areas.

Already a FertilityCare Practitioner, NaPro Sonographer, and FertilityCare Coordinator, I also continued my education in nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach.

Professionally, I was developing the skills I would need one day to bring this Holistic Fertility Program to others, without even knowing it.  The seeds were being sown, to sprout at the perfect time.

But, there’s more to my miracle pregnancy at the end of Year 8 than what meets the eye.

What I didn’t know at the time was that my husband’s fertility was considerably impaired. Not only was his testosterone (the hormone responsible for generating new sperm) dangerously low, but the sperm health was likewise diminished.

And so, conceiving meant that not only had I overcome any female factor infertility issues, but I had become SO healthy that my newfound fertility was able to overcome the extreme male factor infertility!

My quest for health, and putting together my OWN plan based upon snippets and ideologies and approaches from every fertility expert I could find, lead me to holistic well-being, and yes, a miraculous, healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy.

It then became my mission to bring a much more cohesive success plan to other couples struggling with infertility with no clear and obvious path to health.  I didn’t want other couples to have to start from scratch, and repeat the 8-year research I already did, or to give up before they had a chance to truly heal.

So, I am now both delighted and humbled to be bringing my plan, my approach, my system for a comprehensive, holistic, complementary, expert program to those who need it most.

So, know this:  I’ve personally tested each test, treatment, and diet out there, and came to an eye-opening conclusion:

One size doesn’t fit all!

The key to success was to bring the most personalized approaches together at the same time!  

Each field of specialty included in my Holistic Fertility Program is an absolutely integral part of your Big Picture, and was selected to ensure no stone was left unturned in your journey to long-term health and well-being.
And by bringing each of these dynamic specialists on board your team at the same time, you will know you are optimizing every piece of the puzzle and getting the best possible outcomes in the shortest possible timeframe.

Our multi-disciplinary approach includes:

A FertilityCare Practitioner and Coach matched to your specific needs

A Nutritional Therapist to ensure success in a nutritional plan catered to your lifestyle

A Naturopathic Physician specializing in women’s health

A Psychologist/Therapist to help you and your spouse achieve wellness of mind

A Lactation Consultant to help achieve best outcomes prenatal and postpartum

Now, you need to know this -

You have been doing a GREAT JOB!  Yes! You have! Whatever you’ve done leading up to this moment has been WORTH IT.

Whether you were trying simple home remedies like taking your basal body temperature or using ovulation test strips, or elevating your hips after love-making – it was worth it.
And if you were further along on your journey, working with all sorts of experts who brought you down a bunch of different roads to no avail – it was worth it.

Why? Because you were honing your skills, you were learning intuition about medical professionals, you were beginning to understand your body a little better, you were practicing becoming a mother, and it lead you here.

But there was something crucial missing. You didn’t have a plan. You didn’t have direction.

You didn’t have the collaboration of all these different ‘gurus’ showing you the SAME PATH towards a truly WHOLE-istic healing. It’s no wonder you were spinning on your heels! It wasn’t your fault!
And you need to forgive yourself for that, as well as for any losses you’ve experienced, dreams unrealized, lives unlived. 

Please know you are a stronger person now, and you are in a position to take complete and full advantage of my plan for you.

What I have developed for you is a comprehensive approach to your health and fertility. In addition, each problem that is identified through this program will have focused attention of the appropriate health expert from that particular field of expertise

Furthermore, each expert from their field will be working together for your betterment!

And the best part? I am bringing this all to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Yes! Healthy Homes Holistic Fertility Program is an exclusively long-distance enterprise, bringing a variety of health and fertility experts into one cohesive online powerhouse.

It is a multi-pronged program, aimed at addressing everything from your pituitary gland down to the pressure points on the soles of your feet. From your thyroid down to the collagen of your ankle joints. From your mouth (and all the food and supplements that go into it) down to your gut (where “all disease begins”).

In short, you will be given the Map to Optimized Health and Fertility, with the shortest and most precise route available.

There’s no more time for detours, no attractions off the exits to distract you, no fear of what’s up around the bend- because unlike a map, Healthy Homes Holistic Fertility Program will guide you each step of the way.

The Healthy Homes Holistic Fertility Program includes:

FertilityCare education, training, and coaching so that you can begin to read and interpret what your body is already telling you, know where you are most fertile and how to optimize that window, and watch the improvements in your cycle as it responds positively to your personalized treatment plan

Naturopathy with a women’s health emphasis, enabling you to receive a systemic primary health care approach (rather than focusing on just one area of the body), and augmenting your body’s ability to heal

Nutritional Therapy to pinpoint exact areas of deficiency for you and create a customized plan to maximize results for fertility, conception, pregnancy, and post-partum, with support and accountability each step of the way

Marriage Therapy consultation, to begin to explore how this journey has taken its toll on your mental and spiritual well-being, and begin a therapeutic approach for both Mind and Spirit

Lactation Coaching to prepare in advance for a successful breastfeeding relationship, understanding what exact risks you may have and how to plan ahead for them, and continue the education in pregnancy and post-partum

What I have done is to bring a team of experts together to address the most crucial, and most often overlooked areas of fertility and wellness.

In doing this, not only is our Program a multi-specialty approach to the Whole Person (and Marriage) Mind-Body-Spirit, but it also removes three of the greatest barriers that exist in achieving this same approach on your own:

Distance,                  Time,                     Money.

Rather than finding each of these experts in your own vicinity or of your own devices, or taking the time to set appointments with each one, and knowing how to coincide the appointments, when to time them, and how to make them work together, we have done that hard work for you.

All that is left for you is to make the commitment to your own health, and simply follow the Program!



I have been thinking of you a lot lately and wanting to write you for some time.  It's been a while!

You may remember that I lost my first child, Joan, to a full term stillbirth due to Trisomy 18 and then had several early miscarriages.  After 4 losses in less than 2 years, I couldn't bear going through it again (emotionally, mentally and physically) and had to take a break. 

It was so difficult to stop trying for the one thing I really ever wanted and felt like I was made for.  I had to accept the possibility of a life without children in my arms and find joy and purpose in other things (like focusing on my charity, Joan's Reach).

Then something changed... for 9 months I held my breath and have some very good news to share.  On July 4th, 2014 we welcomed Joan's little sister, our daughter Vivian -- alive and well.

I have thought of you and prayed for you often and was not sure the right time to share the news with you, since I know firsthand how difficult it can be to hear others' joyful baby news while struggling with your own challenges.  

I wanted to thank you for your part in getting us to this point.  I have no doubt that the combination of FertilityCare/NaPro, and the referrals you made to a Naturopath that specialized in my MTHFR and Factor V Leiden diagnoses helped me get to a healthier place to carry Vivian safely into this world.

{2 years later...} "I wanted to write to let you know that I'm expecting another rainbow baby due in May.

And to thank you again for your Holistic Fertility Program and support helping to make this possible. The mid-cycle bleeding I was experiencing when we had our last session together lead me to the appropriate care to treat what turned out to be progesterone deficiencies.

Again, I am thankful that the same multi-specialty approach has helped make this blessing possible."

  (Updated photo, baby boy born 5/12/2017!)

-B.K. of Joan’s Reach

“I thought that becoming a mother was hopeless for me but turns out it wasn’t, thanks to FertilityCare, NaPro treatment and the wonderful supportive group of fertility specialists in the Program.
I tried to conceive for 3 ½ years with 2 failed IVF’s and 4 failed IUI’s. I visited numerous Reproductive Endocrinologists and was told that my chances to conceive were under 10%, one Dr told me under 1%. The reasons I was told that my chances were so low were my age and diminished ovarian reserve as I was 39-41 years old.
My body did not respond to the hormones and treatment I had to under-go for IVF. I decided to take a more natural approach and see an acupuncturist; this is where it all changed for me. The acupuncturist gave me the business card to see Amy, a FertilityCare specialist. I decided to give her a call the same day.

Amy explained to me the approach and method and I decided to begin the charting process and began paying attention to my biomarkers. Given my endometriosis history it was recommended that I have laparoscopic surgery to see if there was scarring or other issues going on as well. One month after my surgery I conceived. I couldn’t believe it. If it could happen for me, there is hope for you.

The difference I saw with the Drs and FertilityCare program is that they investigated the real reason(s) as to why I may not be conceiving verses saying its due to my age. I must say, initially I was doubtful to how successful the process would be but this was due to what I was told by the REs. I was mentally and emotional drained, as well as feeling a bit depressed from everything I had gone through. The Program team understood and was extremely empathetic to my situation. My son, Colin, was born on 11/22, when I was 43. He is truly my miracle baby. I am so grateful to the program for making my dream of becoming a mother come true."  - K. Bento

Early in our marriage, we used FertilityCare to avoid pregnancy- and when we switched to try to conceive, it happened immediately. We were delighted that the system worked so well! Much to our surprise, we then discovered that I was pregnant with twins!!

The next several weeks after that early ultrasound were a whirlwind - I was put on progesterone because my numbers were low, but ultimately, I ended up losing both babies by the end of the first trimester. We were devastated, but knew that God had a plan and had to trust in Him. Not long after our loss, we were able to conceive again, this time with the proper pre-conception care that I needed, and carried to term that baby girl, and her little sister after her. 

When my husband and I were trying to conceive our third baby, one of my first priorities was to schedule a follow-up with Amy. Because of the history of loss, there was nothing more we wanted than to start off on the right foot.

I called her as soon as I got my first cycle back post-partum, and I made sure to dot all my i's and cross all my t's when it came to charting and trying to conceive in general. After being unsuccessful for three months, Amy's previous suspicions of my cycles not being "true cycles" were confirmed through a combination of blood work and my chart. I was having anovulatory cycles.

After much frustration I scheduled another follow-up with Amy and after looking at my chart and asking me a few questions about my nursing daughter's sleep schedule, she spoke to me about the importance of sleep when it comes to fertility and how a lack of it can affect any efforts of trying to conceive.

I listened intently as she shared some experiences she had had with other clients throughout the years who had trouble getting pregnant and their problem was sleep related. It all made a lot of sense to me, and when she was done explaining this to me a light bulb went off in my sleep-deprived head and I realized that the past three months had not been any different at night in regards to my nursing daughter, but my oldest daughter was the one who was not letting me sleep.

It all made sense! Exactly three months before, (right around the time I got my first post-partum cycle back) we had transitioned her into a different room and a different bed. This was causing her to wake up at night for sometimes three hours at a time, where she couldn't fall back asleep or let me sleep for that matter.

I shared this with Amy and we came up with a plan, that very night, my husband began night-time parenting my eldest and little did I know, two weeks later my body ovulated and we conceived!!!

I am 13 weeks into a healthy progesterone supported pregnancy and I don't know that I would be writing this had it not been for Amy's expertise in ALL areas fertility!"

- Daniela E.

“Let me begin with saying that, had I started out in life eating a healthy diet instead of the bad Standard American diet, I might have been able to prevent many of my current problems. Had any one of my doctors all throughout my growing up years asked real questions about me, I might have received help for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) before it had almost 30 years to wreak havoc. If I had known to fight for a doctors' time and to do research when I began getting symptoms, I would've spent a lot less money and received the quality care I needed from the start. Unfortunately, I had to learn many things the hard way. I blindly trusted doctors, thinking it was okay to feel like another number. I took whatever medicine the doctors gave me without questioning them. Sadly, each year, I was given a clean bill of health when I indeed had a condition that could have been diagnosed had someone taken the time to notice. For this reason I would like to share my story so that I might be able to help others who are going through similar situations.

I naively went on birth control a week before I got married to prevent pregnancy; having no idea I had PCOS, Endometriosis or how bad birth control is. I was told by doctors that there was nothing wrong or unhealthy about birth control, even though that's just not the case! On birth control I had nearly pain free cycles that were regular for the first time. It seemed like a miracle drug! I stayed on it for a little over a year until we could no longer wait to be parents. At the same time, my life became very sedentary with a stressful desk job. I only got mild exercise when I could fit it in around my work schedule. So coming off of birth control with an American diet, on top of a sedentary lifestyle, was a perfect storm for my PCOS and Endometriosis to rear its ugly head.

Within the year of coming off birth control my cycles became long and painful again. I went from almost never needing a doctor to needing one every few weeks. I knew I needed help so I sought a second opinion.

Doctor #2 was better than #1. He did a few tests and actually gave me a diagnosis; he said I have PCOS. He did not explain PCOS fully or a diet change, instead his treatment was all medicinal (like a temporary band-aid that does not get to the actual root of the problem). He just said that I should stay on birth control all of my life and that getting pregnant would be nearly impossible. To get pregnant I would have to try expensive fertility treatments to give us a real fighting chance. Driving home after getting the news was one of the hardest days of our life. Both my husband and I were in tears because two things stuck out from that appointment. We heard we may never be parents and that there is no complete cure for PCOS.

Thankfully God sent us Amy S. Amy is a a specialist in the area of PCOS and infertility. She explained to us PCOS the way the doctors should have. She talked about better treatments and lifestyle changes to actually reverse PCOS without doing more harm. Amy suggested specific fertility specialists, but the distance was too far for us at the time. All locations where either hours or states away, so we opted for another local doctor. We did not realize the difference in health care we could receive. We were still in the mind frame that all doctors are the same and can help us the same. We were wrong! Most doctors out there do not know how to treat PCOS effectively. I wish we had listened to Amy the first time before we sought out Doctor #3! We would have saved thousands of dollars and had much better care!

We found Doctor # 3 about an hour away and at first she was great! She confirmed that I had PCOS and also a slow thyroid. She gave us a lot of attention and mapped out a plan that included a diabetic diet, exercise and medicines to treat my thyroid and my slightly elevated blood sugar levels. Her plan was to use a healthier diet and exercise to reverse PCOS. Eventually, she wanted me off all medicines with a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, by the 3rd and 4th visit she forgot our names and what medications she prescribed. I was really starting to worry when she stopped regulating the blood sugar medicine I was on. She had me on double the amount my diabetic friends were on when I am not fully diabetic! The overdose of this medicine sometimes made my skin feel like it was on fire and my blood sugar would often get too low. I would wake up in the morning with sore muscles and be exhausted all day. I finally had to stop seeing her when she told me that she would do nothing else for my health unless I was willing to do expensive fertility treatments. By the time we were done with Doctor #3, I had many of the same problems I came in with on top of the new stresses of trying to eat right while being overdosed on medication.

Breaking point: Doctor #3 made us hit our breaking point. After 2 solid years of bad doctors, stacks of medical bills, endless appointments, major diet changes and no visible signs of healing we needed to stop. The stress of my health and infertility on top of daily normal life was too much; we needed to get some normalcy back. For this reason we took a few months break from the doctors. We still ate as healthy as we knew how to, but we really focused on prayer and getting the stress out. Stress was really magnifying all the issues going on at the time. Reducing stress was not easy, but it was necessary in us moving forward.

Doctor #4. After gathering some strength we FINALLY took Amy’s advice and saw the fertility specialist she recommended. The closest one is 3 hours away but most tests have been done locally. If we had to make the drive it had been worth it because they are the leading specialists in women's health and fertility. They know what to look for and how to treat it. Amy also gave us some specific dietary recommendations and put us in touch with a nutritional expert who knew how to make a custom nutrition plan for our needs. We finally began to see long-lasting results and I was finally feeling so much better!"  - Dan and Amber M.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the Holistic Fertility Program different than what I’m already doing with the diet/supplements/herbs my Dr recommended?

Many fertility Drs are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of nutrition and proper supplementation. However, most are not well-versed or trained in diet, nutritional deficiencies, vitamin, mineral, and herb use.

Instead of recommending a type of diet or a few of the same supplements to every patient, the Holistic Fertility Program is unique to YOU and YOUR needs as they are discovered through analysis with our experts in these specific areas. The results are a much more tailored, appropriate and quick restoration of health and fertility.

Is NaPro Technology a part of this?

The Holistic Fertility Program is an entirely long-distance enterprise, with both experts and clients located all over North America. Including long-distance NaPro care would therefore not be feasible, nor appropriate, as much of NaPro Technology requires a more hands-on approach. Only offering NaPro long-distance would compromise the efficacy of care and of the integrity of your program.

We have likewise not included other specialties that have a more hands-on approach, such as massage, physical therapy (pelvic floor therapy), acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc.
However, each of our FertilityCare Practitioners and Coaches are trained to guide you to appropriate in-person care where warranted. Yet another reason hands-on care is not included in this program is because most often, this type of care can be a covered expense by your insurance.

Can I start/continue my NaPro treatment with this program?

Yes, in fact in many cases, that will be encouraged! If you are not already seeing a NaPro physician but your Fertility Practitioner feels you can greatly benefit from NaPro care, you will be expertly guided to the best one to fit your needs. If you are already under the care of a NaPro physician, or are just starting now, you will quickly see that this program is a perfect complement to the Natural Procreative medical approach.

Do you accept insurance?

As Healthy Homes is comprised of a team of long-distance complementary alternative and mental health providers, we do not accept insurance. We do offer a steep discount on the full program that offers a substantial savings over investing in each specialist individually.

Is this program acceptable for Catholics?

Indeed, 100% acceptable! The Holistic Fertility Program is designed to improve and optimize your health and fertility, so that natural conception between the spouses and healthy pregnancy is possible. None of our Providers offer or encourage artificial reproductive technologies, but rather seek to help your body heal and work the way God intended.

Do I have to be Catholic to follow this program?

Absolutely not! While it is refreshing for our Catholic clients to have a truly comprehensive, natural approach to fertility that respects and fosters their faith, this program is also sought out by women who are unhappy with the mainstream approach to infertility and those who desire treatment options catered to their body’s needs rather than a one-size-fits all natural method, or harsh medications that suppress or overstimulate the organs.

We’ve found that couples especially prefer a complete approach for Body-Mind-Spirit that does not ignore or dismiss the husband and his health needs!

Does this treat Male Factor infertility?

The Holistic Fertility Program is exactly that – holistic, for the entire family (and a husband and wife with no children is still a family)!

The appointments included in this package are geared towards both spouses, with an obvious lean towards the woman’s health as hers will be the body to conceive and carry the baby. This Program contains the amount of appointments necessary to get the full scope treatment plan started for any variety of fertility diagnoses and conditions.

Some couples may find through their assessments that more in-depth work is necessary for either the wife or the husband, and the Healthy Homes Providers will determine this on a case-by-case basis and make the appropriate recommendations.
This is crucial to your success – we do NOT ignore husbands and male factor fertility, and desire better health and well-being for BOTH spouses! However, since not all clients will need that level of care, we will defer to our team of experts to guide you with further work-up as needed.

The Healthy Homes Holistic Fertility Program Package:

  • Holistic Fertility Program Introductory Session  ($200)
  • Holistic Fertility Program Intro folder, including your Personal Program Timeline ($200)

  • 8 personalized FertilityCare follow-ups with a Practitioner/Coach matched to your needs  ($600)

  • 2 sessions with a Naturopathic Physician to address overall health, Spectracell testing, review outside labs, and cater a supplement plan ($200)

  • 6 sessions with a Nutritional Therapist, including a consult to individualize a plan ($350)

  • 1 complete consult with Catholic Psych Founder/marriage therapist to help you achieve wellness of mind and spirit ($300)

  • 2 sessions with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) to tailor a plan for successful breastfeeding ($200)

Plus, for investing in the full Holistic Fertility Program, you will receive:
  • Membership to Healthy Homes Fertility Care webstore with 10% discount on all products, for life ($100+ value)

  • Access to re-order materials 24-7, always shipped next business day ($50+ value)

  • Access to seamless transfer, as needed, to other Healthy Homes FertilityCare Practitioners ($50+ value)

If purchased Individually:  $2,250+

Your Total Investment:  $1,997

Savings:  $253+

More FAQ:

What happens if I get pregnant during the Program, before I have completed all of the appointments?

One of the best parts (in my humble opinion!) of the Holistic Fertility Program is that it is designed to be comprehensive in its timeline, a timeline that is dictated by YOU and YOUR NEEDS! None of your sessions ever expire, and in fact, all of the Providers can and do work right along with you in your new pregnancy state, and beyond.

While you will not have FertilityCare follow-ups throughout pregnancy, you WILL meet with your FertilityCare Practitioner/Coach in early pregnancy for a pregnancy evaluation, referrals if needed for NaPro progesterone monitoring and maintenance, and to establish that you will once again pick up where you left off AFTER delivery of the baby.

I’m already charting with a FertilityCare Practitioner. Can I still do the other parts of the program?

It is vital to the success of your Program that each member of your Team is there to get you through the personalized timeline. Your FertilityCare Practitioner also serves as your Coach, the glue that holds the pieces in place, knows when and how to make “hands-on” therapy referrals, and helps you to notice and track the changes you will begin to see in your cycles and your charts.

We do offer a Secondary Package to those who have already begun charting, and your FertilityCare Practitioner will need to contact us to ensure you are getting the same proven benefits of the timeline. Contact us to learn how to proceed!

Secondary Holistic Fertility Program includes:

  • Holistic Fertility Program Short Introductory Session ($100)

  • Holistic Fertility Program Intro folder, with Personalized Program Timeline ($100)

  • 2 sessions with a Naturopathic physician to address overall health, Spectracell testing, outside labs, and supplement plan  ($200)

  • 6 sessions with a Nutritional Therapist, including a consult to individualize a plan ($350)

  • 1 full consult with marriage therapist and “Catholic Psych” Founder to help you achieve wellness of mind and spirit ($300)

  • 2 sessions with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) to tailor a plan for successful breastfeeding ($200)

Plus, for investing in the Secondary Holistic Fertility Program, you will receive:

  • Membership to Healthy Homes Fertility Care webstore with 5% discount on all products, for life ($75+ value)

If purchased individually:  $1,325 + the costs of your remaining FertilityCare Sessions
Your Investment:  $1,223 + the costs of your remaining FertilityCare Sessions
Savings: $102+

Ready to take the next step? Book a FREE consult with Amy to get your questions answered and learn if the Holistic Fertility Program is right for you!