Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hysterosonogram, aka Sonohysterogram, aka Saline Sonogram, aka What's in My Future

I had my appointment with my new boss/newest NaPro Dr today to discuss the weird P+2-P+4 bleeding I've had the past three cycles. He suspects it is hormone-related (estrogen drop), but wants to do a saline sonogram. Blech. I certainly did NOT have fun with my HSG, and I've heard the saline sonograms are even less pleasant. The instrument he uses allows him to take a small sample (biopsy) from the lining at the same time as the sonogram, so he's going to do that as well. Lovely. But hopefully it will yield some answers. He did say he does NOT suspect cancer, but we'll look for signs of hyperplasia.

I have such little time to post anymore these days, and I miss it!! So many posts are running around in my head, and hopefully soon I'll have the chance to post one of them. In particular, I would like to address the Adoption-Infertility connection which is so prevalent in our society, and showed true once again in the comments of the latest article on Catholic Infertility on "National Catholic Register." But I want to give this topic ample time - which I don't have right now.

So hopefully sometime in the near future that post will come through, as well as some much-anticipated house photos as we near completion of the dining room and kitchen :)

Keep praying that I will have reason to cancel my sonohysterogram, please!!! (Or two reasons!)


Meg @ True, Good and Beautiful said...

Both of the upcoming posts you mention are huge parts of my life: the adoption-infertilty connection and the home reno/decorating. Can't wait to read all your thoughts and see what you've been up to at that adorable house of yours. :)

Mrs. Henderson said...

I can't wait to see your cute house, either!
I am going to be praying that the only sonogram you have in your near future is to see your sweet child(ren)! If you do have to have the SIS- I will tell you that I had the same thing done this January and it wasn't too bad. Way less painful then the HSG, way less!
Praying for bab(ies)!

Maureen said...

I've had all those tests and the saline one isn't bad. I agree, less uncomfortable than the HSG and the endometrial biopsy is really quick...a few seconds of strong pain but then done. I walked out from the SIS/bx with no problem within 10 minutes of it being done. The HSG had me feeling woozy for several hours. Praying you popped 2 beautiful eggs and they had a nice dance and are now snuggling in to grow for the rest of the year.

Mary said...

hoping and praying this goes well!!! I really want you to be healed!
Also very excited to see the pics of your awesome house!

the misfit said...


On other matters, I've had both the HSG and the SHG, and I can say that I hated them about equally. So I don't think you have anything WORSE to look forward to, though the biopsy will be an interesting twist. (I had a colposcopy a couple of years ago and that was also horrible - worse than the HSG because it took about 45 minutes - no exaggeration. And the Soviet-issue speculum the doctor used didn't help either. Nor did her technique, which is also apparently Soviet-issue [no, this is not my current RE, who appears to have pretty good clinical practices, actually]. A normal speculum and a single snip would not have been so bad. So I think you'll be OK here. But I would ask for a local anaesthetic [swab, not needle] if they're going to do any significant removal of tissue.)

Little JoAnn said...

If it is any help, I did a saline at a local hospital and BELIEVE it or not, it was no big deal. They are quick as lightening.

I guess looking back my only problem was I was always wide awake and intense during these dumb exams...instead of having enjoyed a glass of wine beforehand.

Or, something else that would have made me relax.

'Cause I get the results and actual films myself anyways, and radiologist does it (but the doctor calls with results later) there really was no need to be so intense during the procedure.

Oh, well, live and learn!

I am with asking for local anethesia and saying you INSIST on a small speculum.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Praying it goes well for you!!

Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

Praying everything turns out okay!

JellyBelly said...

I had a HSG done and then did parent-teacher interviews. Let's just say I deserved an Oscar since I was in so much pain, but I plundered through. Not the best day of my life. Never had a hysterosonogram, but I hope that Little JoAnn is right!

Seems like we're both on the same journey of (even) more discovery about our ladyparts. Gotta love it!

p.s. I'd love to see house reno pictures too!

Danya @ He Adopted Me First said...

Ooooh I want to read both posts as well. Please oh please write them. Praying for a cancellation for two good reasons too!

Little JoAnn said...

I was told by one of my thousand of REs that saline sonograms really are the way to go for seeing the inside and quality of the endometrial lining and all things uterus and implanting quality. So, GOOD for you for going for it. Salines really reveal all the guts and glory and the treadware of our uteruses, the good bad and ugly. So, my REs really wanted to see a saline for sure. I actually requested a copy of the film footage. It was on a CD tons of shots of my uterus' lining. Which ALSO led my doctor to determine I had anti-phosolipid syndrome and would need blood thinners to make that lining better and more conducive to implantation. Just sayin' you may want to try blood thinners again if they find any issues on the saline. Then there is that Endometrial Function Test by Harvey Klingman at Yale University.

More ideas from Little JoAnn! Ugh. Hope I am not annoying!

Blessed and Broken said...

Yay for updated house pics. Very curious to know who the new napro doc/boss is???? Can you fill me in??

Prayers that you wont need those yucky tests.

Re future post I am wondering if you might be able to share more about how/why adoption may not be an option for everyone. I don't know if you have shared your specifics before. Your insights are helpful when I talk to other people who might be in a similar place wrt ability to adopt.

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

I hope so much for you!!! I remember those tests.... Everything is going to go well...I'm praying!!!

Nicole C said...

Praying it's not as bad as you think!!

Sarah said...

Praying all goes well with these tests! Also the adoption-infertility connection would be a very interesting topic (whenever you have time for it :)).