Saturday, May 14, 2011

TCIE is losing steam

I have nothing particularly exciting to report today, but I am still rather excited to be blogging, because tonight is the FIRST BLOG POST WRITTEN FROM MY HOUSE!

Yes, we have moved into the 21st Century. We have internet. And cable :)

I thought about posting some progress pictures of the house, but I had second thoughts and decided to post pictures when the three main rooms are complete (dining room, kitchen, parlour). That way I can show the progress pictures NEXT TO the completion pictures and it's more impressive.


I was all set to get a vaccine for Rubella on Friday when I chickened out last minute. The first set-back came when I realized that the Rubella-alone vaccine is on national backorder, so I would need an MMR. I have heard not-so-great things about the MMR specifically. But seeing as my Clear Passage therapy is in June and I likely cannot conceive before then, I thought that taking the month of May off of trying to conceive would make sense. (They advise that you do not get pregnant the month of the Rubella vaccination.)
Then I spoke to Sew.
Word to the wise: don't ask Sew her opinion unless you REALLY want it ;)

I love her to death. She knocked some sense into me, and I am 99% sure now that I will not get the vaccine.
Aside from the research, there were actually other "incidental" reasons for me not wanting to take the vaccine and avoid this cycle. Reasons that I won't elaborate on now, but that recently came to my attention and made me think that perhaps I should be trying to conceive this cycle, despite the obvious ever-barren state of my womb.

So. While I am in the health field, I will not be in hospital settings anymore once June arrives, and the new NaPro Center opens its doors (private office building off-site from the hospital) - and the likelihood of my catching Rubella while pregnant (and, well, let's face it, the likelihood of my being PREGNANT) are so extremely low.

Another boring post from TCIE, but stay tuned because I have a good one brewing... maybe tomorrow...


Blessed said...

Thank you so much for posting this.. My Ob/Gyn & RE have been insisting about MMR but we were really worried about the 3 month wait period before we could resume TTC. It's not even 1 month. They asked us to wait 3 months after getting immunized! Infact, the nurse from my RE's office scared me to death talking about Rubella & birth defects. Now I have an answer. It's like God has led me to your post. I am not going to worry about MMR!

Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

LOL on asking Sew her opinion! I can hear her now!

Yea for being in your house with internet!!!

St. Rita's Roses said...

I cant wait to see pics of your house.

I want to hear what Sew had to say...I was told I need one too.

ps- cant you start a virtual wanding business??...I feel like I am rupturing!!!

Sew said...

I would love a virtual wanting business! I think I ovulated after seeing cam today!!! ;). Lol


the misfit said...

'k, first off, insurance currently covers my (many) ultrasounds completely and I am frugal to a fault and I would happily drop a grand on this virtual wanding. Look into this!!! There's already skype - how difficult could it be to get your laptop (or maybe iPhone? Then I might consider buying one) to see inside your reproductive system? This is a billion-dollar idea.

Excited for you to be starting at the new practice. And keeping myself entertained speculating what "incidental" reasons would mean that you SHOULD ttc during any particular month. I've already dismissed several possibilities as being too obvious ;).

Waiting (somewhat) patiently for before-and-after pictures of your awesome house.

JellyBelly said...

I feel like I've run out of steam ages ago -- I can't even imagine what I would be like if I wasn't on Hydrocort!

Sending you big love and big prayers!

Maria said...

Thinking of you! You are in my thoughts and prayers, dear lady!

Much love and hugs!

Maria In Mass

Amazing Life said...

I cannot wait to see pictures of your house, I will stalk your blog until you post them, hahaha! Seriously as much work as it is, are you falling more in love with your husband everyday as you see your dream house making so much progress! It was good for my husband and I when we remodeled our home years ago - such a diversion and spiritual uplift to make something old beautiful again!

Lisa said...

Praying, praying, praying!

Beth said...

Sew is trouble ;)