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Blogger Biographies- Installment #6

Hidden Fern

Hello! My name is Jenny, married 11 years to John (we met at Univ.of Dallas), and I'm a foster mom to three under 4 living in the Pacific Northwest. My husband and I have had difficulty conceiving, and are still hoping to with help from the Creighton model. John is a third year Physical Therapy student and graduates in June, while I work full time in the insurance industry. Mostly, I blog about fostering and family, sometimes IF, although, I have neglected my blog for a while. The blogger bio idea has inspired me to get back to it.

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All in His Perfect Timing

I'm almost 31 and have been trying to have a baby since August of 2006. We are working with the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha to get my body healthy and find the reason for my infertility. I have had 2 surgeries for Endometriosis and 1 surgery to remove part of my thyroid. We decided to pursue adoption last June, were picked by a birthmom a few weeks ago and now are waiting to meet our baby boy, who is due April 1. We are praying for a smooth adoption finalization.

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Infertility Me

I am CS from IF Me and we've been TTC for ~2.5 years (sad when you switch over to counting in years isn't it?). We have done 2 IUIs so far, we are not at this time planning to ever do IVF. We were male factor last year, but that has been fixed since July 2011. I ovulate every month and my hormone levels are great - so I'm scheduled for a lap March 21st to see if there is any endo that is causing our trouble. We are open to local adoption of a 2+ year old, but haven't really started down that path yet.
I am 33, an Electrical Engineer, live in Toronto, am an alto in our church choir (United Church of Canada), and I love nutrition!

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The IF Cross

My name is Teresa and I started blogging in November 2010 because I felt a need to connect with other Catholic women struggling with infertility. My blog is just about me and now my daughter Magdalene who was born 12/10/11. I'm not a very consistent blogger but I hope to be once I settle in some kind of routine with this new little one :)

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Julie and Andrew’s Adoption Story

My name is Julie. I have been married to Andrew for almost 11 years. We suffered from childlessness for the first 9 years of our marriage, due to infertility and adoption failures.
In June of 2010, we were blessed with our first child, Isabella, through the amazing gift of adoption. Our hearts yearned for a sibling for her (Andrew and I both come from families of 7 children) and thus we hit the ground running with pursuing another adoption starting in January of 2011. After 6 failed adoption placements, we welcomed our son, Isaiah, in September 2012. We truly believe that God chose these children from all eternity to be a part of our forever family. My blog shares my heart about infertility, adoption, my Catholic Faith, and my family!

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Lucky As Sunshine

HI Lucky as Sunshine here, aka Kristen. I found all the wonderful infertility blogs, after suffering 5 years, thinking I was alone. I blog about daily life, as a wife, sister, daughter, grand-daughter, god-mother, yearing to be a mother. I may type about my daily life which includes my daily job in the auto parts industry, my hubs business, my catechists stories, or ife as a super aunt. I love farmers markets, baking, and relaxing. I can't wait to get to know more bloggers.


E-mail: [email protected]

Made For Another World

I am a daughter of God, follower of Jesus, fervent Catholic, wife to Guitar Man, mom to AJ, sister, daughter, friend and teacher. I am experiencing secondary infertility, will celebrate my 41st birthday on St. Joseph's Day and my lifelong fatigue has been healed with the help
of NaPro. The Catholic IF blogs have been a source of inspiration, information and comfort for the past three years. The women who paved the way in this journey and are willing to share it are heaven sent. At Made for Another World, I share my struggles, hopes, joys and
prayers as I surrender to God's will through this infertility journey.

Made For Another World at

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