Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mayan Abdominal Massage

Well, since this IS an infertility blog, I figure I should post every once in a while with infertility-related topics, right? Oh but don't worry, there will be a house update at the end for those of you who, like I, are bored to tears with my boring, barren uterus.

This morning I had a Mayan Abdominal Massage. I found a practitioner online after a quick google search (gotta love google) when I read some of the girls on another online forum talking about it. I thought to myself, "Self, that's something you haven't tried yet! And since you've tried everything ever mentioned to you under the Sun, might as well try it, Self!" So off I went, called the place, and made an appointment for today. One thing I do like about the area where I live is that there are a TON of holistic, alternative medicine options, and they are all very good at what they do. The woman I found is also a retired registered nurse, and nutritionist/herbalist. So, she told me my appointment would be 1.5 hours and to bring all of my current medications/supplements with me.

We went over my paperwork and supplements list for a long time before the actual massage. She did have some ideas for my diet/nutritional needs, but really nothing additional to what Dr D. (NaPro California) has already suggested (namely, PROTEIN, protein, protein, and eating more consistently and less processed foods). She also thinks the LEAP testing may not be very accurate, because I was so overmedicated at the time I took the test that my immune system was not in alignment, so the results could be skewed. She's not convinced all those "red" areas are really sensitive, like rice and yogurt. BUT, she doesn't suggest I start overdoing it on rice, anyway, since it is binding and I lean towards... well, irregularity.

She had asked me to bring any pertinent labwork and ultrasounds. Well, I couldn't get my hands on my ultrasounds, but I had a bunch of labs that I already had compiled for Dr D, so I brought those. They only date back as far as 2008. She kept saying, "Well, I agree you've been overmedicated, and I don't think you need any of these prescriptions," speaking mainly of the Metformin, Naltrexone, and Hydrocortisone. Now, I love me some Metformin. BUT, Dr D. also mentioned that this is a med I may not actually need. Dr D. had more basis for her conclusion than this lady, though, who went on to say, "I don't even see anything here that convinces me of your PCOS diagnosis..." Ummm... trust me lady, neither I nor my SURGEON would have gone forward with a 7.5 hour ovarian wedge resection procedure if I didn't REALLY have PCOS. Yes I'm thin, and yes I'm blonde, but I assure you I had a MEAN CASE of PCOS.

Then we finally did the massage, which I began on my stomach and she massaged down my spine and legs and then along acupressure points surrounding my sacrum. Then I flipped over and she massaged my lower abdomen and pelvis. She taught me how to do it, as well, and afterwards told me her findings: my pelvis is really congested. It is slightly more anteverted than the "norm" (or what is optimal), and everything is sort of "pulled" towards the left side, which is the side with the most congestion. Interesting, since that is the side I ovulate from almost exclusively.

She recommended a technique for "clearing out" a lot of the congestion in the uterus - a vaginal steam. It consists of boiling water with any one or number of various plants (basil, dandelion, etc.) and then sitting over the steaming pot commando-style. Am I weird for thinking immediately, "Oooh, that sounds nice!" (Or am I just weird for admitting that's what I thought?)

She also recommended a couple of herbs - she's happy with the supplements I'm taking, but did want me to consider not using any prescriptions. That is a tough one. I may consider it, though, since I'm already down to only three (not including progesterone, which I will continue no matter what). I do think the Metformin helps with the quality of my ovulation... hmmm...

All in all, it was a good experience, and I'm happy I did it. She wants me to come back after my next period, which I plan to do. We did have a small battle of the wills at one point when we were talking about the history of my cycles, though. I never did tell her that I'm a FertilityCare Practitioner, but she does know I have been charting my cycles for 4.5 years. I was explaining that I first went for medical treatment NOT for infertility, but because I was anovulatory after years on the pill and my Dr knew this from my charts because of all the unusual bleeding episodes and continual mucus (I didn't say "Peak-type" because I didn't want to confuse her). She kept asking stuff about my period BEFORE any medication or treatment, like, if my husband thinks I had severe PMS BEFORE I was on any meds, and I said, "Well, that's not a question I can answer, because before I was on any meds, I wasn't having actual periods, they were anovulatory cycles with irregular bleeding." She would always say, "No, if you are anovulatory, you don't have periods." Um, yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, too, lady! They WEREN'T periods! Therefore, I wasn't having PMS! I think she was just trying to further prove that I don't really have PCOS, because I was "bleeding" before I went on meds. (I'll have to go dig up my pre-ovarian wedge resection labwork from 2006 with my crazy androgens and shove it in her face... along with my large-and-in-charge dumbbell ovaries.)

But she was very nice and helpful, and I was there for 2.45 hours! I still think I'm going to contact the nutritionist that Dr D. recommended to me for that end of things, though, because while this lady had suggestions of what types of foods I should eat, it wasn't really a LIST of ingredients and/or meals, and I need some additional help on that end.

As for the house, we are still waiting on the pre-approval, but we looked at the two houses today that we are interested in. The second is smaller, but has an AWESOME turret, large front porch, and is fully renovated and updated. Essentially, it is completely move-in-ready and livable, without having to put any money into it. Appealing, but doesn't have half the charm of the first house. Not to mention... neither of us can really truly envision raising our family in the second house. BUT, it is good we're looking at both and showing interest in both because the listing agent will know that we would have no incentive to go ABOVE the listing price of the second home on the first home while bidding. He may just let the seller know this ;) So, we looked at both with my parents today who drove down from NY. They both liked them both, my Mom thought they were both great but that we should be prepared for all the work involved in the first home. My Dad preferred the second home. He just simply liked it better, and he doesn't think we're prepared for all the money and time it will take to make the first one the home of our dreams. But as DH pointed out, if we moved into the second home, we'd literally have nothing to do. We want, and need, a project to help get our minds off all this other crummy stuff going on in our lives.

So, tomorrow we are hoping to have the pre-approval, get the paperwork for the offer from the agent, go over our proposal/offer with our friend/real estate lawyer, and MAYBE make our first offer by tomorrow evening. (The agent is going on vacation next week! Doh!) But if it doesn't happen tomorrow, it'll happen soon. We're not going to intentionally wait until 90 days on the market or anything. (He did tell us that there has still been no interest on either house... but he said not to wait if we're ready to make an offer, because we don't want to risk a bidding war.)

Tomorrow I go in to negotiate my salary for work, which starts... NEXT WEEK!! Yay, a start-date, and it's not October!! I'm excited, but nervous about tomorrow. I KNOW I deserve more than they're offering, but whether or not I'll get any more is still in question. Please say a prayer on that front. I'll also be getting bloodwork and ultrasound tomorrow, it'll be CD 11.

See? I started AND ended this post with infertility-related items. This still counts as an infertility blog.


Megan said...

The massage lady sounds very interesting. I wonder what she means by "feeling congestion." Did she explain at all?
I laughed out loud about the steam cleanse. haha it is a funny mental image. :) For some reason, it would seem less strange to me if you did it in the bathtub, and then took a nice warm bath after your lady parts have had their fill of herbal moisture. haha
I hope that the pre-approval happens tomorrow and the job salary is what you want!

[email protected] said...

OMGosh, you make me laugh!!!! You could do IF stand-up if there was a market for that, sister.

I am praying this helps put all your eggs in a row, so to speak, and I am looking forward to hearing how it goes with the house!!

Sew said...

Holy crap do you want Ann to send you the batteries so when you squat commando style over the water you can bang the batteries...
LMBO! The first part of this made me laugh out loud! Let me know how it goes!

But I am sorry you had to fight her a little...Ugh, I think if you saw 10 different doctors they would all say 10 different things....Dont' go off that hydorcort! ;) hahahaha

So excited about the house and I agree about the projects....It is so nice to have house projects to do....You don't have to do it all at once and you can do it gradually. ;) So excited about that!!

So what needs to be cleared out? What is the congestion? Do you need a colon cleanse or something? Could you do a jucie fast?

Chasing said...

Wow! Your commentary cracks me up. Hope all the house stuff works out super smoothly!!!

Praying for Hope said...

It's so confusing. Everyone has their own opinion about TTC problems and solutions, and a good half of the opinions conflict. Which way do you go?

Good luck with the house hunt. I have to speak up for a large porch. We have a deck on the back of ours which we use regularly during the warmer months. It's nice to sit outside, listening to the birds, and watching the world go by.

Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

I"m so with the other girls here in laughing out loud- but boy if you get a BFP I will run to clip my basil to boy and steam! :)

Well. It always feels good to have a plan.

Sew, the battery reference cracked me up! I can't wait for Ann's post about her hair dresser!

Second Chances said...

I actually think her ideas sound good! Maybe it's just too early in the morning and I haven't woken up enough yet. I say try it all...can't hurt! So excited to hear how the house offer goes. Praying :)

Anonymous said...

My father's wife has been begging me to do mayan abdominal massage for years now. It was always second to acupuncture for me, so I never got around to it, but now I'm interested. I just can't afford to do two things at once - that gets pricey!
It sounds awesome, though. And she's right about the protein! But did she mention getting good fats? Those are very important for anyone with PCOS as well. I love this website for diet suggestions - it's a high-protein, low carb/low starch/low sugar list of foods that are optimal. And the list is huge, so there is plenty to choose from!

Good luck with pre-approval and hopefully putting an offer in on the house!

Thankful said...

The massage sounds really cool - great idea! I can't wait to hear all about the house(s) and what happens next. Also, good luck with the salary negotiation. Happy squatting!

Jessica said...

That massage definitely sounds intriguing. And the squatting thing does too- that is something I have NEVER heard about- haha! Let us know how it goes! I do know that drinking Dandelion tea is supposed to be good for you. Cleans the liver...that's about all I know though.


Cecilia said...

Maybe I'm weird too b/c I also think it sounds nice. haha. Good luck on the salary negotiation and house. I agree on the need for a project. My poor house (and husband) bear the brunt of my need for projects. I thought the pics of the second house were so charming - the potential of that house is incredible. Fingers crossed.

Beth said...

Shoot, I'm about to tell ken to boil me a pot of water! :)

Little JoAnn said...

I was at Dr. Check's PA office (it's a bit weird, but slightly more calm than the NJ one) and his ultrasound girl their told me my circulation was bad and that I needed to improve it. Well, she was right even though I thought she was weird. Later, Dr. Kwak confirmed this of course with the blood flow ultrasound to the uterus test. To combat it I forced myself to rigorously work out 3-5 days a week and stopped coffee and loaded up on blood thinners and went for regular massages at a chic spa in Bergen County. Sometimes these folks do have their points and are right on about things. Have you read the book INCONCEIVABLE by Julia Inch____ She overcame IF by natural means alone (and she WAS open to IVF) she literally drove down an FSH from off the charts high to the fertile range. There is something to be said about natural healing.
And, I know you hate to hear this, but you have time on your side (this is so annoying to hear, I know). I too would give it a whirl. The intensity of the UBER natural methods might also be interesting. Wheat Grass is a big one as are colon cleanses and Lympathic Massage (sp). I also have thought about LIT for your. Sorry this is so long! And, major UBER diet healing for your hubby too!!

... said...

I’m speechless. Did you read that, TCIE? You made me speechless. So many questions. How long do you squat? I guess you better be careful and not lose your balance – a hot pot could damage some precious parts.

Love Sew’s comment! Lauren – no good stories from Deb. I told you guys she isn’t a funny person. She’s so serious. That’s what makes the crap that comes out of her mouth so freaking funny.

Good move on showing interest in 2 houses. We did the same thing and although we wanted this one more, the other one was more up to date. We got to a standstill over $2000 on this house. I know it’s a ridiculous amount, but I had in my mind that I was NOT going over my amount by one penny let alone $2k. So, we walked away (DH was not happy with me) . . .. and the other side caved (within an hour) and came down $2000.

Oh, I don't "look" PCOS either (not thin, just not overweight). My blood work, ovaries, ovulation are bad enough that no one disagrees. K-K was impressed by my especially bitchin' case of PCOS ;)

Sunshine said...

TCIE- I'm happy you got some ideas from the massage- has you noticed its' cleansing properties yet :)? Well, got AF on Thursday while at the hospital visiting my newest nephew :( but I have noticed some big changes in this cycle 1)heavier flow at the beginning 2)NO pain 3) very few clots (could be from blood thinners but I think massage has had some effect here too). I'm definitely going back for another one and for refresher course on doing it myself- if you do the massage regularly it may help keeping YOU regular. Wasn't it cool to feel your lymph glands?

Amazing Life said...

I am getting so excited about your house hunting! I agree, housing projects and creating a home the way you two want it will bring so much life to you both! When we remodeled our first home, it felt like we were creating something together and that was some of our toughest years with IF when it was all fresh, overwhelming and no doctor could give us answers. I still miss that house (thanks Hurricane Rita) but the memories of making a home for the two of us will stay with me forever! Sending prayers your way :)

xan said...

Your new nickname is Steamy Basil Vag. Hope you like it. I'll call you SBV for short :)