Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Snowing

That is all.

OK, no. I wouldn't be that lame. (Hold your comments.)

Snow is actually one thing I do enjoy about winter. Not that I'm a ski bunny or snowshoe-ing fanatic, in fact, I despise the cold. But, from the comfort of a warm house or bundled up like Randy in A Christmas Story, I do very much enjoy watching the snow fall and accumulate.

(Can anyone see this picture and not think of Elf?)

And it got me thinking... at least to me, snow is the less offensive winter weather. You don't need an umbrella to walk in it. You don't need all-wheel drive to travel in it. It's soft, fluffy, and makes the dark, cold, lonely winter seem white, bright, and hopeful.

Isn't it fitting, then, as we prepare for Lent... to reflect on the snow, and to remember that our times of darkness are not void of these more light and joyful moments. That, no matter what ice storms, freezing temperatures, and dangerous conditions might lie ahead, that we have something so beautiful in the midst of it all. Not just a hope for when the winter is over, and yes, be assured that it will, indeed come to an end... but a hope for these moments of clarity during the winter waiting.

NOW that is all :)

Except, of course, for this... which may not help prove my case for not being lame, but I'm sorry, this is funny.


Anonymous said...

that was awesome. the walken part. ok, and the snowing part :) i like a silver lining in the clouds type of thing, but really, probably much more beautiful. i wouldn't know...being in california and all ;)

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Oh, I needed that laugh today - that is hysterical - the meme that is!! He kind of reminds me of "The Most Interesting Man in the World" guy from the beer commercials. Anyway...great stuff.

I love snow and yes, I feel the same way about it. It has snowed 4 days this past week and we are supposed to get more this weekend. Love it!! (Of course, enjoying it from the comfort of being inside. My DH takes care of all of the other stuff - snow blowing, etc.) :)

barbie said...

I want to see snow like that one day!!

Kat said...

Yeah, your top picture does remind me of Elf! The snow is so beautiful.

Catholic Mutt said...

Loved both pictures! Snow makes me happy, too. Whether I'm playing in it or watching it come down.

Nancy Shuman said...

What a lovely, snowy, atmospheric post. And the Walken pic had me laughing out loud!

JellyBelly said...

I have to admit that I love the white stuff, which is a good thing considering where we live!

the misfit said...


I also love the snow. I miss it. MORE SNOW, PLEASE.

LifeHopes said...

That pic makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!

So funny.

I love the snow, too.

prayerfuljourney said...

I like looking at the snow too...not driving in it or sliding around in it. Being home snug as a bug while it snows outside is nice.

Julie said...

Ok, so I guess I am the only one that hates snow (and all things cold and wintery).
I do love pictures of snow though...

I grew up in WI and then lived in MN for the first 5 years we were married. These last 7 years have been in Indiana, where the winter is short and mild, but we do have snow (though, as a northerner, pretty sure it doesn't really count as snow), a few times a winter.

I love your reflection. If I can get through the winter (lent), then the beauty of spring will be joyous.