Monday, March 24, 2014

GAPS Day 4

... and I finally pooped.

(Yes, it's going to be another one of THOSE posts.)

So the night before starting this detoxifying, gut-healing diet, I decided to kick it off with a bang, and join a friend for Indian dinner.  Yup.  Indian.  Nothing more "clear out the pipes!" than that, right?  Well, I thought wrong.  I stopped my supplements that same night, except for Betaine hCL, and apparently Indian food holds no power over my body's ability to stop up any and all movement.
Since I've never really experienced pain with chronic constipation, I just figured I'd wait it out.  I read a little here and there on blogs and GAPS articles about what to do, and was ready to start introducing some juice earlier, but lo and behold, finally moved some bowels this morning.  Halleluia!

Other than the constipation, which I'm sure will be a long time in the full and complete healing, I also have experienced depression (the first night was the worst), achiness, and lightheadedness with brain fog.  What was I saying?  Yeah.  Like that.  It's not just from hunger, either.  I am making sure to eat (if you can call it that) whenever I'm hungry, and I'm getting plenty of nutrients, probably more than typical!  But these seem to be common symptoms of the die-off from the bad bacteria dying in my gut.  Die, bad bacteria, DIE!!!

I've decided not even to bother with the food sensitivity test for dairy yet, since I KNOW it has been a culprit my whole life, and there's no way 4 days is gonna heal my dairy intolerance.  I'll skip the whey in my fermented products, and also forget about yogurt and kefir (which apparently are bad for chronic constipation, anyway, so no loss there).  Maybe in a couple months, I'll test for the dairy sensitivity again and see what's what.

Interestingly, though, ghee has not given me any visible issues, and I used it all the time on Paleo.  Maybe before I introduce it on GAPS (in a week or two?), I'll test it out just to be safe.

(The way you test yourself for sensitivities on GAPS is by putting a small amount of the food on the inside of your wrist at bedtime, letting it dry, and checking it the next morning for an "angry, red rash.")

The food isn't terrible, it really isn't.  But I am definitely craving flavor like nobody's business.  Tomorrow or the next day I can finally start using herbs, yippee!!  Cuz, I'm sorry, boiled meat is not a culinary treat no matter WHAT, but without any flavor?  Good thing I'm disciplined, s'all I'm sayin'.

OK, I am off to eat my lunch of chicken stock with carrots and cauliflower and ground beef patties with, no, wait, just ground beef patties.  No with.  Just MEAT.  Mmmmmmmmm.


the misfit said...

I knew you were a crazy person, but I didn't realize you'd be all "I'm too hardcore for paleo." Color me impressed. And glad to hear that things are moving :).

JellyBelly said...

YAY FOR POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sew said...

Cracks me up!!! "Zimbabwe too hardcore for paleo..."

Chella said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a little while now, and I've decided to share my story with PCOS and NaPro on a blog in part because of the strength I've drawn from your story and faith. So THANK YOU for every time your story has made me feel not so alone, and THANK YOU for inspiring to spread the word about NaPro to others in cyberspace.