Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is What Happens When DH's C-PAP Beeps Incessantly Through the Night, Causing Me to Lose Valuable Sleep

We are still in a financial holding-period. Turns out, I was right. DH cannot start his new job until the 45-day window in which he has the chance to appeal the probation settlement is over and done with. At this point, I am praying it is 45 actual days, not 45 business days. With luck, he can start in late November.

In the meantime, praise God, we did get a chunk of money from his business, because a new site just gave us the downpayment. We are semi-caught up with bills.

Just in time, because I received a phone call the other day from the compounding pharmacy making my Viagra. They wanted to know if I wanted to fill the entire order, because it was $8.25 per pill. Hmm... well, I guess so. That'll be like $100, right? Because I only take it from Cycle Day 1 through hCG trigger? Ummm, no. It would be $600+!!! The Dr called in 80 pills, because the instructions are 4 pills per day!!!! I did the math, and the most I would need is 54 pills, and that quote is $450. Holy cow. All I can say is this had better work the very first cycle, because DH will not be happy with me otherwise!

(I even called Freedom Ph.armacy to see if they had a better price, but theirs is over $17 per pill! Yikes!)

I can feel myself slipping into a holiday depression. Ugh. I just never, ever thought I would be seeing my 6th Thanksgiving and Christmas still not pregnant. I would feel so much more peace if we were able to adopt. Just knowing that at any moment, I could receive a call... sigh. My phone will not be ringing this holiday season.

I haven't met with my therapist for several weeks now, and oh, boy, do I feel the difference. (And in my defense, I am not choosing Viagra over therapy ;) ... I just sent out a HUGE check for all of the therapy sessions' total, and until we get back on our feet a little more, I can't do regular weekly sessions.)

Today I'm expecting a small exercise trampoline in the mail. Waaaaaay back when I was going to the HynoFertility therapist, she recommended one of these for improved blood flow and cardio. I don't have time to work out. Well, ok, I have SOME time, but rarely do I have the energy to do anything after a long work day. But a trampoline makes sense. I can jump. I think. We'll see.

Hurry up, AF. Let's get this show on the road, already. Have I mentioned I hate cysts? For the record... I do.


Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you get it black market from Canada???? SHEESH!!!! That is insane!


Rachel said...

Holly cow, that viagra is like gold. I missed your post on the Viagra, does it have to be compounded? Infertility is emotionally and financial draining. So sorry, this totally sucks.

Rebecca said...

$8.25 per pill? Yikes! Too bad it's illegal to resell it, if that's the 'actual' price, imagine what the street value must be! Ahem.

Enjoy your exercise trampoline...it will at least be fun, if only for a few minutes :).

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Haha my mind went where Rebecca's did...imagine the "resale" value! ;) I'm keeping you in my prayers that your DH can start his job soon!

The trampoline sounds like fun. Let out your inner child! :)

the misfit said...

How many mg/pill? You may want to look here and see if you can save some money (if it's a low dose, maybe take fewer pills at a higher dose): http://www.universaldrugstore.com/medications/viagra. (I cannot believe that I am sharing sources for cheap Via.gra!!!) Anyway, for this pharmacy you have to upload a scan of your prescription, but they are totally on-the-level, have cheap shipping (yes, from Canada - my thyroid costs $7 to ship), and have great customer service.

Did you explain earlier what the Via.gra is supposed to do for you? I am avoiding making any inappropriate jokes here, BTW - I hope you appreciate the effort :).

Also also, I am confused by the post title.

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

You're not the only one...
lol. No, I was just totally out of it this morning before my coffee, and so I assumed my blog post would be completely and utterly non-sensical. Hence the title.

Compounded viagra is supposed to improve the blood flow to my endometrium, and build the lining thicker. Kinda similar to what it does for a man... just a different, um, area.

I will check out that source, thank you! Is it compounded, though? I need to take this where the sun don't shine, so it has to be compounded ;)

Ania said...

For the record, I hate cysts too! I hope you can find a cheaper source for the viagra too, yikes! Wouldn't it be great if more of this stuff was covered by insurance?

JellyBelly said...

Perhaps we need to take a road trip to Mexico to get some cheap Viagra!!!

Or follow Misfit's advice, she makes so much more sense than I do!

And does it bring our friendship has reached a new level? I totally understood your post title. ;)

Catholic Mutt said...

Holy cow! That is not cheap!! I hear you on the holiday depression. I hate that I feel depressed, because the holidays used to be my favorite, but still being single and no children in my 30's? They look different than they used to. Then I get depressed that I'm depressed! ;) Sheesh.

barbie said...

well you comment answered my question of why it had to be compounded! Holy moly that's expensive! I'm praying SUPER DUPER hard for an (early?) Christmas miracle!

Anonymous said...

Hello TCIE, is there any way to write directly only to you?
Sister in christ

Made For Another World said...

I can already feel that holiday depression coming on too! Hope you can find a cheaper option with the Viagra. Praying that DH's work comes through and finances smooth out.

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

You can email me at thiscrossiembrace at gmail dot com