Thursday, August 12, 2010

As Suspected...

Did I mention the woman who owns the property is stubborn and self-defeatist?

Well, today we got absolutely nowhere. My in-laws and DH and I worked out before we went to meet with her that (and I may as well not be crytpic about the numbers anymore, who cares anyway?) we would pass it off to her that we are paying the FULL appraisal value of the property and structure: $195,000. My in-laws have put $130,000 into the house, and this woman payed $5,000 to buy the property from her son. (I believe at that time the property had cost HIM $90,000.)

Following so far?

So the appraised value of the home is $195,000. IF it is sold to US, then my in-laws would be willing to take a cut of $30,000 (in reality, we would pay them back a little at a time, or not at all, but this is how we wanted to present it to the owner). So, taking into account my in-laws' cut of $30,000 that leaves $95,000 and we were thinking we'd offer her $65,000 - so that in the end, they both take a "cut" from their share of the appraisal of $30,000. (It actually works out as a less pecentage cut for the owner, but we do want to make it worth her while to sell to us.)

$65,000 was our "magic" number tonight. We knew that by telling her that if she sold the house to anyone OTHER than us, my in-laws would expect their full $130,000 back - that then she'd realize, $65,000 is the most she would get from anyone.
(We were prepared to go up to $75,000 though as further incentive.)

Well, we didn't even get to give an offer, because she immediately said something about how "we have to just forget about the money we put into it, J (my FIL). I've lost everything but the shirt on my back on that house." And then she went on to say she wanted $195,000 for it, and would possibly take it down to $190,000... and that was to go ALL TO HER!

Needless to say, we didn't get further than that. There was a lot of awkward silence, because my FIL is a meek guy, not wanting to stir up any waves (typical Phlegmatic through and through), and once he said something about expecting to get SOME money back, she was pretty much like, "Well, if we sell for $195,000, I will just take $190,000."

Can you believe that??

So we left. Awkwardly. (Because this woman IS a friend of theirs, after all, so we left on "friendly" terms, while my in-laws were HIGHLY insulted.)

And now as it stands, my in-laws are going to put a lien on the house so that she cannot sell it. From there, if my MIL has anything to do with it, they will sue her for the full $130,000. My FIL won't do that on his own.

As suspected, not much really happened tonight, BUT at least we are making steps.

And as for the job situation, my Supervisor has not had the chance to speak to me since he spoke with the owner of the imaging center (over a game of golf Wednesday afternoon) because there were always other people in the room at the time. I will try to ask him what's what tomorrow. BUT, my NaPro Dr has told me that she can use me for first trimester viability scans (which she usually sends her patients out of office for), and I will get paid per case, which is great. So I at least have one (VERY) part-time job.

Sorry there's not more exciting news to share. We'll be lucky if there's a decision about this house before the end of the year. The thing is, we would never be able to afford any other place right now unless it was a piece of property that we could SLOWLY build on. So if it's not this house for us? We're not able to move out and get our own place.

Prayer Buddy, I need ya to step up those prayers in these final days, please!!


WheelbarrowRider said...

I am thinking you are going to have zero time in perguatory given that you have had to be so freaking patient here on earth! Geez! I hate that this won't be resolved for awhile, but I am still crazy excited about ALL of the good news you have going on the IF front. Lots of potential. And very happy that you have at least some work coming in. I am currently piecing together my own work too (I work on grants, my grant is ending in Dec) so I am trying hard to put odds and ends together so I make similar money next year....

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

WBR... you can add me back to your blogroll.

I'm psyched about the TEBB too, but wondering if one silly little oral pill can do so much when IVs, uterine washes, lots of other pills, and prostate injections didn't?? That would be one magic pill! But we'll see!

prayerfuljourney said...

Boy, that lady had a lot of nerve to say all of that knowing she owes your parents that money. A lien is needed right away. Geez! Some kind of friend...I hope your parents learned. Lord willing, that situation will work out in the best interests of your parents. Hopefullly, they have all the necessary documents and signatures.

That's a good start that you have a part time job of sorts. You never know...that dr may be calling you in more than you think..God has His ways. I'm working full time but not getting paid a dime and we paid double tuition! It's going to be weird not getting a paycheck. Lord willing, I too will find a job when I'm done student teaching. Around here, that may be very tough right now. God is good. I shouldn't worry. :)

[email protected] said...

What the heck is with that woman?? She should take the money and run! Some people just are not that bright. (I'm trying to be charitable.) Ugh!!!

Praying on the job, housing and IF front!!

Praying for Hope said...

I can't believe that woman would seriously think that anyone but a biliionaire would simply "forget" about the $130,000. That's a lot of money, and your ILs, I'm sure, were not expecting it to become a sunk cost. I'd lien the house, too.

I hope everything works out on the job front. Even the part time work with your doctor is a start.

mrsblondies said...

Clearly she hasn't thought this through very far and also doesn't realize how lucky she's been that your ILs haven't already put a lien on it and sued her for the money that she owes them. It sounds like she's trying to take an advantage of their friendship.

I hope the job front gets sorted out soon.

On the IF front, maybe the combination of having previously had the washes, getting those adhesions removed, and just need the extra little push of the Bi.axin.

Thankful said...

Ugh - she sounds a bit clueless. Praying that the job situation works itself out (God has a way of doing that...). :)

... said...

What an idiot this woman is. I hope she comes to her senses soon.

JellyBelly said...

What is wrong with this woman????? I don't know how you didn't throttle her!

I'm praying for you!! And you will get one heck of a hug on Saturday!!!

T said...

Wow, it's hard to hear that she was so unreasonable. I'm so sorry! I know it must be frustrating.

the misfit said...

Dude, file that lien IMMEDIATELY. And then sue the next day. NOT because you need to see her in court (tell your FIL - that's not the goal). In addition to the fact that there may be time limits for filing vendors' liens (not sure), your bargaining power is amazing if you can hand her something worth money and wave that around. "I'm holding a copy of a complaint for $130,000, backed up by papers with your signature. The judge is going to rule on this after a five-minute hearing - we won't even need a lawyer. And then we won't just have a lien on your house - it can be sold by a sheriff and put into foreclosure, or we could garnish your other assets and even execute judgment against your salary. And forget trying to realize an inheritance or accept any other funds, from any source. Any asset you ever receive will go first to satisfying what will very soon be an outstanding judgment. Oh, and it will start collecting interest immediately, so eventually, $130,000 will be peanuts. But we're willing to hand over this lawsuit, valued (today) at $130,000 plus a lot of headache for you, in exchange for a price reduction of the same value..."

See, a lawsuit is actually a commodity with money value. (In some jurisdictions, you can still even SELL someone else your right to sue a third party, even if they buyer doesn't know the prospective defendant from Adam - called a "chose in action.")


(Standard disclaimer: I don't know all the facts or the law in your jurisdiction to and am not in a position to offer legal advice...blah, blah.)

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

misfit, that is exactly what I'd love to do. Unfortunately, I'm not the one with the bargaining power right now, my in-laws are - and my FIL is way to wimpy to do it himself.
Not to mention, they are out of town (left early this morning) until Tuesday. Grrrr :( They are putting the lien on Tuesday.

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

UGH I just want to shake that woman! We need to start praying that the Lord will soften her heart!

Anonymous said...

FIL really should get a lawyer. He can explain to the lawyer that he doesn't want to threaten or insult this woman, but if he's too meek and unassertive to take care of this very important situation, and get this house fixed up before it's damaged beyond repair, then it's a favor to ALL involved to have a lawyer there to get things moving along, saying the things that need to be said but which he's too reluctant to say himself.
-big sis