Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy(?) Birthday, DH!!

The question mark is there for obvious reasons. So far, this has not been a good year for my poor DH. And to top the cake, his very best friend in the world died only 1 1/2 weeks ago :(

But regardless, he should be celebrated for the amazing person he is. And today, 3/28/2010, on his 31st birthday, I devote this post to him.
In the spirit of all the recent "Top Ten" lists, here is a list of facts about Mr. TCIE:

1) My DH is a "Helper." As we discovered at our Marriage Encounter Weekend, of the 4 main personality types, my husband is overwhelmingly a Helper by nature. (I am an Organizer. Big surprise there.) This really does go to the heart of who my DH is. His main purpose in life is to help others, especially me. Which is why our IF has been particularly difficult for him. He has no way to help my body cooperate, and he has no way to help me become a mother. It pains him every day. His giving, selfless nature is what attracted me to him, and he continues to humble me every day.

2) DH is absolutely hysterical. He is so quick-witted, it totally catches me off guard and I just crack up every day at least once with him. For example, we were leaving church one day after singing the closing hymn, I think it is called "Sing of the Lord's Goodness." I was poking fun of the song (have you ever heard it? It's like cheesy elevator jazzy! Sooo funny to sing in church!) when DH started singing his own lyrics (he does this a lot) on the fly: "Jesus was a cool cat, he was so darn groovy..." I lost it!
OK, and if you thought that was sacrilige, you may want to skip over this next one, which happened Friday after Stations...
Our parish does different "themes" of Stations of the Cross each Friday during Lent. Marian Stations, Living Stations (with actors and a script), and we had just left the Family Stations. DH said as we were driving home, "What's next week, the Elvis Stations? {Elvis impersonation}: I'm Pontious Pilate, and I wash my hands of this. Thank you... thank you very much." While I was scolding him for being sacriligeous, I was peeing my pants!!!

3) DH is an animal lover. He has taken it upon himself to help sterilize our entire county's stray cat population, as well as house and feed them. It is insane, but also heartwarming to see him with animals that way and know what a tremendous father he will be.

4) DH is a really savvy businessman. He is a people-person, and knows how to talk to people really, really well. He can get on ANYONE'S good side, and he makes friends easily. In his line of work, this has really served him well. He is trustworthy, and his clients know this about him. He's also personable and outgoing.

5) DH is forgiving. No matter how many times I've offended him, he never ceases to forgive me. And not just me. Everyone. This is a trait I wish I had more of, and my DH makes it look so easy.

6) DH is the best chef in the world. Well, best chef whose food I've eaten, anyway. And I've been to some really amazing restaurants. He is a Culinary Institute graduate, and used to be a demo chef for Electrolux kitchen equipment in Italy (which is when we met). He now cooks just for me :) He has been making some yummy gluten-free meals recently.

7) DH is not a quitter. He will stick with anything, and never admit or accept defeat. This has often served him well in being the "positive" energy I needed when I have often wanted to give up.

8) DH has a gorgeous head of hair that I am completely jealous of. It grows SO fast, is thick and slightly wavy, dirty blonde. Just so perfect. I hate him.

9) DH loves to sleep. LOVES. If he could sleep for 16 hours every day, he'd be a very happy man.

And 10) DH's two favorite tv channels are the Military Channel and the History Channel. He could watch a show about guns for 4 hours straight. It drives me nuts.

I wish you a happy 31st birthday, Mr. TCIE, and I pray that 31 is a much better year than 30. I am blessed to have you in my life.


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

#2 cracked me up! Not a sacrilege at all! If anything is sacrilegious, it's the fact that that song is still song at Mass! Awful!

Cathy said...

Agreed - #2 had me laughing out loud.
He sounds like a really fun guy!

Happy birthday to him, and may his year get brighter.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. TCIE!

barbie said...

he sounds like a wonderful guy, you need to post a pic of this perfect head of hair though, now I'm curious!

Second Chances said...

I'm all about making fun of cheesy church stuff. I was singing his lyrics to that tune and about died! He sounds like my kind of sarcastic guy!

Happy birthday!

Second Chances said...

And, I'm totally jealous of #6. What a blessing!!!

... said...

Happy Birthday Mr. TCIE! Great list and a great guy.

JellyBelly said...

Happy Birthday Mr. TCIE! I hope that 31 brings you much happiness!

alliemich said...

"Sing of the Lord's goodness in your life, (in your life). Chant forth his praise by your love despite all strife (despite all strife). Come what may, everyday, come what may. Is that the one? soooo cheesy elevator music, I LOVE IT! LOL :)
And Italy? how neat you two met there! Is there a post on that somewhere? would love to hear about it!

Shannon said...

your husband sounds wonderful!! yay for you!

mrsblondies said...

I hope Mr. TCIE had a great birthday and has a much better year.

Anonymous said...

Hoping for a much happier year for 31! Mr. TCIE sounds like a fantastic guy! (My "Helper" husband's birthday is today)

Jenny said...

Yep... #2 is LOL funny! We sing that song at our parish ALL.THE.TIME! Ha! I hope this year is a great year for Mr. TCIE and you too!

the misfit said...

I know this song of which you speak and it is inane. His lyrics are probably better than the originals. (Has your parish ever made you sing "Ride on, Jesus"? That's the worst one I've heard. In an affluent, white parish in Ann Arbor, MI, by the way.)

I really hope your next year turns out way better for your DH. He sounds like a wonderful guy. (I don't suppose he shares recipes? THERE SHOULD BE INFERTILE RECIPES.)

alliemich said...

TCIE - you seem to know so much about IF and RPL problems. DO you know anything at all about balanced chromosome translocation??!!!