Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nutritional Consult

I feel like such a bad blogger. I haven't been reading many at all, because it's such a chore to access the blogs from my phone (something I recently discovered I could do from home, since we don't have internet hooked up yet), and the other day I was 90% done with a REALLY good post (if I do say so myself) when the whole darn thing erased. Since it was on my phone, it hadn't even saved any drafts :( I am SO BUMMED! But I promise, I'll try to write it all out again soon on a real computer.

But today's post is brought to you by the letter A, as in, Allergens.

I had my nutritional consult yesterday, and just like one very smart commenter had already pointed out to me, the nutritionist confirmed that casein and gluten have almost identical chemical make-up. She said it was interesting that 1 showed up as sensitive on the LEAP test (wheat), and the other showed up sensitive on the IgG test (casein), but that she had already suspected before getting my results that gluten would be a major allergen for me.

She was a really smart lady, and had a bunch of great ideas for me. I have printed out a ton of paperwork on the diet and menu plan she wants me to implement immediately. Basically it's a Gluten-Free, Casein-Free, Low-Carb, Low-Glycemic Index diet. (I almost cried when she said a max of 15 grams of carbs a day... OMG, I'm going to be broke and starved!!) But in the end, there are a ton of really good food items I can enjoy, and I will be healthier as a result.

On a side-note, I just finished reading UnPlanned, by Abby Johnson, and a) I must have yelled out in joy and freaked out my dogs in the process about 15 times while reading it, b) I could not put it down and finished it in less than 20 hrs (had to sleep), and c) I think I'm in love with Abby Johnson. If you haven't read it, go, no, RUN to your nearest book store and buy it now!

That's all I have time to write at the moment. Please forgive my lack of presence around the blogs lately.


The Comeaus said...

I know you're going to get a ton of tips and suggestions and I know that can be overwhelming, but I just had to share that coconut milk (the Asian brands are thick, creamy and delicious) can be bought in a can and is both inexpensive and so nutritious. It's a big part of lunch for my little boy, for healthy fat; I put a few tablespoons in his dairy-free smoothie.

Just a tip.

Kerry said...

YESS! I also DEVOURED the book "Unplanned", and it was ridiculous how late I stayed up to finish it!!!

I have to recommend it to everyone.

Did you hear she is becoming a Catholic at Easter?

It really put the fire under me to do my first 40 days vigil.

More Than Anything said...

I'm on the low carb train as well. Once you go low carb, avoiding gluten won't be a problem. Milk however is a different story. Cheese is a staple in most low carb diets...I mean low carb lifestyles.

I eat less than 20 carbs a day. I eat A LOT of meat. I used to eat eggs a lot as well, but now I can't stand them. Can we say OVERLOAD?!

It will take getting used to, BUT you will get used to it. I promise. At first you think of all the things you can't eat, then you're happy when you can have some fruit. Or maybe you cheat with a baked sweet potato, instead of a pie, like I used to.

The hardest part, I noticed, is trying to eat out. Everything has bread or is breaded.

I know you'll rock this low carb thing. You'll feel so much better!

Sarah said...

So fascinating regarding casein and gluten. As a Celiac I was never told to avoid casein? Now I am nervous! What's frustrating is that in my case exposure to gluten doesn't cause drastic reactions... it's very subtle. So the fact that I don't notice a reaction to dairy doesn't mean I am not poisoning myself lol. Maddening. I hope the new diet goes well... and yes, loved Unplanned!!!

[email protected] said...

Unplanned. What an amazing book. My gosh, should be required reading.

Miss you!

Beth R said...

My dr just ordered the food allergy testing last week, I'm so nervous to do it, I'm not sure I'll be able to survive if I can't eat cheese and pasta.

THe things we go through for something that comes so easily to so many.

I know you'll do great on the new diet, you have the resolve, I can tell!

JellyBelly said...

Gluten and casein-free isn't too bad. I haven't wasted away!

I'd love to hear about the particulars about your diet. I love to hear tips!

Miss you buddy!!!

E said...

What a diet!! ONLY 15 a DAY?!?!??! OMG!!! That would be rough. I try for only 100 a day!!! YIKES!!!

You are the second person to recommend this book, and it is on my night stand!!!!

Miss you, too.

doctorgianna said...

I read "Unplanned" last weekend. Every moment I had, I picked it up. Oh yeah, I had the occasional outbursts/squeals too:)

Mike Rizzio said... wife seems to be going through our sixth straight MC.
The hurt returns each time...
We had two children in two years 1999-2000 and none since—except—that Abba blessed us with Gianna Rose through adoption in 2008. We might be able to get you some good news in this regard via Texas/SOLT and an SOLT sister led apostolate, St. Joseph's Dream.

We visited St. Gerard's Shrine in St. Lucy's in Newark, or you could write them for a blessed napkin....It helps.

We are SOLT Lay Missionaries in Texas.

God bless you and your husband!


Mike (from Caldwell)

Anonymous said...

You know, the only way you can make it on that kind of diet is to include LOTS of good fats. I promise - when you have enough fat in your diet, you don't feel like you're being deprived :).

St. Rita's Roses said...

I got to check that book out- 15 grams of carbs!! Geez....good luck!