Monday, January 15, 2018

Catch the Amazon Webinar Replay Here! - special guest Dan Meadors

So, the videos do cover a portion of the slides - first major error. This mostly comes into play at the beginning when I am explaining the Buy Box, and at the very end, where I worked around the issue in creating an additional button.

If you are still having issues because of that snafu, or if you have any additional questions, please drop them right here and I'll be sure to follow up on this thread often.

I hope this is helpful!!


Amazing Life said...

Wow, such a great job!! Thank you for sharing!!

Katherine said...

I have several questions... in the podcast it was mentioned how you can pay to have the item ready to ship to the end consumer. What does ready to ship mean? if for instance I am selling an item that needs to be put in a chipboard box that should be put into a corrugated box for shipping; which part of the packing is done by the 3rd party the chipboard or the corrugate? also, who puts the final shipping label? does amazon take care of the logistics and bundling of packages when a costumer orders several items from different sellers? how does shipping get accounted for? who/how/which method is used for determining the pricing of the item? is amazon prime a factor and is it something I have to choose for my items?

Sorry for the detailed questions. I have to think logistics in my current job. I am really interested!!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Kathy, don't apologize, these are EXCELLENT questions!

I think you'll find that the workshop is pretty comprehensive, and since it lasts 5 days, it can go a bit further than this webinar was able to go!

Very briefly, I'll say that yes, there are 3P warehouses called prep centers that can take care of ALL logistics of re-packaging or better packaging products (and stickering) for final sale. The Amazon market is so big right now, that there are literally hundreds of these prep centers specifically geared towards prepping FOR AMAZON FBA. I utilize a couple of them. The rest of my product requires no prep beyond a sticker with an FNSKU, which I have my vendor ship directly to Amazon warehouses for them to sticker for me.

Once in the warehouses, if customers purchase more than just a product from your store (which is customary), then yes, Amazon takes care of ALL of those logistics, as well as the returns and refunds. Your time doesn't need to be spent prepping, packing, or in customer service, when you use FBA!

Amazon Prime shipping is available to every single seller who utilizes this FBA method! Simply by having your items at the Amazon warehouses, you are making your products available for Prime shipping, and again, Amazon handles that all.

Pricing - this is more of an evaluation per product, product history, vendor specifications, if any, and your final profit margin. These are the types of things that will be delved into deeper in Dan and Eric's workshop! Be sure to check it out.

(There's a Facebook Group for that as well, which you'll be invited to once you sign up to register for the workshop. All of this is free.)