Saturday, September 11, 2010

Updates and Meme All in One

(WTH is a Meme, anyway? How'd it get that name?)

Thank you for the tag, Complicated Life! I feel loved :)

So, I'm going to combine this post, since I have some updates to share as well. Here are 10 Surprising Things About Me (not so sure how surprising they'll be):

1) I LOVE, and I mean LOVE to watch real-life murder shows. CSI is for posers. I much prefer Forensic Files, Dateline, just about anything on the I.D. channel... DH thinks I'm secretly plotting his murder, stocking up on tips from here and there.

2) I was only in college for 3 1/2 years. I entered with a class of 100 in February 2000, because my school has a special program where about 1/5th of their entering freshmen begin in February (the "Febs") and then we are supposed to graduate the January after the "Regs." But between AP course credit and a summer on campus in language immersion (Italian), I graduated in May 2003.

3) I've been boycotting McDonald's since the 3rd Grade when we saw a video about what they do to the land, the cows, etc. I had the occasional burger in high school when my basketball team would stop there after away games (I had no choice!) but other than that I haven't touched that crap in 21 years!

4) I can whistle and hum at the same time, but it's terribly difficult to match tones.

5) I apparently ovulated yesterday on CD 11. And had no mucus worth writing home about. My body is that messed up. Oh well, guess I don't have to spend money on progesterone this month.

6) I did my first vaginal steam bath (read more about it here) and LOVED it! I used basil, and my lady parts felt so special and pampered. I put the pot in the toilet bowl and sat right on the seat. (So, no, you don't have to literally squat for 20 minutes, you just sit, with the steam underneath you.)

7) My favorite non-alcoholic drink is an Arnold Palmer - half fresh-brewed unsweetened iced tea and half fresh lemonade. If either aren't fresh, it doesn't taste the same.

8) I don't like granite countertops. When we re-do our kitchen, I want marble.

9) We are drafting up our first offer on "the house" Sunday evening. The agent is going on vacation next week (of course!) so we will get this in before he does. NERVOUS!!

10) I've been sitting here for 5 full minutes thinking of something else to write. I give up.



... said...

I always thought it was a meme because it's all about me . . . but then again, maybe I didn't think that through.

#1: Me, too. The first week after I quit working, I watched an entire trial and then hours of all those shows that I never had time to watch before. Do you like Disappeared?

#6: Glad to hear that went well.

I'm so excited about your house offer. Keep us posted.

Faith makes things possible said...

1) me too!! Have you watched the first 48?!

6)hmm...never heard of this before but I'll def be reading up on it! ;)

7)sounds yummy...I'll have to try this sometimes!!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend! :)

prayerfuljourney said...

I must dh and I do watch all the "real" crime shows dh more than me. Lately...I've been into the shows...can't explain that one.

Good luck on the house! Sounds so exciting!!!

Sew said...

R better not boil the lasagna noodles in that damn pot! You crack me up!!!!

the misfit said...

I never did get around to the judging on my infertility contest, but I feel I can safely declare you the winner of the "most outlandish IF treatment actually attempted" category. The words "vaginal steam bath" are now seared into my brain, and I'm afraid it's permanent. You are, to say the least, more adventuresome than I am.

Lisa said...

Am I a total nerd if I admit I know where the word "meme" comes from?? Blame it on all of my Linguistics courses and my English degrees...

It's from the Greek word meaning (something about) being imitated. It typically has to do with the spread of ideas and culture. Richard Dawkins shortened the word "mimene," which was the full Greek word having to do with imitation.

When people refer to "viral" internet videos, it's the same idea... things that spread quickly across the Internet.

I am SUCH a nerd. Gotta go tape my glasses back together and polish my pocket protector...

Lisa said...

One more thing... so I followed the "lady parts steamer" link and can be 100% sure that while the female version sounds nice and refreshing, NO WAY would my husband go for the male version. NO WAY. lol

Jenny said...

I love those crime shows!! One of the girls that came through the homeless shelter I work for was on forensic files. Her parents had murdered a bunch of people over the years and there were pictures of her on it. It was so strange to watch! I love the first 48 too FMTP!

I had been wondering what meme was too! I thought I was the only one who had no clue!

barbie said...

I need to back up and read about steaming the lady parts! :)

Jessica said...

I heart dateline and real life murder mysteries! And, I am married to a soon-to-be-police officer, so that's pretty sweet, too. We do love to watch Law and Order: SVU though.

Loved reading about the steaming of the lady parts....I don't even want to know the male version! ;)

[email protected]licBubble said...

I can't get past the vaginal steam bath, and now I am really interested in the male version, but I also don't think I want to know, ha ha!!

Sew, ha ha!!

Sew said...

Leila-R makes the best lasagna! ;) TCIE brought it to FJIEF house and we had stopped 1 hour before and ate mcd's. Then I got there and devoured lasagna! ;)

He also cooked lasagna for the BW weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad you don't eat McD's, because nothing could be better than a Big Mac/vaginal steambath combo while watching Crime Files.

Prayers for the house!!

Love you -
big sis J

JellyBelly said...

First off, thanks for the vaginal steam bath image!!!

I'm such a wimp I can't watch anything with blood! I can barely get through an episode of Law and Order without asking Mr. JB to cover my eyes!

Sending you prayers for the house!

Megan said...

Haha good work with the special lady steam. :) I have been sitting here trying to figure out how you got the pot to sit in the toilet bowl water...
And good luck drafting the offer! Can't wait to hear what they say! :)

Anonymous said...

Vaginal steam bath, heehee. Although I'm laughing at the idea, I'm also secretly contemplating giving it a try :).
I was a little confused about the man version - aren't they supposed to keep their stuff cool, not steam it? - but then saw that it's just a soak, not a steam. And only soaking the twig, not the berries :). Makes much more sense. But there's no way in he!! that my hubby would EVER do that, haha.

The Comeaus said...

You are really hilarious. I love the bit about your hubby thinking you're plotting his murder. :)

My midwives had me do a vaginal steam bath like you're saying (with different herbs) after our son was born because I was in pretty bad shape. I can't even BELIEVE what a difference in made in my healing! It not only made me feel better, but it did in a few days what nothing else had done in weeks. I hope it does you some good, too.