Sunday, April 5, 2015

A New Easter

I awoke today to the sound of words echoing in my head - words I had heard before.  I suddenly remembered an old blog post, and went in search of it...

When I found it, I shouldn't have been surprised to note the timestamp:

Five years ago.  To the day.

Five years ago, almost four years into our childlessness and infertility, I posted this post at the end of Lenten Prayer Buddies:

And today?  Today I post this picture:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  There are no coincidences in my life.  Only God-incidences.
He is Risen!  Happy Easter to all.


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful!! I am so happy for you. I love to remember that we are an Easter people. Christ has conquered sin and death, and that no matter what happens in our life, whether we are delivered from our sufferings on earth or not, that his grace and his love with carry us through to victory.

[email protected] said...

Oh, how I love this! This is one of the best parts about having a blog. The confirmations that come. :)

Stephanie @ Blessed to Be said...

So wonderful! Happy Easter!! :)

Sarah said...

Love this.

Anonymous said...

I have been a long-time reader who disappeared for a couple of years. Suddenly, I felt compelled to see what life was like for you. I've spent the past 20-minutes catching-up since your baby announcement and it fills my heart with such great joy. I've cried while reading many of your posts, watching that first ultrasound when you and your husband were wondering, seeing the Baptismal gown your child will wear.

I'm very excited for you. Praise Jesus that your blog may be becoming 'those sorts of blogs' -- you have an important story to share and God is (and has) using you in remarkable ways.

God bless.

Mary said...

Oh this made me cry! So beautiful!!