Monday, February 8, 2010

Lent Prayer Buddies

Please go to:

Sew Infertile's Blog

and sign up to become a Lenten Prayer Buddy! For 40 days, we will pray for another blogger- this has proven very successful in the past, and I hope all of you will participate! All you need to do is a) have a blog (we want to "know" who we are praying for), and b) leave a comment on Sew's blog by Saturday evening.

Lent begins next Wednesday, Feb 17th.


JellyBelly said...


Brenda said...

Hi there! I see on Sew's blog she doesn't have my address so I'm passing it on to you!

I'm Brenda from Life As We Know It ( and my addy is [email protected]

I emailed JBTC the same info! Thanks so much!