Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Patron Saint 2014

It's that time of year, again!  I am always impressed how God leads me to a very appropriate patron Saint each new liturgical year, and so I was super excited to find out who it would be this year:

St Paschal Baylon

Patron of cooks, Eucharistic congresses, and Eucharistic associations

Hm.  Ok.  I didn't get the immediate connection, other than this:  "Wow, that seems like a perfect saint for my DH."  We had just been talking about his recent experiences with the Eucharist and his intense spiritual growth that has been taking place recently, and to top it off, he is culinary trained and an excellent chef.

So... why is St Paschal *my* patron Saint?

Then, it was time to pick a patron for DH:

St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)

Patron against the death of parents, Europe, martyrs

Immediate connection - except, not to DH.  To me.  This should have been my patron Saint, I thought!  It makes perfect sense- I identify with Edith Stein on so many levels, and she has a strength about her that I know I could benefit from in her intercession...

And that's when it hit me.

God surprises, yet again.  What we need this year most of all is a Saint to pray for our spouses.  St Paschal will help me in doing this for DH, and St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross will assist DH in his prayers for me.  It's perfect.

Now, it's time for all of you to get your Patron for the new year!
Find yours, here!

Leave a comment and let me know who picked you (I firmly believe they pick us, not the other way around!)


Stephanie Z said...

I was chosen by St. Jerome, patron of Archeologists; Bible Scholars; Librarians; Libraries; Schoolchildren; Students; Translators. How this relates to me, I have no idea! I have a personal library and am involved in a Bible Study, but beyond that I have no clue.

Rachelle said...

I love patron saint of the year. Last year was St. Catherine of Genoa and it wasn't until October that I figured out why. This year's patron is St. Thomas the Apostle. The only connection I can think of is that I do struggle with believing God loves me. Other than that I don't know. So it'll be interesting to see what happens this year. :0

Rebecca said...

Um, yea, you know that I LOVE everything about this :)!!!

I got St. Afra, patron of convents, martyrs, and penitent women. Oh, and she is represented by a woman being burned alive. There is some good stuff there, some connection, I'll have to post about it.

Stephanie @ Blessed to Be said...

St. Anthony the Abbot! Patron saint of Against Skin Diseases; Amputees; Animals; Butchers; Domestic Animals; Epileptics; Graveyards; Hermits; Monks. Nothing I seem to relate to on that list, but his story is quite relatable. And catholic.org has a great prayer to say to him:

Saint Anthony, you spoke of the importance of persevering in our faith and our practice. Help us to wake up each day with new zeal for the Christian life and a desire to take the next challenge instead of just sitting still. Amen

Looking forward to seeing where this new Saint-to-human friendship takes me!

Theresa said...

Hi, I often read your blog but have never commented. Thank you for posting this today. I was chosen by St. Andrew the Apostle who is the patron of Women Who Wish to Become Mothers. Can't get any more to the point than that! (My husband and I have been trying to conceive for years and have been a waiting family for adoption for the past year.) Thanks very much and you are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

St. Paul Miki, a Japanese martyr.

I've often wondered if I (and our fellow Catholics) will be called to martyrdom in my lifetime. Hmmm. Other than that, no connection.

Casey said...

Thanks for posting the saint name generator again!

My new patron for the year is St. Catherine of Genoa, Patronage: Against Adultery; Against Temptation; Brides; Childless People; Difficult Marriages; People Ridiculed for Their Piety; Victims of Unfaithfulness; Widows.

Temptation? Definitely a problem I need help with (don't we all!). Childless people is especially apt. I'm going to hope I don't need her patronage as a widow anytime this next year though!

Unknown said...

I got Saint Bernadette and immediately knew she was going to bring me back to the rosary, which I prayed daily for years but through IF, I got lazy and discouraged with prayer in general...so I quit that devotion. I am excited to get to know her better and come back to Our Blessed Mother.

A few weeks ago I was in a rough spot with IF and asked for a specific patron saint for IF/carrying a physical cross with treatment and medicines. I was given Blessed Chiara Badano (passed of cancer and happened to be the only child to a holy Italian couple who waited 12 years to conceive her). Needless to say...it's obvious to me that the saints choose us.

Thanks for sharing this!

Emily said...

Well both my husband and I's new saints are patron saints of hairdressers...

Mike Brummond said...

So neat. I "heart" Edith Stein, she is AWESOME!!!!

Lucky as Sunshine said...

I got St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, January 4th. Patronage : Against In-Law Problems; Against the Death of Children; Against the Death of Parents; People Ridiculed for Their Piety; Widows

Soo much good stuff & connections on almost all patronages.

the misfit said...

St. Peter Ou. I had never heard of him (I'm always hoping I'll get a saint I know already, for some reason). He was a married layman (we have that in common), a convert to Christianity (nope), ran a hotel (that I identify with, actually. We're talking about doing something like that later in life), a catechist (I've done that), and a martyr for the faith (um - not so far). Interesting!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Oooh, I got chills!! Love this!! Gonna go get mine.

Anonymous said...

I got St. Honorius of Amiens. Patron saint against drought, of bakers, flour merchants and pastry chefs. Kinda ridiculous for this celiac, haha.