Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Five :)

This week has been go-go-go!

Monday morning I got bloodwork and an ultrasound at the Reproductive Endocrinologist's office (I'm trying to spell things out more since I have many readers who are not well-versed in the infertile acronym lingo).

I had 3 follicles around 17/18mm on the left, and a couple of other small ones they didn't even bother to measure. The Dr told me to take 1 more night of Follistim (making it a total of 6 injections at 100 ius this cycle), and then to trigger Tuesday evening.

I am due to ovulate today or tomorrow.

Then Tuesday afternoon (had to leave work early) we drove into NYC for my first Intralipid Infusion. It was no biggie. I did slip from my diet because I was starving and sent DH to get me a chicken/mozzarella/pesto sandwich. Ah, well.

After the infusion I rushed back to NJ for my ultrasound lab class, where my friend D came in to be a pregnant guinea pig :) It was so exciting to get to see her baby before the rest of the world does! She is 11 weeks, and baby is going STRONG... and for the record, I already put my guess in for gender - girl. (It's ok, D wanted to know. I told her it's a 50/50 shot, lol!)

And this morning (if you can call it that) we left the house at 3:45am to drive to La Guardia airport so I could fly to Chicago, then get a taxi to Vernon Hills and come all the way back again, for my ultrasound appointment at Dr. Kwak-Kim's office. It went well, and blood flow is better. (Apparently, the actual # did increase - the resistance index- which really confused me. But they explained to me that last time I came was during the early secretory phase, and resistance should be LOW at that point. During the proliferative phase, resistance is naturally higher. The Dr. said my dose of Lovenox is adequate, so I guess that's all that matters to me!)

The best part of the ultrasound, though, was finding out that those other couple of follicles on the left TOOK OFF and had a major growth spurt! Now I have FIVE follicles between 18 and 24 mms! I think I felt a couple of them rupture on the plane. Wouldn't it be funny to say you conceived in a city midway across the country when your husband wasn't even there at the time??

And finally, I had her check up on that suspected endometrioma. She said it very well could be that, but it could also be a paraovarian cyst. I don't think so, because I'm pretty sure it was well-contained within the ovary (whereas a P.O.C. is outside of the ovary). But she did go back and compare it to my ultrasound on 8/25, and it was there then, too!! They had just assumed at that time that it was a corpus luteum since I was 4dpo... I've had this sucker a while now!

And Dr S.tegman still hasn't responded to my inquiries about it! :(

I know this is hardly exciting news in the wake of AYWH's adoption(!!!!)... but I do want to make sure I get all of this down or I'm liable to forget!

Oh, I slipped again today and had an Auntie Anne's pretzel at the airport. It was OH SO GOOD!!! This diet blows.


JellyBelly said...

Wow that is A LOT of follies A!!! You're such an over-achiever! ;)

I can't believe that you were awake enough to blog about your day! I'm tired just reading about it!

One of those pretzels sounds so yummy! I'm so glad that slipping from the GF diet isn't an option since I get so sick when I eat gluten!

E said...

Go follies, go!

I saw your chart in his magic bag. He must be looking at it...if I were you I would call the office tomorrow and ask to talk to his MA...

Hope this cycle is it!!!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Woah, this is great news! Prayers that this cycle follows the trend of so much other recent good news! 2010 is off to a GREAT start! God Bless! - Marie

Sew said...

Dang it! I told you that pretzel was not going to be worth it! ;) hehehehehe Soon that food starts to taste like crap and you can taste all the nasties. I should talk while I shove my face with M&M's at 7am in the morning!

Okay sextuplets! You will show up at BW with more kids then already planning to come! hahahahaha

Praying for Hope said...

I don't know how you managed to get this far in the diet. I'd starve, I tell you.

You have some nice follies. :)

... said...

Go follies! That is great news. I love follistem!

That diet would be so hard for me. You're doing great to have only had a couple of slip ups.

mrsblondies said...

That's a lot of follies! Injectables have definitely made a lot of targets. I hope you hear from Dr. S soon.

Your diet sounds rough to deal with when you are eat out of your house.

Danielle said...

I was so happy the rest of the week after the awesome ultrasound experience!!!THANK YOU so much.
I can't believe you had 5 mature follies. You guys could have a FULL house!!! I'm praying this is it, I really have a good feeling about the intralipids.

Life In Mazes said...

Dearest Abba,
My friend here has gone above and beyond to do her part in preparing her body for a miracle! Lord, we beg you to bring new life to her womb! In your mercy, give her the desires of her heart! Amen

the misfit said...

So, quintuplets? You'll share the ultrasound photos, I hope.

So delighted to hear this cycle is going so well.

Elisabeth said...


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Jacob said...

hello. I stumbled across your blog after you commented on a friend's blog, and was extremely moved by your story.

I have recently begun a year of prayer, praying the Holy Rosary every day in 2010, and lifting prayers on the behalf of others through the intercessions of Our Blessed Mother to the Lord. I would be privileged to pray for your situation tomorrow, January 10, on the feast day of the Baptism of our Lord.

If you would like to check out my blog, it's at:

God Bless you. Keep the faith!

K and T said...

Hey Jacob!!! (That's my friend by the way!!!)
Thanks for stopping in on my blog (not sure if it shows up as joyofconception or as two to five overnight).... I did a quick read of late June and also in November, as you recommended. I need to get caught up on the method you're using currently.
It is a journey - all of it - and from my quick read - even if you are having moments in the valley, you are still climbing the mountain with our Lord at your side.