Monday, March 17, 2014

2 Year Paleo Anniversary, and Going GAPS

It's been on my mind for quite some time.  I've read a little here and there, researched more, got more strict on Paleo, etc.

But over the past 6 months, I've been focusing more on self-care, working with a fantastic Naturopathic Physician, a great massage therapist and more recently, a chiropractor (at the masseuse's urging) - and it just cannot be denied any longer- my digestion is wacked, y'all.  The supplements I started from the Naturopath are definitely showing some improvement, but there is a fundamental issue yet to be healed.  I personally suspect SIBO, though it could be any degree of leaky gut.  The nutritional deficiencies found on two Spectracell tests have convinced me, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this Paleo Nazi wasn't just stressed out (and believe you me, my stress levels this past year were like no other time of my life.)  Stress can deplete vitamins, and we all know what it can do to cortisol.  I went from Stage 1 Adrenal Fatigue in 2008 to Stage II in 2014... self-care has become a priority, now.

Enter Lent.  The perfect time to begin a detoxifying diet like the GAPS Intro.  I already have stock and fermented veggies in my fridge, so the first week or so is all ready to go.

I'm tired to a bloated belly that makes noises right after I eat.  But mostly, I'm tired of holistic practitioners telling me, "What is your diet like?  Because whatever you're eating isn't sitting right with you - you are all STUCK in the intestines."  Awesome.  After 2 years on strict Paleo.

I think I'm close to finally having some relief of this.  I'll be sure to keep you posted along the journey!

And since I'll be sharing more about my experience with GAPS, may as well start you out with some recent appetizing meal photos - also known as "This Food I Ingest":

Pork chops with an onion and green apple compote

 Celeriac and sausage breakfast hash w/ fried egg

 Am-aaaaa-zing chocolate chip cookies

 Lasagna - no grains in that puppy! 

 Chicken and Quail Egg salads on a bed of spinach

 Zucchini bread

 Sausage quiche with a sweet potato crust

 Butternut squash soup with brussel sprouts w/ bacon and pomegranate, and sweet potato fries

 Best chili I've ever had

 Grilled artichokes w/ spicy aioli

 It ain't pretty, but this was the only grain-free pizza I've ever enjoyed

 Crepes with banana and homemade cashew and macademia butter

 Salmon eggs benedict

Slow-roasted shoulder of lamb, with mashed cauliflower, rosemary breadsticks, and string beans
Yes, I made the breadsticks myself.  Yes, I'm awesome.

Let me preempt the recipe requests by saying most of these come from Against the Grain, a Paleo cookbook.  Others I simply made up myself based on what I've made before, what flavors worked together, etc. - and other Paleo blogs also came in handy (tweaking their recipes, getting cooking times, etc.)

I have LOVED the Paleo diet.  I do not even call it a diet, per se, because most people associate the word diet with a temporary and food-restrictive form of deprivation, when Paleo has really been more of a lifestyle for me these past two years.  I enjoy cooking, I've discovered I'm pretty good at it, and most of all, I love knowing that the foods with which I nourish this temple of my body are not only the most healthful foods available, but that there are no hidden worrisome ingredients or unnecessary preservatives.  Paleo has served me well, and I fully intend to return to it as soon as my gut issues are under control.

This is my time.  All of those years hearing about, watching others try, reading about, and researching GAPS wasn't for naught, but it just wasn't my time then.  If I've learned anything through infertility, it's that people need to do things in their own time.  I needed to see first-hand that Paleo still wasn't helping my body to digest and utilize vital nutrients and vitamins.  Yes, supplements can help, but they do not heal the underlying issue.  

If you're interested in following along, I'll post later this week with prepping and staging for the Intro, to begin Friday.  Stay tuned!


M said...

I am very interested in following along! I love the cookbook by Against All Grain. I just made her barbecue sauce last night and her mayo for chicken salad. I love all her recipes! Good luck with GAPS! Blessings this Lent!

Sew said...

Your good looks soooo good!

Have fun on GAPS! It almost killed me! But you are more disciplined than I am!!

Sew said...

Your food looks so good!

JellyBelly said...

I may have to jump on this bandwagon...

Katie said...

Will you come cook for me?!

Stephanie @ Blessed to Be said...

Interested in following along.

Also, you paleo food looks FANTASTIC!

Isaiah 55:8-9 said...

I second the comment by M - I made the BBQ sauce from the Against All Grain cookbook and it's fantastic! :) Looking forward to your next posts on food & health. :)

Mike Brummond said...

Those dishes look amazing. I hope it goes well for you, excited! I wish I liked cooking, maybe you could come cook for all of us...another career change coming???!!! ;)

DM + AM said...

We are looking for a husband a wife couple to come be our cooks. We can't pay you but you have free rent and your own room :)

Kat said...

That food looks so yummy! Good luck with the new gaps diet!