Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quick Update

So, I have been doing my Follistim injections over the past few days, and my package from Freedom Pharmacy was sitting in the fridge still, because I had a couple of boxes of 900 ius (won't say where I got it). Follistim, for those who don't know, come in 900, 600, and 300 iu cartridges. The RE prescribed me 300 iu cartridges, because since the meds are so expensive, he didn't want any leftover to go to waste.

Originally, I thought the nurse told me he called in 2 boxes of 300 ius, which would presumably last me 1 cycle.
When I spoke to Freedom Pharmacy, they told me that for the Ovidrel trigger shot (hCG) and the 2 boxes of Follistim, my co-pay was $105. I was thinking that each box of Follistim was my normal $35 co-pay for preferred brands, and the Ovidrel was another $35.

Today I finally opened the refridgerated package. Inside was the Ovidrel, and FOUR boxes of 900 iu Follistim!!!!! I'm not sure if the pharmacy was out of 300s and 600s(seems unlikely) or if they just made a mistake - - but I almost soiled myself when I saw that!! Then to top it off, the receipts said the Ovidrel was $70, while the Follistim (all FOUR boxes of 900 ius) were only $35!!!


It seems weird to say that God plays a role in our financial lives, but I have seen it over and over again in my life and in those around me - He really does provide for us, even financially, when we most need it! Unreal!

Final update: I am just about to start the 2nd week of my LEAP diet, and I am STARVIN' Marvin over here. Seriously. Feed me, Seymour. Green peppers, grapefruit, and sunflower seeds aren't cuttin' it anymore. What I wouldn't give for a gigantic ham and swiss hero... or a calzone... or a box of cookies... oh, mama misses her wheat! (And speaking of reactive foods that I can't eat, has anyone noticed how many foods have rice in its ingredients?? Brown rice, rice flour, rice syrup, etc. Even the Buckwheat and Kamut cereal I tried to buy had rice in it. Dammit!) Luckily, in Week 2, I can have cane sugar, carob, cocoa, coconut, some other bird-food-tasting grains like kamut, oats, apples and oranges and some other veggies, along with cow's milk, eggs, and turkey. Time to find out how awful homemade millet and buckwheat bread is.


barbie said...

oh poor you, that diet sounds really hard! you're just starvin over there! did you say week two? you started before Christmas? Tell me it isn't so!

Sew said...

I'm so excited for this cycle!!! I can't wait! Shoot it up Momma!

I'll be with you on that new diet soon enough....Until then I'm eating whatever I want and it's not good. ;)

the misfit said...

I just want to say how extremely impressed I am with your discipline. I haven't even gotten anywhere with my quiet reminders to self to stop snacking after a big dinner (I'm never going to get back into my suits at this rate), so your effort is olympian by comparison. Kudos.

LifeHopes said...

I cannot believe you are able to stick with that diet. I haven't stuck with the endo diet more than a few days before I break. I am completely addicted to gluten:)

Anyways ... WOO FREAKING HOO for cheap fertility meds.

Like I said before, I'm praying for multiples. So you might get 3 for the price of 1/2. ha ha .

Hope you don't mind:)

JellyBelly said...

Changing my diet has been the most difficult thing! I totally feel for you!

Before I went GF I accidentally bought gluten-free toaster waffles. I thought they tasted like a$$. Now that I'm GF I think they're the greatest thing! It's amazing how our body adjusts, eh?

That's so awesome that you got so lucky with the meds!

WheelbarrowRider said...

what a gift about the meds; and i have to agree with everyone, completely impressed with your discipline!

mrsblondies said...

That's awesome about the meds. Would you do additional cycles of injectables if this isn't successful (praying that it will be of course)?

Wow, that diet sounds rough. I too am impressed with your discipline.