Friday, July 2, 2010


You can release that breath you just sucked in when you read my title, because NO this is NOT going to be yet another controversial debating post!! NOT ON MY BLOG! (I'm fresh off vacation, can't handle the drama on my home turf ;) )

Rather, I got a call from Dr Check's office, since I have an appointment with him on Tuesday. They checked into my insurance benefits and were calling with the information they received.

I have an unlimited number of inseminations covered.

I have UP TO FOUR (4) IVFS covered.

Yes, in full.

I couldn't control myself from saying, "Are you kidding?!!" and then the sweet voice on the other side of the phone said, "No, it's great, isn't it?!" I felt so bad, she felt like she was delivering me the best news of my life.

But I've learned enough over the past four years that you can not take these "teachable moments" for granted. So I seized it. "Well, actually, for religious reasons my husband and I won't be doing either insemination or IVF. But it is interesting to know this information, anyway."

I think the owner of the voice on the other side of the phone fainted after that.
Imagine, telling someone they have up to $80,000+ worth of procedures covered in full, and them pretty much saying, "Thanks, but no thanks."


What I would really like to do is call my insurance and ask them if they will remove those four IVFs from my plan and just give me a check instead!! Or I would settle on them just covering the Dr Toth testing and treatment we paid thousands for out-of-pocket and were never reimbursed more than a couple. Or how about the HSGs??? It blows my mind that they will not cover the HSG at all, a DIAGNOSTIC TEST for fertility, but they will cover FOUR IVFs?? Madness.

In other news, I am SO PSYCHED about my Prayer Buddy assignment. I must say, I was a little hesitant to do it this summer, as I am due to start my renewal Consecration to Mary on July 13th and just have a ton on my plate... but I think the person chosen for me to pray for is just the perfect match-up.

Check you emails for your assignments!!


Little JoAnn said...

So indicative of the upside down world we live in. All insurance company's with contracts originating in NJ must cover IVF services. Can you believe it? No wonder the state has the highest property taxes in the nation. Same is true for IL. So, imagine how rare it is for these clinics in NJ to meet home grown witnesses...Yes, you will be a GREAT witness to Dr. Check's nurses. He himself is very interested in our approach. Can't wait to hear how the appt. goes! Enjoy WHOLE FOODS which is across the street. They have a huge buffet at this location, both hot and cold, and even serve breakfast there. Love in Christ, Little JoAnn

Maria said...

I know just how you feel. Hubby and I have been married for three years now and I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage four. We've been trying to conceive for three years now and not been able to get pregnant once.

A few days ago a relative of one of my dearest friends emailed me offering to be a surrogate mother for me. I had to tell her no. Yesterday at the doctors office the subject of
infertility/endometriosis came up. My doctor told me that conceiving with endometriosis is "tricky" and my "best bet was IVF. I shook my head at her and told her looking straight in her eyes "IVF is NOT a option for us due to religious reasons.

I want to be a Mother more than anything and the Devil knows it - he keeps sending me these temptations! It's so heartbreaking! I feel so sad and alone right now! I wish I had some infertility/endometriosis friends to talk to!!

Thinking of you and praying for you!

P.S. I signed up for the prayer buddy thing, but I did not recieve any email yet. I'm on the list, right???

Maria [email protected]

Sew said...

Did I tell you how I'm digging your new look.

I just think it's a nother plug for the bcp nation we live in. There is no hesitation needed if insurance covers it.

I agree with LJ, Huge witness to Dr. Check nurses! That's good stuff!

LJ is like you a undercover genius! ;)

Sew said...

I have so much hope for you and JB I can barely contain it! ;)

So you are just going to have to take it. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, that's crazy! good for you for speaking up. i just feel sorry for all those with improperly formed consciences that will be led even more astray.

Jenny said...

Way to be a witness! Crazy they cover that and not a HSG! Ugh!!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Wow-I wonder how many IVFs they've paid for that could have been completely avoided if the woman just had her dang tubes cleaned out??? Good for you for speaking up!

More Than Anything said...

Our insurance is the same way. IVF is covered 100%. It's crazy. I think you're right...they should trade it in and cover stuff that we actually want. :)

Gotta love insurance....GAG!!

Beth said...

That is crazy!

I did'nt get my assignment yet either!

C said...

It's true, it must all be a year in to TTC and we were told we wouldn't conceive on our own and that IVF/IUI was our only option. Um, not so Dr. Clueless...we've conceived twice on our own now thank you very much(well, once with clo.mid). It's so frustrating thinking my money can be going towards those procedures. Ugh! We all need to speak up like you did!

JellyBelly said...

Irony or ironies.


I'm lucky that all of the diagnostic business is covered by my provincial health care and my drugs are covered by my insurance. I don't know who makes the decision about what gets covered, but it's been very convenient for me.

I have no idea why insurance companies have such backward ways of thinking. It would make so much more sense to pay for a diagnosis rather than a procedure that doesn't have a very good success rate to begin with!

While at the movies tonight there was a huge add for all the different forms of birth control. I almost threw up my popcorn.

Props to you for telling the nurse about your beliefs! The Holy Spirit was totally working through you!!!

Simone said...

I am proud of you for not giving into temptation. I too was told that IVF was my only option and that I was going into POF. THe truth was I had endo on my ovaries choking them. IVF was not free for me and I still had a very hard time saying no.
Those Drs act like car salesmen. So I give you credit for turning it down when free. We need to get more media attention for NAPRO. We need to share our stories of being told we have unexplained IF when most of us ended up having endo, PCOS or some type of surgical need. Way to Go!!!!!!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

That is true, Little JoAnn, except that the mandate for NJ to cover IVF is only for companies with 10+ employees. Our plan is under my husband's and FIL's 2-person general contracting company, so by no means is it mandated. We even personally tweak our plan each year... but I guess this is one of those things that is "thrown in" that we never asked for!

JellyBelly said...

Btw, way back before I discovered Napro the mister and I went to a IF clinic. The doctor tried to shove IVF down my throat and he said that it was the only "sure" way to have a baby. This was without any sort of surgery or diagnostic tests. We lasted three months and every time I would say, "No we're Roman Catholic and we don't believe in IVF." They would look at us like we had four heads.


Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Insurance plans and what they don't cover and do cover baffles me. It is crazy that they cover IVF. Way to be a witness right there on the phone!

The prayer buddy assignments have all been sent out. Beth and Maria - you should have gotten yours this evening. (I did take a bit of a break to go out with Mr. B, but I just finished sending all of them out. If someone hasn't gotten their assignment - please let me know.) Happy Praying!

[email protected] said...

Wow, good for you!

The whole idea that IVF is covered by insurance, and diagnostic, healing procedures are not, is sickening. You all have really opened my eyes to understand that IVF (which I was already opposed to) does not *treat* anything. Isn't medicine supposed to be about healing??

Little JoAnn said...

You're right, TCIE. The mandate is for companies with 10+ employees (ah, unions). To think that your small business plan STILL covers IVF & unlimited IUS, that's UNBELIEVABLE. When universal health care "takes over" we'll see what happens. I probably sound crazy, but I think the reason why the govt WILL cover IVF is: they want innocent babies' stem cells. This, I believe, is the back story of IVF land. Scary!

Angela said...

Good for you speaking up to the lady on the phone about IVF...she probably did faint, but it probably gave her something to think about too.

mrsblondies said...

Good for you for being a witness against IVF. That's pretty crazy that your insurance covers that but not your HSG or other things that actually TREAT your issues.

the misfit said...

I wonder whether you actually could renegotiate that plan to cover (in the future) the things that you want (not covering the HSG is ridiculous) and offer to bargain with that super-expensive IVF coverage. Sheesh. Interestingly, our plans seem to cover EVERYTHING we're doing - even the S/A, which I thought was rare - and NOTHING we don't want. My insurance company told me in so many words that they will pay for every test in the world and every pill, but not IUI or IVF. Keep up the good work, guys!

Kathryn said...

Thanks so much for the work you've done on the prayer partners thing! I so appreciate it.

There is no logic in the ins situation. At least you got a chance to be a witness...I probably wouldn't have said anything..good for you.

Simone said...

Here is a link to what certain states have to include. THe rest is up to the policy created by the company you work for. It is interesting to see the difference between NJ and NY.

Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

Wow. Good for you for speaking up. I am shocked that insurance covers it at all- much less FOUR. That is amazing. That is stunning. That is frightening. Wow.

WheelbarrowRider said...

My jaw dropped at this news. How incredibly frustrating! And seriously, go figure, right?! Sigh. I am glad you were able to pull it together for the teachable moment, so important that you "set her straight." I have emailed you about my prayer buddy. Please get back to me asap if possible. Thansk :)