Monday, December 28, 2009

Moving Right Along... (UPDATE)

UPDATE: AF (or withdrawal bleed, whichever) just showed! Whoopee, so that means no cyst (I hope), and I can get started on this cycle as early as Wednesday (CD 3 baseline)!!

Ack! So much has transpired today I don't even know where to start!

OK, let me back up and say, AF who was due to appear either under the Christmas tree or the next day decided... not to show at all. Because, well, I haven't had an ANOVULATORY cycle in a while, so my body decided that might be fun. WTH????

My first clue that I may not have ovulated was my P+7 b/w results. The progesterone was 18.8 (estradiol also rather low, 100-something or less). I was on 300 mgs of progesterone at the time!! My NaPro Dr said that # would be considered "good" on its own, but on 300 mgs of progesterone (prometrium and endometrin), I was most likely looking at an anovulatory cycle.

Now, what I don't understand is, where did my lining go, then? I had an ultrasound done right before what I *thought* would be ovulation day, and that showed a 1 cm endometrium, and 3 large follicles on the left (with the possible endometrioma on the right). I did stop taking my progesterone on P+10 when a blood test revealed I was NOT pg, and I did that because I wanted to take a 2-wk course of Diflucan for my post-Peak pasty discharge. (Following? Yeah, neither am I.) So, I took the progesterone from P+3 thru P+10 instead of P+12... but still, I should have had a withdrawal bleed by now! What is going on?? I hope it's not a cyst. Dang nab it, I will shoot someone if I have a cyst now. Honest to Pete, what else can be thrown at me! (Thanks for that phrase, Jelly Belly.)

Yesterday I had some dark brown flow - a VL I'd call it - but then today nothing.

So, with all this going on, here I'm thinking, "Ya know, just when I want a cycle to start and finish asap so I can get going on my injectable cycle, something has to hold it up..." when it dawned on me. I may be able to do injectables NOW!!

I called the office (SIRM), explained the situation, and asked when the next available time would be for the inectables class - TOMORROW! And the nurse called me back to say if I got a blood draw today, I could start an injectables cycle NOW!! (Granted the b/w comes back as not pg. I think that's a bet I'm willing to take.) I can then begin this week with the blood work and baseline ultrasound!!

In the meantime, since I will also need Intralipids sooner than expected, I did some research and found C.olumbia Pha.rmacy sells it cheapest. (My insurance doesn't cover the meds at all, but it will cover the infusion at only my co-pay cost of $30 if performed at a Dr's office!!!) So, I got a quote for the Intralipids from Ed at Col.umbia, and everything included it will only be a little over $100!!! Sweet!!

Then I called a SIRM in NYC that administers Intralipids to their patients, and told them I was a NJ SIRM patient interested in doing the Intralipids at their office, since it would be much more cost-efficient than a home health agency (since I'll have to meet my deductible before my insurance covers any of that). They got all my files from the NJ SIRM, and said, "No problem!" Now I just need to call them for the appt when I know what day I'll need the first infusion.

So many phone calls, and every single one of them was easy-peasy! Hafsa, I don't know what kind of rosary you were praying, but wow is it ever working!!

After I went to get my blood work (where everyone but my uncle was ALSO getting their blood drawn today), I did some grocery shopping, because today begins my LEAP diet.
Here's what my "menu" will consist of for the following week:

Green Peppers
Cayenne Pepper

I can add salt to things, but really I'm not supposed to add anything else that isn't on the list for that specific Week. They start out introducing the things I was the LEAST reactive to, and then they build from there.
So much happening, it's insane!!

I'll let you know how the injectables class goes tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some pointers on how to get less bruising with the Lovenox, too! (I already ice before and after, but still get ugly bruises.)


E said...

Whoa, girl! You go!! I love your dedication, you are an inspiration! Praying for success this time!

Fertile Thoughts said...

It sounds like you have a heck of a lot going on!!! Where is AF? I don't get it! That is just so bizarre to me that you would have an anovulatory cycle since you seem to be taking so many things. Did the Dr. give you any reasons why? Good luck on the diet!!! It sounds really intense, you're such an inspriation.

barbie said...

whoop! whoop! you go girl!

JellyBelly said...

You are very welcome TCIE! That silly Pete gets mentioned A LOT around our house! ;)

I'm so glad that the phone calls were painless. Let's get these intralipids started!!!

I'm going to google your diet. I'm curious!

... said...

Very exciting! (the new cycle, not the new diet) I can't wait to see how the injectables go.

mrsblondies said...

I'm glad that your bleeding showed so you can get the move on with the injectables. I'm so excited for you. I'm curious to know how the new diet goes.

Sew said...

Don't eat too many soybeans.....They aren't good for you! :) Estrogenic. I avoid it like the plague even though I love tofu chocolate cake and soymilk. ;) I have enough hormone issues. :)

Go period! I'm glad that everything worked out so perfectly!

Sorry I wasn't talkative yesterday on text. I was cleaning my A$$ off. :)

Praying for Hope said...

I can't keep up with everything you're doing. You must be an incredibly organized person.

the misfit said...

Wow! That's a whirlwind! Best of luck with all of it!