Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 4 Clear Passage and Comments

Ugh, I am SO TIRED of Blogger messing with my comments on some of my favorite blogs!! I must apologize, namely to Misfit and Martha Trying to Be Mary, for having SO MUCH to say to you and not being able to!!

Martha, here's what I just tried to comment on your latest wonderful news:

I had a feeling there would be a celebration in Mexico City today :)

The Magnificat was sung as a Responsorial Psalm at our wedding, and I can think of no better time to repeat the wonderful chorus than on this very happy day! Congratulations, E!!

And Misfit, I unfortunately didn't cut and paste what I wanted to write on your last few posts..,. but trust me, it was perfectly eloquent and appropriate.

In other news, I survived Day 4 of Clear Passage, the last part of which involved some soothing rectal massage (and yes, I'm being facetious). I am in general feeling very sore today, but as they were manipulating a lot of the areas of restriction today, the specific areas were feeling a lot better and "looser." I kid you not, I am ALWAYS complaining about my beer gut (and I don't drink beer) - just ask Sew - it seems like every day of my cycle I am so extremely bloated and my belly is extended. Today, I see a huge difference. DH sees it, too. Pretty amazing stuff.

Today I asked the therapist why it may be that I haven't experienced the intense emotional response that many people have during adhesion release. She said that it doesn't happen to everyone, and that quite possibly, I may be better than most people at processing my emotions as they come, and not repressing them. That actually seems very likely to me. I didn't always used to be that way, but infertility has humbled me in ways I never thought possible, so that now I rarely have unforeseen meltdowns. Thank God for my blog and all of you, because I'm sure blogging has been one of if not the largest emotional outlet for me over the past 3 years.

I'm heading out on the town to listen to live jazz music, so I'll check back in tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

So glad it continues to go well - and that you are staying on an even keel emotionally. Cliff did one session of myofacial (sp?) release on me and I was a total wreck. I politely requested that he never do that again (it was when he was in school).

Enjoy the jazz!

Anonymous said...

Blogging is definitely an amazing emotional outlet - if you blog honestly and just let it all hang out (which you do, of course).
Glad things are feeling "looser". Rectal, that doesn't sound like fun.

JellyBelly said...

My IMT said that I may cry for no reason in the next little while because of my treatment -- I almost did earlier this evening, but I was also really hungry. Who knows?

Do you think it's a coincidence that I have my ladyparts electrofied the same day that you had your rectal massage? I think not! The Lord has a really good sense of humour!!!!

And yes, thank God for the blogs! I would've been in a padded room in a straightjacket if it wasn't for you girls!

Ashley said...

rectal massage? looser? yikes....hope they have some port-o-potties on site at he jazz fest tonight! :)

barbie said...

The blogs are a huge emotional release, have been for me anyway. Rectal message.........eek!

[email protected] said...

Is it wrong that I am laughing at JellyBelly's comment, and Ashley's?? Oh, my! This will have a good pay off, though, I know it! :)

Sew said...

You didn't tell me about your beer gut going down! That is awesome!!

Rectal! [email protected]