Monday, February 27, 2012

Featured Blogger Biographies!

As Joanna and I were getting Lenten Prayer Buddies set up, we realized that there were a lot of bloggers that neither of us knew very well. She had the awesome idea of doing a few "Biography" blog posts, showcasing the different bloggers and their blogs. This might be a fun way for bloggers to connect with other women in the same stages of life as themselves. Perhaps you might run across a mama blogger you have never "met" or another IF blogger that might offer you some support.

Once we compile a list of bloggers, we will do posts a few times a week with each of the different bloggers being listed. Our hope would be that you meet some new "friends" and that you find some new support for wherever you are in life!

If you are interested in participating, please email the following information to Joanna at [email protected]:

1) A short bio about yourself
2) Your blog address and email for contact
3) A picture of you OR some picture that we could include to represent your blog (we know some people don't do pictures of themselves!)

Please email these to Joanna by Saturday, March 3rd. We would like to start posting these bios on Monday, March 5th!


Lucky as Sunshine said...

Great idea !

JellyBelly said...

What a fantastic idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry -- I know this comment doesn't really belong under this posting, but I couldn't find an email contact address for you.

I've been following your blog for quite some time, and I know that you have essentially given up TTC, as you believe that you've done everything possible. I searched your blog, and unless Google is mistaken, I don't think you've tried *everything.* Have you investigated immunological testing? Here is a link to doctors specializing in this (somewhat experimental) field:

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Thanks for the comment, they are always appreciated :)
I actually did spend about 2 years testing and treating various reproductive immunological issues, with Dr Kwak-Kim and Drs at SIRM.
I believe it was in 2009/2010 - you may find those posts helpful to you if you are exploring those avenues, yourself.
Thanks again!