Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pieces of Shrapnel

Are you guys familiar with Kristina Kuzmic? I was introduced to her videos just about a year ago, by someone who came into my life to give advisement and encouragement just at the moment I needed it most. This was one of the first videos I watched.

There is so much here. And I post this not just in an effort to say that I can relate, but in an effort to say that I believe most of you can relate, too. We all have some shitty cards dealt to us by life, some have seemingly insurmountable obstacles and crosses to bear. It only means that the resulting artwork of your life can be THAT MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL.

I dislike the phrase "everything happens for a reason" so much, even before infertility. No. That's not the point. Shitty things don't happen to good people (or even bad people) for a reason, but because of free will and because we live in a fallen world. Not because it was "meant to" happen.

What we do AFTER the shitty is what matters. (Eloquent, no?)

In Him, all things are made new.

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