Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have never been so busy in my life, and I haven't even gone back to full-time work yet!! (Last week I took off from clinicals, and this week the Dr's office is closed.)

I start my injectables tomorrow- apparently the RE's office ran "follistim" through the system under my insurance and it was accepted (I don't think this means it's covered in full, but it means they're covering at least part of it???) - anyway, Freedom Pharmacy is the pharmacy they called the script in to, and now I'm waiting to see exactly how much it costs. If by some act of God it is actually covered in full, I'll be getting it for sure (even though I have 2 boxes of 900 ius in my fridge right now)!

Even better news is that the Intralipids are cheaper at Freedom Pharmacy, too!! They don't have any 100mLs in stock, but they will be shipping 250mLs to the Dr's office in NY where I'll be getting the first infusion (of 100 from the bag of 250)TUESDAY, JAN 5th!! And I am paying a whopping $34 for the meds, and a $30 co-pay for the infusion!!

Seriously, can this get any easier??

I went to the Drs today and had the injectables class. Those dang pens are so darn easy! I wish the Lovenox was that simple. When I told the nurse I was on CD 2, she said, "We assumed from your blood work that you were close, so you can actually get your baseline ultrasound done now." It was, I shit you not, the QUICKEST ultrasound I have ever had. He just basically looked for any large fluid-filled cysts on either side, and that was it! So much for asking to see if that endometrioma/hemorrhagic cyst was still on the right... I guess I can ask my colleague at work to check for it on Thursday.

So, here is my protocol for Follistim (starting out):

100 units Follistim CD 3 - CD 7
Transvaginal U/S and Estradiol check CD 8 (due to New Year's, this is just 1 day later than he would normally do it, but he thinks it will be ok)
Continue Follistim, possibly at an adjusted dose, until follicles are mature
Administer hCG trigger shot
BD like bunnies

(I asked the nurse if we could put some days leading up to the trigger to use, particularly in the presence of good cervical mucus... she said this would be ok, but they prefer that you don't use any days too close to the trigger day, because you want to "save up" all the good sperm to meet the egg. I'm thinking this is why a lot of IUIs fail, actually. Knowing what I know about the cm, and my DH's sperm (astronomical count, but poor morphology), it's better to have some of the good ones up there and waiting for O day. I may take the day before trigger off, though.)

Protocol for Intralipids:
Intralipids 100mL on CD 9, and upon 2nd beta hCG (to continue about once per month through pregnancy)

Protocol for Lovenox:
Lovenox 60 mgs 2 x day starting CD 6

I am putting so much faith into this cycle... but I'm still guarded. I'm worried about my ovaries (possible endometrioma) and fimbriatic cyst interfering with conception/ovulation.

I really have to work on that trust in God. He has brought me this far, and I can honestly see His hand in all of this (I seriously cannot describe how insanely easy and inexpensive this has all been, and that is NOT normal for me!!!) I guess since Archangel Raphael is my patron Saint for 2010, this is a perfect time to start praying again for his healing power and his intercession.


prayerfuljourney said...

You are on a roll! Good for you. That is such good news when one finds out that ins. is going to help pay with some of the expenses and those folli.tism meds are high priced! I surely hope that the good Lord sees how much effort you are putting into getting pregnant! Praying for you!!!

LifeHopes said...


I am praying for multiples over here! haha!!!

WheelbarrowRider said...

It all sounds so promising! Are you starting the novena today? I will pray with you!

E said...

Praying for you! Sounds like you are finally getting a break. The Lord is really working with you!

If you want to have your DH checked out, our urologist said that morphology can be helped by surgery for variococeles. I think that was one of the things that helped us the most. :)

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

FJIEJ, I'm not so sure morph. is a problem anymore. The first 2 (or 3, now I can't remember) SAs showed low morphology, like 88& amorphous, in that ballpark.

Then DT's SA revealed 89% "ovals" which he said were the normal forms. This was before treatment!

He had been on a bunch of vitamins... but I think we are due for another SA just to check it out. Dr Watson (the NaPro Dr's husband, the urologist) checked him out in 2007 and said there were no varicoceles, but ya never know...

Eileen said...

I'm doing Lovenox and Intralipids with this cycle too. I hope it will be the answer for both of us and bring us our sticky babies in 2010! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Some of the med stuff is a little over my head, but it's good to see you so up. got everything crossed and just said a little prayer, hedwig

Sew said...

You are rolling'! Your prayer buddy was a busy lady! :)

Praying for Hope said...

You are going to be very busy, but I doubt you'l mind it a bit. You know, there are some studies that show "saving up" might not be any more beneficial than "BDing like bunnies". Yes, you have a higher sperm count, but some of the sperm you've saved up are older and possibly less able to fertilize an egg. Fresher but fewer sperm might be the way to go, expecially if count isn't an issue.

mrsblondies said...

I'm so excited for you. Everything fell into place for this injectables cycle so quickly. You are so lucky that you are able to get the follistim covered under your insurance.

tge said...

Your posts are a lot easier to read than some others I've seen. I'm still learning, so thanks for making it easier :)

Teresa & Connie said...

I'm so lost just like on Sew's blog. Gots me some reading to do! But I am happy to read that your spirits sound alot higer. Crossing my fingers that you'll join the twins club hehe :)

the misfit said...

I'm so glad to hear you have a treatment protocol to address all the problems you've been so diligent about investigating. All your hard work is bearing fruit! Prayers for really fruitful cycle (but give it a cycle or two, OK? You know, even the normally fertile don't necessarily get pregnant the FIRST month they're trying!).