Saturday, December 5, 2009

Until Then, We'll Have to Muddle Through Somehow

The title of this post is a line from one of my favorite Christmas songs, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," but it is only in the Judy Garland version (from Meet Me In St. Louis). Other renditions replace the line with "Hang a shining star upon the highest bough." However, the Judy Garland version is the one that moves me, and it is primarily because of this one line. Every time I hear it sung in her rich, melancholy voice, I absolutely lose it!

The entire phrase goes:

"Through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow.
Until then we'll have to muddle through somehow.
So have yourself a Merry little Christmas now."

Lately, many of us (blog buddies) have been posting about the wait. And how apropos since we are in the season of waiting in the Church. As many have pointed out, there is a great dichotomy in this wait, no matter what it is we are waiting for, because while we know we need to have trust in the Lord, we also feel as if our lives are on hold in the meantime. Our vocations are not being fulfilled. What do we do with that?

As I spoke on the phone with Sew the other day, we talked about how, as much as we desire children right now, we also wonder from time to time if this childless living is a blessing. A time in our lives that we will NEVER be able to get back once we do have children. In our hearts, we know that someday, somehow, we will be parents... even if it takes 10 years. So what's the rush?

On the other hand, perseverance is a grace, I believe. As long as what we desire is good and holy, I feel strongly that God wants us to "fight" for it. Never going against His almighty will, of course, but also never giving up. To truly embrace our cross, no matter what it is, we must keep our focus on the Resurrection. When Jesus carried His cross, He didn't just resign to the fact that He was being put to death, throw up His hands and say, "OK, I give up." Rather, He struggled the entire way through His passion, getting up repeatedly throughout the flagellation, persevering every time he fell down with His cross.

I also think about St. Therese. When she knew she wanted to become a nun, she was devastated when she was told she was too young. All she had to do was wait a few years, but instead, she went as far as she could go (to the Holy Father himself) and pleaded her case. Was she going against God's will? I believe just the opposite. I think her perseverance made God happy. And as it turned out, she died at such a young age, that her extra few years in the convent really did make a difference in her life and in the lives of all she touched (and continues to touch as a Saint).

So where does that leave us? I think as Percolating Petals so eloquently put it, we need to recognize that we are walking a line in our present state of "Advent." But I think that line is shades of gray rather than the black and white of acceptance of our cross vs. denial of our cross. Many people may feel that in "fighting" for the end result, they are denying their cross, or just plain not being realistic. I like to see it more as perseverance- a perseverance that makes God happy.

I do believe we will all find our happy ending, even if it comes to us in ways we never would have imagined or planned for ourselves. It may be soon. It may be years from now. But it will come.

Until then, we'll have to muddle through somehow.

So, my dear blog friends... have yourselves a Merry little Christmas now.


JellyBelly said...

What a great post!

You're right, Jesus didn't give up even though he knew that once he got to the top of the hill that He would lose his life.

I do believe that IF will make all of us better mothers, and also better wives.

I just wish I could see the blessing in IF everyday, not just when one of my bloggy friends points it out to me! ;)

Shannon said...

Thank you SO much for your comment and for your example!
It would be a true blessing to meet a man who has yet to discover the faith. We'll see! I may end up looking to you for pointers!

I hope you're well. I pray for you.

Sew said...

Great post! I love how we are all on the same level.

Though I have one rebuttle I thought in Mass today as the Priest told us to find our desert and that is where we will find God speaking to us.

I thought God you were in the desert 40 days, not 4 years! ;)


WheelbarrowRider said...

Just had to say I love it!

... said...

Beautiful and I love that song, too. One of my favorites.

Percolating Petals said...

Great words, TCIE. :) The blogging juices are flowing to all the IF bloggers this week!! Glad you liked my post too. I think you are right about perseverence; we need to keep going despite falling multiple times.

Praying for Hope said...

Always waiting for the happy ending. It's amazing how many people don't simply give up, because this muddling through is hard. But the happy ending is worth the effort.

mrsblondies said...

Another great post. I definitely feeling like I'm muddling through. You are so right about perseverance being a grace, even when we don't do it as perfectly as Jesus (he does have the advantage of being God though).

Jeremiah 29:11 said...

Thank you for this sweet post.

I love "Meet Me in St. Louis." I was in this show in high school and it was so much fun!

the misfit said...

I mean, Advent is a season of waiting for the celebration of Christ's birth, which we know is coming. Of course, the Church also teaches that it's spiritual preparation for the Second Coming...I get it. If I have a child in this life, it will immediately bring on the Apocalypse!

Great post.

Thankful said...

Top three favorite Christmas song. And remember, at the end of the movie they get to stop muddling - 'tis the season of HOPE!

... said...

I still remember this post a year later. I just heard the song and had to come read it again.

Have a Merry Christmas.