Thursday, February 4, 2010


I feel like... wait, wait, wait... gotta find some wood and knock on it before I say this... ok...

I feel like I'm on the SLOW climb back up out of the muck-filled trenches. Or rather, I'm being carried (like that poem "Footsteps"). I only hope this continues, because if I slip back down, I'm just going to set up camp and get nice and cozy in my muck.

It began with a wonderful, albeit quick trip to visit FJIEJ, LH, and Sew, and most importantly (sorry girls) baby L and FJIEJ's unborn baby :) Holding that dear, sweet, precious baby (the former, not the latter) just filled my soul with joy. I am ever grateful to LH (who is a FANTASTIC new mommy, by the way) for letting me hoard her child for so long. It was just what the Dr ordered- some good ol' baby-lovin'!

The 4 of us also had some great conversation, which additionally lifted my spirits. And this weekend, DH and I are really excited to be receiving the Sacrament of the Sick for the 1st time, while at Marriage Encounter! What happened is, our parish does a "Healing Mass" every year, where those who would like to receive the Sacrament sit at the end of the pew and wear a pin, and the priest literally goes through the aisles, 1-by-1, giving the Sacrament. We saw this Mass together our first year of marriage, but didn't know about it in advance. Every single year after that, we had to miss the Mass for one reason or another! I was DETERMINED not to miss it this year!

And then we get last week's bulletin, announcing that THIS SUNDAY is the Healing Mass. UGGGHHH!! I called up the man who is organizing the ME, briefly explained the situation, and asked if he could ask the priest to please anoint us over the weekend. He called back to say Father said absolutely, and that he wanted to do it for the whole group, possibly even during Mass on Sunday! So finally we will be getting anointed.

DH and I have been reading the Bible, cover to cover, since before Thanksgiving. We've skipped a bunch of nights (too tired, etc), so we're still in Numbers right now, but I found it fitting to be reading about the ongoing Exodus of the Israelites to their "Promised Land" while we are going through all of our trials and tribulations. We are always chuckling to ourselves when we read about the Israelites groaning and complaining to Moses and to God, over and over again asking, "Why did you bring us out of Egypt if we are only to perish here?" etc etc, when God has continued to provide for them in their need, and perform miracle after miracle in their doubt. Whenever we get to another line beginning, "And the Israelites groaned..." we say, "Here we go again!!"

Yet, what is it we are doing? Are we not behaving just like the Israelites? Sure, we are struggling. Sure it is harder than we've ever imagined it could be right now. The Israelites were likewise struggling. There were times when they ran out of water. Encountered great armies in cities they had to pass through. Doesn't sound like a cakewalk to me.

But have we not both seen God's almighty power in our lives in the not-so-distant past? Have we not been convinced that He will get us through?

It's an eye-opener, that Old Testament.*

I feel that this weekend will be the fuel that gets us up and out of the pit once and for all. We could still use prayers, however, so please keep us in yours.

*(DH's favorite phrase thus far in the Old Testament is "sweet-smelling oblation to the Lord." In the interest of not being crude, but still allowing you a glimpse of his sense of humor, let's just say he uses the phrase whenever there's an emission of gaseous matter, whether it be himself or the dogs. No, I do not emit any gaseous matter.)


the misfit said...

You got it. A healing Mass sounds like a really good idea. I'm certainly a fair candidate for one - it's just hard to admit that to myself.

Second Chances said...

That's so funny that you mention reading about the Israelites. I was really struggling back in November and my spiritual director suggested reading Exodus. I found myself in those Israelites too! Amazing. Glad you received healing! Many many graces to come :)

Sissy said...

I'm glad that you feel like the cloud is lifting somewhat. Have a good time at the ME.

mrsblondies said...

I'm glad that the weight has lifting at least a little bit. That's awesome about the Healing Mass. I'd love to find one. I hope the ME goes well.

I really like the reflection on Exodus.

JellyBelly said...

I went to a healing mass when my ulcerative colitis was really bad. It was back when we were still engaged and I was the youngest person there by about forty years! I think that I'll have to ask my BIL for some anointing when we see him over Easter. There's gotta be some perks to having a priest as a brother, right???

You continue to be in my prayers! I hope that this weekend brings you some much needed reflection and healing!

JellyBelly said...

P.S. The word verification that I just typed in was "pubsore." What is up with that?????

WheelbarrowRider said...

I am so glad to hear this! And the healing mass will be awesome. I LOVED ours! I like your comparision and totally commend you on reading the Old Testament. I ended up doing the cliffnotes version by the book "A Father Who Keeps His Promises," which I recommended to you once.
I had to laugh about dh-sounds so familiar and I am totally outnumbered btw dh and the dog and their "gaseous matter." .

K and T said...

God is smiling down on you both right now.
Keep coming back to Him. :)
Reading the Bible cover to cover is a life changing experience for sure. I've only done it once, and need to again.
It's funny almost - we all think we have it so hard and then we read the Old Testament. And think.....
Ah hemmmm...
Don't mind us. :)

E said...

I SO enjoyed seeing you, too. :)

I will definately keep you and your DH in our prayers this weekend. I had the annointing on my Cursillo weekend and DH had it as a new Catholic during our mission during Lent last year. What a beautiful sacrament!

Praying for Hope said...

As I tell my husband, "Ladies" never emit gaseous matter. I'm not sure he believes me, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'm glad you're find your way back out of the pit. That's one thing about IF (and every other struggle): you learn to bounce back.

LifeHopes said...

Baby L really loved you, too!!!

It was such a great visit, only too short!!!