Friday, April 29, 2011

Sometimes Infertility Makes You LOL

Last night my was third time going to the Saint Gianna Feast Day Mass at her shrine in Warminster, PA. It was my fourth time to the shrine total. I just love it there! It is so peaceful and unassuming, the way I imagine St Gianna was.

I got to sit with St Rita's Roses and her hubby as we celebrated a beautiful Mass. And, of course, knowing that many infertile couples and couples experiencing miscarriage would be coming, they prepared the relics for veneration following Mass.

As we stood for the Gospel, I almost burst out laughing when I realized what reading it was: fruitful vines :) Jesus telling His discliples that if we remain in Him, he will make us fruitful vines, and that any branch that does NOT bear fruit, He will cut off and throw away. (Now, I do understand that Jesus wasn't simply refering to fertility, but still... quite the ironic reading to have at a Mass for the Patron Saint of Infertility/Miscarriage, eh?!!)

Following Mass, DH and I went up to venerate the gloves. In the past two years, when I've venerated the gloves, the lady giving away the prayer cards would tell me to hold the gloves to my womb (I guess it was obvious I was barren, haha). So this year, without prompting, I took the gloves and held them to my womb and prayed. After I put the gloves down, the lady with the prayer cards asked me, "When is your baby due?" Baaaahahahahahahaha!!! I should say I probably look pregnant with my big bloated belly.
I told her, "No, we're not expecting. We've been trying for 5 years."
She felt horrible. But it only got worse from there... "Oh!! ... well, St Gianna has worked so many miracles! - Is this your first time to the shrine?!" she asked with hopeful anticipation.
"No. Our fourth."
"Oh... well... just keep persevering in prayer..." as her voice trailed off.

She felt worse about it than I did, I'm sure ;)

I am still having the weird bleeding early post-Peak, so I have an appointment next Tuesday to speak with my new boss/new NaPro Dr about it. I likely have a saline sonogram in my future...


JellyBelly said...

I feel for that woman! I bet she's praying for you right now girl!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers today! I got your text at the end of a long, awful day and it made everything better!!!! St. Gianna, pray for us!!!!

St. Rita's Roses said...

It was great to see ya and catching up after Mass. My DH loved chatting with yours!!

O and yes..the gospel was quite ironic!

As far as what she never know...... (praying for you)

Second Chances said...

Oh no! That poor woman. You handled it with much grace. I probably would have burst into tears or smacked her or something!

Blessed said...

I agree with St. Rita's Roses. You never know... Hoping that the two eggies are going to make your dream true. Praying for you. Praying that St. Gianna works a miracle.

E said...

I am sorry I forgot to get back to you about last night. DH worked late. :( Plus, my mind has been consumed lately. I am so glad you could laugh this this interaction and am glad you got to get mass at the shrine. :)

Faith makes things possible said...

I agree with the others: 1)you never know! ;) and 2) that woman is probably most likely praying for you!

polkadot said...

Glad you were able to laugh. :) Praying that this is the cycle!!

Angela said...

Hi Amy,
it was nice to see you again at the mass. I am sorry that you did not like the gospel. We take the readings directly from the mass that they do in Italy for the feast day. I think they refer to St. Gianna's fruitful life as a doctor, wife, mother. Please don't take it the wrong way. And I am sorry about your veneration experience. I will speak to my volunteers about how they approach a person.
I know it was difficult for me as I touched the gloves during those 4 years that I tried to naturally conceive, and most people, including the relic managers, could not understand what I was going through.
I met a patient of yours who had surgery on the 28th at the shrine...small world.
Please keep in touch...
[email protected]
praying for you.
god bless,

Nicole C said...

So wish I could have made the feast day mass. Was having a rough day! I would have loved to sit with you & J!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Oh, Angela, you are such a sweet soul :) Please don't take my post the wrong way at all - I was not offended in the least by either the reading/s or the lady with the relics. In fact, if I had done a more "serious" post about this, I would have elaborated on all of the beautiful intricacies of the Gospel and the different meanings of the word "fruitfulness." It's taken me 5 years to realize it, but I do know how fruitful now that my life has been, and how God has made me so, despite (or rather, THROUGH) the infertility.
God Bless you, Angela! And again - nice job pronouncing "Gianna" correctly in your beautiful Litany ;)

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Talk about open mouth insert foot!!!

good for you for having a good sense of humor. Hugs friend.