Friday, January 7, 2011

Email from Dr

Here is the email I just got my the Dr yesterday, with more information for anyone interested (the research she provided on Trental (not Prental, as I thought she said) is fascinating!!)

Also of interest, I looked into that Clear Passage program YEARS ago! A colleague of mine told me she heard about it on the radio or something, and at first she told me it was just to clear out blocked fallopian tubes. Well, I had just had my first surgery and knew my tubes weren't blocked anymore, so I didn't pursue it at the time. Apparently they do much more than clear tubes.

Dear TCIE, (and yes, my Dr calls me "This Cross I Embrace," as does my husband and my mother)

Here is information about the following therapies we discussed;

1. Pentoxyfilline/Trental 300 mg. tid for endometriosis. I would start this soon.

2. Special physical therapy for pelvic adhesions - the Wurm technique

3. Probiotics
Use VSL#3 for one month (225 billion)
Then you can go to a less potent antibiotic such as Klaire labs Therbiotics Detox (50 billion)
You can order this through

4. Medical food for decreasing GI inflammation

5. Digestive enzymes
(I found this for much cheaper, with a $15 coupon and free shipping for 800 tabs at:
NexStep, for anyone interested.)

5. We have ordered an IgG food allergy panel from Metametrix.

6. LabCorp may not offer direct measurements of cytokines, or at least TNF alpha. I am looking into this.

Best wishes,
Dr M. D. (NaPro California)


Chasing said...

Wow, lots of stuff! Hey, what do you think of that PCOS vitamin? I forgot what it is called.

Patiently waiting for more TCIE's beautiful house photos.

JellyBelly said...

Can't wait to look this stuff tonight!!

Sew said...

Holy crap! Your probiotic is $86 a month?! WTH TCIE?!!!!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

I only need it for 1 month... and please, if I can drop $20,000 on Dr Toth's treatments, I should be ok to get a month of a really good probiotic (that will actually help me)!
DH wouldn't be pleased... but he doesn't have to know :)

The Apostolate of Hannah's Tears said...

I was looking for enzymes thanks for the links!

A Martha trying to be Mary said...


I was given Wobenzyme by Randine Lewis for inflammation. She thinks its key for endo. I felt great on it and I think I need to get back on it. My mom used it also. She had amazing results on it since she did not have inflammation pain anymore. In her case its was so very very clear that it works.

Actually I am very surprised by this doctor in California. a lot of the things: improving digestion as key for fertility (its the most important system in supporting the nourishment of the reproductive organs, if its not OK you will probably have issues) , massage (Randine mentioned also the Wurn technique as well as Mayan massage) as very good for adhesions, probiotics, etc. are the same as Randine recommended. I was so happy to see Napro moving into this direction of health

I think I might end up in California. the best of both Napro and other therapies!! wowow!