Friday, February 15, 2019

TWF Bonus Package- Coaching with Amy

For those of you who have made it through the 5-Day Free Wholesale Workshop, and have interest in taking The Wholesale Formula full course (what I did, back in May 2016), I have an exciting offer for you!!

As I mentioned in one of my blog posts, I had been approached by Dan and Eric to coach other students who were hoping to expedite their business growth and achieve results like mine. One of my greatest strengths as a Coach is something that has helped me in my own business and in my work with holistic fertility - and that is, the ability to hone in on, and use the oft-overlooked blessings and assets that a person has at their disposal, big enough to overcome their weaknesses or setbacks. This is a skill I learned through both infertility, and my 'private' blog cross, and never knew just how handy it would come.

I am happy to now extend Coaching to my blog readers who wish to give TWF a try, so that together, we can skyrocket your success and achievements, giving you an advantage over the students who will not have this individualized, expert attention.

My Coaching Bonus includes (only available to the first 25 sign-ups):

A Group Webinar to jump-start the Coaching Program and review how it will work

An initial, 45-minute Coaching Call to discuss your specific business goals, current situation, work schedule, and finances

5 additional 30-minute calls spaced every two weeks, to troubleshoot and address specific obstacles and roadblocks, and set action steps to overcome them

A Free, Private FB Group where you can connect with others in the Coaching Program on a more personal level than the large TWF Group

Upon completion of the 3-month Coaching Program, access to my Webinar on how to pitch an exclusive account (as in, become the only Seller of a particular brand on Amazon, which is my personal specialty), which will be invaluable to you as you grow your wholesale business

This Bonus Coaching Package is absolutely FREE to any one of my readers who wishes to begin their wholesale Amazon business!

Just click here when you are ready to sign up! (Sign-ups after #25 will still get some bonuses, but not the full Coaching Expedited Program)

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