Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday, Monday

We certainly know how to start the week off with a bang around here.

5:00am, Robbie awakes crying from his crib. In a half-awake stupor, I tell him to lay back down and go to sleep, that it's okay. 5 minutes later, the unmistakable sound of a liquid burp. Puke on his shirt, face, and sheet. I quickly pick him up and bring him into the bathroom, as he continues crying, and puking.

Talkative boy starts a conversation after sipping some water, and seems to be feeling much better. Bed sheets changed, pjs changed, new diaper on, and put him back to bed hoping for another couple hours. (His typical wake time these days is 8:15am.)

Another 10 minutes later, and now he's puked all over his new sheets, pillowcase, and pjs. Back to the bathroom we go, I clean up everything, prop the mattress and mattress liner up to dry completely (as now I'm out of bed sheets, anyway), clean him up, change his pjs, and bring him into the kitchen for more water. He requests Cheerios. Still-sleepy Mama thinks that's a good idea, I just won't add any milk.

He wasn't ready.

Puke-splosion all over the kitchen floor, and his pjs (I'm gonna run out of pjs at this rate) after 20 minutes. I clean up everything, and start a load of puke laundry.

I decide to make some homemade ginger honey lemon ice pops for when he's stopped puking a few hours.

As I'm chopping the ginger, he pukes some more while sitting on the floor of the kitchen with me. I stop chopping, go and comfort him, clean him up, clean up the floor, and have him drink a little water.

Suddenly I notice, at the end of the rinse cycle/beginning of the spin cycle, there's water backing up into my kitchen sink. Just a little, but this is still weird. Hmmm. Go finish cleaning up the kitchen floor...

Then I realize, wait a second, there's water coming out of the cabinets UNDER the sink!! LOTS of water! Open the cabinets in incredulous trepidation, and see a deluge coming out of the pipes while the spin cycle of the washing machine (right next to it) is now in full force. Quickly shut the washing machine, the water continues a few moments more, then I get to work cleaning up that water. (Gonna run out of paper towels at this rate... and yeah, generally I'm one to use flour sack towels but now I'm thinking I can't do any more laundry for God knows how long.)

Call landlord/neighbor/good friends next door. He quickly comes right over (it's now 7:15am). Tells me to run the water in the bathroom sink and bathtub. Ascertains it is a piping issue involving the washing machine only, as it uses a ton of water. Bathroom should be fine. Goes to call plumber, and asks if I can hold off on using machine.

He leaves, I decide to put a large bowl under the pipes just in case, Robbie starts his pre-puke cry and I tell him to go in the bathroom and throw up into the toilet. Astonishly, he does it, and I'm thinking, wow, something went according to plan today! Finish under the sink, go into the bathroom to clean up toddler, bathroom floor, toilet, and change pjs, then flush the toilet. 

It overflows.

Put child into kitchen again, give him his water cup, go back in bathroom and clean up.

Did I mention, we have 4 rooms in our cottage? The living room with a big area rug (horrible to clean, so I was trying to keep Robbie out of there), the kitchen, the bedroom, and the bathroom. It is a SMALL space. At one point Robbie had nowhere to go so he laid down on the kitchen floor sucking his thumb.

Bathroom clean, kitchen clean, child clean, no puking for 40 minutes...

and THEN Mama made coffee.

So, how was YOUR Monday morning?


Kat said...

Oh wow, what a Monday indeed! This seriously sounds like a story out of a childhood memories of mine with me getting sick a lot and my poor mom cleaning me up multiple times. Enjoy that hard earned cup of coffee! I hope Robbie feels better and they get that plumbing issues taken care of ASAP. I had been sick with a cold for 5 days and Jack is now starting the signs of getting it so the sickness is spreading over here. Note to self though, we are going to get a couple more crib sheets for when baby arrives. We have two and I was thinking that might be enough but maybe not...

DM + AM said...

Wish we could have been there to help or at least offer our washing machine!