Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Present

Seriously, could I be any more delinquent with the finale of this Trilogy, ironically entitled The Present??  In my defense, I have been so busy living mine, that before I knew it, weeks had passed and I still hadn't put anything into writing.

But, that is the beauty of The Present.  A Gift, really.  It is never past us.  And, it is not some far-off and distant unknown.  It is always, always Here, and Now.  Ever mutable.  Ever impressionable.  Ours for the taking.

Yesterday doesn't matter, when we focus on today.  And tomorrow is yet to be determined.  But the irony is, it is Our Present that forms it all.  What we make of this moment will eventually become one more memory of our Past, and one more ingredient towards our Future.

I could spew out about a million more cliches about The Present, but the truth is, you know them all already.  You understand the logic.  You get the point.  But living it out in practice is so much different than theory, isn't it?  What you really want to know is HOW.  HOW do you live in the Present without wallowing in the sorrow of the Past, and worrying about the Future?

I don't have that answer.  I still struggle with this on a daily basis; despite writing this Trilogy, which I thought would mean I would be given the grace of higher understanding, but alas, I am still crippled by my own human stupidity.  However, I think I have some tools, at the very least.

First:  Don't focus too much on The Present.

Say what??

Yes.  I think when you focus TOO MUCH on the gift of time being given to you right now, you can become anxious about using it efficiently, perfectly, effectively.  Don't do it.  You will wind up so worried about doing the WRONG thing with your Present, that it will quickly melt away into your Past having never been used.

Second:  Use the gifts of your Past and Future, and leave the rest.

Use the lessons you have learned from your Past to guide your decision-making of the Present.  Take advantage of the blank canvas that is your Future to remember that any decision made now can be done in a different way in the future.  Remember, and draw upon, the memories of your Past, both good and bad, to inform your sentiments of the Present.  Look into your Future with anticipation and awe, not with worry and regret.

Third:  Remember, most of all, that this life is not what we were created for.

Sometimes, things just get plain BAD.  No amount of positive thinking, chocolate, or alcohol will change how we feel in our Present, or lift our spirits.  That's when we need to remember our ultimate goal.  Our souls are not meant for this world, and they long for a different one.  And if we just work on that, then we can achieve that ultimate goal where all of the suffering of this world will be behind us.

So, go on.  Live.  Live your Present.  You already are :)


the misfit said...

In this vein, I often think of St. Francis's comment, when he was asked what he would do if he knew that day were his last day on earth. "I'd be working in my garden," was reportedly his response. It has the full power of all he was trying to convey. There was nothing he had left undone. No loose ends to tie up. No major changes he needed to make in life. No great splashy accomplishment he wanted to be known for. He was right where he needed to be, doing what he needed to be doing. He prayed as much every day as he would on his last day on earth. His busy-ness didn't detract from his spiritual life. His last earthly contribution would be a meaningful one, but as humble and un-recognized as it gets. I can picture just what that kind of peace of spirit would look like. I just can't imagine ever having it :).

LifeHopes said...

loved this post. I think about these things a lot lately. Time passes so quickly these days, does it not? Life is fleeting.

I must be so morbid but I consider my own death a lot too. Lord have mercy.

Thanks to misfit for that St. Francis quote, I love him even more now.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I love all of these three things, especially #3! We are not made for this world, and that's something I often forget.

Maria said...

Great blog post - thank you! I needed that!

You are in my thoughts and prayers!