Friday, May 12, 2017

I Know Your Pain

And so does Jessica.

And Mary. And Jen. And Katie, and Clara, and Cecelia, and Michelle. And Nicole, and Kaitlin, and Karey, and Angela.

And Sarah, and Connie, and Tricia, and Lena, and Jacqui, and Samantha, and Jenny, and Beth, and Lisa, and Jenn, and Rebecca, and Joanne, and Crystal, and Amber, and Kendra, and Dorothy, and Erin, and Annie, and Jeanne, and Angelique, and Carmen, and Aida, and Ann, and Aleksandra, and Becky, and Kim, and Stephanie, and Sara, and Laura, and Karen, and Brenda, and Brittany, and Patricia, and Kelly, and Suzy, and Jennifer, and Melissa, and Allison, and Kate, and Maria, and Kristin...

and countless, countless others.

This weekend, be kind to yourselves, ladies. Mothers. Mothers in the truest sense of the word.

Know that there is always hope in The Lord - and hope around the corner here at This Cross I Embrace, too.

My love, prayers, and thoughts are with you all.


Joy Beyond the Cross said...

So many beautiful names on that many true friends of the heart. Thank you!

DM + AM said...

Infertility and loss are hard things to deal with in life. It is humiliating, isolating and brings so many other types of emotions. We have been thankful for several names on this list, the friends we have made on this this journey and how it brought us Amy, as family closer. Way back when I first got married I knew almost nobody from my husbands family. I am sad infertility is what connected us, but we are so thankful that we were brought together. The distance you have gone to love and support us, including texting with us while we were in doctor offices waiting for results and not to mention all the encouragement you gave us when the news was not great... We are thankful for you. Thankful we are family, thankful for the ways you have helped us and thankful how you are making it your life to help so many others out there with your new business.

We love you Amy!