Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Must Be Feeling Better

To be posting 2 days in a row. One way to tell that TCIE is depressed? I never post. Notice how since January there have been very few...

But I seem to think my luck may be changing recently. I got pulled over on my way to work the other day, doing 82 in a 65. It was a State Trooper, and I was all set to tell him a sob story involving BFNs and the works (nope, I kid you not), but he immediately asked for my license and registration. He told me why he pulled me over then asked where I was going. I said to work, and then added, "I'm so sorry, my head is elsewhere..." and he cut me off to ask how my driving record was. "Very, very good," I replied. He said he would let me off with a warning this time, and went back to write up the official warning (and also probably to check and make sure I wasn't lying about my driving record).

I thought about it as I drove away, "Hm, I never get a warning, except the time I told them I just found out my grandmother had taken a turn for the worst... (which, by the way, wasn't a lie... I wouldn't go that far to get out of a ticket)" And it dawned on me that it was such a nice day out, I wasn't wearing my coat. What was I wearing? My scrubs. I'm thinking he let me off because I was (in his mind) a "nurse." Hey, if it gets me out of tickets, I'll wear my scrubs every day!

Then today I got a message from the local DY.FS branch (Division of Youth and Fam.ily Services) regarding Foster Care. They had "something" to discuss with us, and could I please call back.

Famous last words.

I nearly had a heart attack.

I called back, and it turned out that they had looked into some preliminary stuff from our application, and the "Thing" (with a Capital "T") from January was already showing up. I told her that I had been hoping to discuss this with them before they "discovered" it, and then I explained the whole "Thing." She was very sweet about it, but said she honestly didn't know if we'd be able to continue until she talked to her Supervisor.

Again, I almost had a heart attack.

She called back almost immediately - YES, we can continue!! Insert HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF here.

Honestly, I don't know what I would have done if they said no.

I also had a wonderful conversation with one of my High School BFFs (whom I haven't really spoken to in years, except for at our Reunion last June). She just happens to be a Licensed Social Worker in the Foster Care system in Baltimore. Yes, I know people in high places :) I spoke with her at length about some of my initial questions/concerns regarding Foster Care, we spoke about the kids she works with, religion in the foster home, the differences between Foster-to-Adopt and plain Fostering, etc. etc. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever known, and has overcome more than most people should ever have to at a young age. I think the work she is doing now is just PERFECT for her, and I'm also happy that I can now benefit from her expertise!

So, this week seems to be the beginning of a turning point for us. It seriously took me about 3 minutes to type that last sentence, I am SO AFRAID of jinxing it.
Next Tuesday is the meeting that will culminate the "Thing," so please pray once again!!

OH- gosh, I almost forgot!!! More good news!!! I decided to finally bite the bullet and call for an appointment with Dr S.tegman. He hasn't responded to my inquiries from December, and I figure there may be other things he may want to try, too, so may as well. Not to mention, everyone else has been having such great appointments lately.
I called on Monday, fully expecting to not get in until MAYBE late April if I was lucky.

My appointment is March 29th, due to some cancellations :)

DH will be 31 and 1 day old. It will be almost 2 years to the day of my BIG surgery with Dr S. Let's see what else NaPro has to offer me. Bring it!


[email protected] said...

Oh, this is all very good!!! I am so happy for you! And, March 29 is my birthday, so that must be a good sign. :-)

Thankful said...

Wow! This is awesome. I am so excited that the social worker called you and you can proceed. Also, how lucky to get an appt with Dr. S so quickly!

Second Chances said...

THANK GOODNESS TCIE! I'm so happy for these 2 very positive steps forward. You go girl! Praying for you :)

Chasing said...

Finally! So glad things are going well!

Praying for Hope said...

Good going with Dr. S. He can be hard to see sometimes. I was going to comment that I had an appointment on the 15th that we had scheduled ages ago but cancelled since yesterday's appointment was essentially the same thing. The 29th is probably better. It will give you time to prepare, get totether any questions you may have, and take any time off you may need from your studies.

mrsblondies said...

I'm glad that things are starting to look up especially with regard to proceeding with foster care. I'll be praying for you and your DH especially on Tuesday. How exciting that you are getting into see Dr. S soon. I'm glad you only got a warning not a ticket.

Anonymous said...

Yay! That is just fantastic news about the foster care! And congrats on getting in to see Dr. S. so quickly :).

E said...

God is showing you He still has a hand in all of this through your friend, good news, and a great appointment coming up. Prayers as always!!

... said...

Great news all the way around! Praying for you guys for Tuesday.

barbie said...

GO YOU! you sound so motivated, I'm thrilled. praying for your situation and that your appointment goes well!!

JellyBelly said...

I'm so glad that things are looking up for you!!!! Sending hugs and prayers!

Shannon said...

I was glad to read this post. I'm totally hopeful for you.
Prayers, prayers, prayers pretty lady.