Sunday, November 29, 2015


So much to write, and such a slow, crappy internet connection at the moment.  Arrrrgggghhh.

(That just took me 3 minutes to write.  FTR.)

Anyway, today was an emotional one for me.  The first Sunday of Advent has traditionally been when we break out the Christmas tree and decorations and begin preparations for Christmas... which have been so bittersweet through the years.  But both Mass and preparations at home today were just so incredibly special with Robbie there watching every step of the way.  It just takes my breath away that he is here, and will always be our son.

What I wanted to post tonight was a reminder to stop on over at Jen Fulwiler's SAINT NAME GENERATOR for your Saint for the new liturgical year, a Year of Mercy!  I got Saint Scholastica this year, who, amongst storms and rain, also wards again convulsing children, so... score!(??)  Enjoy getting to know a new Saint, or reconnecting with an old favorite.  Share who picked you below in the comments, I love to read them and know how best to pray for you, too.

Happy New Year!


Joy Beyond the Cross said...

I love the Saint Name Generator, but I wait until January 1st. I know, such a secular rebel! :) But I don't want to short change the Saints I picked last January 1st on this last month to really pull for me, you know? :) St. Scholastica rocks! She was a twin you know, her brother was St. Benedict...maybe that is something to think about. ;)

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

I only picked one Saint for myself, but I meant the other saints for my family. Ha, it would have been so bad if I had more than one. :)

Unknown said...

Not gonna lie - I'm freaking out over here. I've navigated this past year with St. Monica mightily in my corner (so needed her motherly intercession for myself this year!)... and I had been looking forward to Advent to see who my 2016 saint is going to be. Anyone got some smelling salts??? Saint Elmo - patron against birth pains, women in labor, and childbirth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, um, pray for that?!

Rachelle said...

I got St. Josephine Bakhita! Holy cow, what an example. Oh and Conceiving Hope, Erasmus' name means Beloved. I had him previously and for me, at least, that's what meant the most. That I am beloved. :)

Stephanie Z said...

Saint Leonard of Port Maurice... My first thoughts were "Who?" But it turns out that this Italian saint was the spiritual director to the Polish wife of the English king for a time (Clementina Sobieska of Poland, the wife of King James II of England). So yeah, that works. : )

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Loving these!!! CH, um, that is AMAZING!!

Unknown said...

Rachelle - I just read up on St. Josephine - awesome! And I'm glad you had a good year with my new saint-squeeze Elmo being reminded that you are beloved.

Stephanie - Well doesn't that tie in neatly with your Polish journey this coming year? :)

Amy - Ahhhhhh! I've already had a couple bloggers tell me that the year they had Elmo... was the year they lost their infertility. Sign me up for the wooden roller coaster and a dash of mysticism. Two tickets, please.