Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blogger Biographies- Installment #4

Blessed and Broken

I am a 33 year old wife, mom, foster mom, adoptive mom and FertilityCare Practitioner. After 5 years of infertility, and while waiting to adopt, we conceived our first miracle. With secondary infertility we became foster parents. We adopted miracle #2 last July and are hoping to adopt miracle #3 in the spring.

Magnify the Lord with Me

“Magnify the Lord with me; let us exalt His name together.” summarizes the purpose and mission of our marriage and this blog. Through our marriage and family, we hope to magnify the Lord and bring glory to His name. We married in June of 2006 and thereafter began our journey of infertility and adoption. After three unsuccessful adoptions, we brought home our baby girl, Abigail Chiara, in September of 2010, followed by our precious girl, Gianna Luce, in November of 2011! This blog shares my heart, my life, and what I am learning.

You can visit Lauren and her family at

and can email her at [email protected]

Knowledge Hungry

My name is Jeanne G. I am 33, I've been married to Brett since May 2009, and we don't have children yet. I am a cradle Catholic and a novice Lay Dominican. I love to learn, so I blog about things I learn: books I read, Church teaching, cooking, NFP, natural homekeeping, and sometimes crafts.

My blog is Knowledge Hungry (

My e-mail address is [email protected]

Women for all Seasons

My pen name is January. I'm 27 years old, and my husband and I have been trying to conceive (without success) since August 2010.
I blog mostly about my infertility, but also about Catholic things and random goings on. My blog is a little different because my friend November blogs with me, and she's a fertile mom of two beautiful little ones. My picture is of a pie because I love making and eating pie, and my dream job would be to run a pie shop!

January writes at:

or you can email her at [email protected]

Surprise of Unfolding

A writes:

DH and I have been through some hard times together, including some years of the heartbreak of IF. We welcomed our son (now 7 yo) and our daughter (now 5 yo) with such joy. Our struggles now come about due to financial hardship.

I have a special place in my heart for IF'ers, and IF'ers who have taken the child-free (child-less) path, and singles who feel called to marriage but haven't found their partner.

You can visit me at

My Heart Exults

My blog documents our journey through five years of infertility (PCOD and endo), one devastating miscarriage a year ago, and our blessing beyond belief, our son, John Benjamin.
My blog allows me to discuss my feeling about my loss, which I struggle with daily, and the joys of our precious baby - all while trying to live my Catholic faith the best I can. I have a separate, private blog dedicated to the cuteness of little JB, which then allows me to focus MHE on my thoughts and experiences as I attempt to figure out His Will for me.

My Blog Address is

and my email is [email protected]

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