Thursday, December 3, 2009

LEAP food sensitivity test- RESULTS (*UPDATE)

Well, I did get my results from the food sensitivity testing (LEAP) back on Monday, but my case of the bubonic plague, er, shingles, kind of preoccupied me.

But now that my shingles are getting better (no more constant pain, hooray!), here are my results:

Foods that are MODERATELY reactive:

FD&C Yellow #6
Salicylic Acid (at first when I read that I was like, wait, isn't that the stuff in OTC acne wash? Who eats that? Lol!)
American Cheese
(big joke on me for those last 2- I'm Italian, for crying out loud! At least garlic's still ok!)
Cranberry (keep in mind I read this the Monday after Thanksgiving, when I single-handedly wolfed down an entire bowl of cran-orange relish!)
Honeydew Melon
(I usually eat a ton of baby carrots pre-Peak, since I had heard they help with cm!)
Yellow Squash
WHEAT (!!!)
Lima Bean

And here are the foods that are STRONGLY reactive:

(again, I had just eaten about a dozen of my mom's famous stuffed mushrooms at Thanksgiving!!)
RICE (Rice??? Really??!!! Who else but ME would be reactive to freaking RICE???!!! So, now I can't even subsitute gluten with rice, lol! DH is afraid I'm going to waste away to nothing, hahahaha!)

There you have it. Interesting, isn't it? The rice thing just blew me away! And here I was worried I wouldn't be able to do sushi anymore because I thought fish may be on the list... but no, it's the damn RICE I can't have! I love me some fish, though, so I'm happy they were all ok (tilapia is not a big loss, I prefer swordfish or tuna steak if I'm making a large fish for dinner. King Crab is my ultimate favorite.)

I have an appointment to go over these results and to develop a diet plan with the dietician next Friday. She had forwarned me that the first couple weeks on the diet are very strict, so I have a feeling I will need to cut out ALL of those foods for 2 weeks, and then maybe slowly reintroduce the moderately reactive ones but only in moderation.

So, as it turns out, Mallomars ARE off limits (due to the cookie center, the cookie made with wheat).

And then my Mom, being oh-so- my Mom, immediately tells me: "Oh, I guess you can't have ANY of my Christmas cookies, then." AHHHHH!!!! No babies AND no cookies for Christmas??! I think I'm gonna cry.

Aww, you guys are so sweet to post recipes and substitution ideas :) To answer the quetsions about why I did the testing, it was something that Dr Boyle was talking about in depth at this year's AAFCP Annual Meeting. He presented his research to the other NaPro Medical Consultants, and was advocating for the "Food Print" test (which is identical to the LEAP test, but it is out of the UK) for all NaPro Infertility and M/C patients. He's a big believer that diet influences fertility, since fertility is a part of the overall health.

So, my NaPro Dr had told me all about it, and really wanted me to do it since July. I put it on the backburner. Until now, when I realized I could do it locally.

I do have some digestion issues, but as I've described to my Dr, it's not what I would describe as constipation. MY "normal" just happens to be going once every 2-3 days. It is not difficult to go, or anything like that, though. However, I do look forward to being more regular with this diet. I don't tend to have many outward symptoms from the foods I eat, BUT, I'm sure it is effecting my hormones, etc. and hence my fertility. I do think that this will improve my fertility.

Finally, YES, my insurance is covering it at my out-of-network rate. Since my deductible was met for this year, they are covering 60%, woo hoo! The total cost was $595. I did the complete testing, but you can also opt for other tests that cost less.


Thankful said...

Wow! This is amazing. I tried googling a cookie recipe or two and found this link (of course, you don't need to go sugar-free)

All hope is not lost!

Karey said...

Wow.. that's amazing! Is this all determined from blood draws?

So did you get tested because you were having digestive issues, or do the reactive foods do something else to you? Do you think it could be affecting your fertility, or are you just hoping to feel better? Sorry for all the questions!!

mrsblondies said...

Wow...some of those sensitivities make me sad for you. I'm surprised at the vegetable sensitivities. How much did it cost to do the testing? I'm very interested in hearing about your nutrition plan.

... said...

No Christmas cookies ?!!! I'm crying for you, too!

I 2nd AYWH's question. Digestive issues? And, did you notice anything when you ate those foods (thinking of Sew on this one). I have digestive issues so I am curious.

E said...

Sounds like you might be reactive to things that contain mold. Interesting. Can't wait to hear what the dietician recommends. Could you wait and start in jan?

Nicole said...

A great substitute for rice is quinoa. You can also use it in homemade sushi...just overcook it so its sticky :-)

JellyBelly said...

I honestly thought that I would starve to death when I eliminated wheat from my diet. Being allergic to fish, eggs, walnuts and not being about to eat dairy my diet was pretty sparse.

Don't despair, you're going to find stuff to eat!

p.s. Quinoa is REALLY yummy!

prayerfuljourney said...

Quinoa? I've never heard of it...I guess it's over to I go.

I second you on the oregano thing...I put it in a lot of things I make. My Italian foods wouldn't be the same without it.

Good luck on the new diet. I just met an autist.ic child and his mother in class tonight...she brought up the fact that when his diet did a lot of his symptoms. It's really interesting to know how the foods we eat can effect everything...including hormones.

Sew said...

The bowel is the core of our health. If that is not working properly nothing does.

It will be really interesting to see what happens with you. I really believe this is where you fatigue is coming from.

I'm counting down the days til I get it done in January. I called my dr. yesterday to make the appointment for Jan. 2nd!!!

I sent you some great websites. Going gluten free is high in sugar. But that elanas pantry and healthy indulgence blog do low carb stuff. White sugar is totally bad for you! :)

Bob's red mill has great warm GF cereal, add raisins and honey to sweeten. I eat it every morning. :) Right now I'm eating oatmeal, but BRM does have GF oats....

Praying for Hope said...

What's left to eat? Actually, quinoa is a good idea. It's good, and I believe it's a complete protein. I like the red quinoa myself if only for the color. I've had the Bob's Red Mill cereal, too. Like Sew said, it's not bad. I like it with brown sugar or peanut butter (then again, everything is good with peanut butter when you're on a multi-month peanut butter kick).

Sissy said...

I have interstitial cystitis, which is an inflammation of the bladder lining, and I have this huge list of foods that are off limits, including all fruits but blueberries and pears, chocolate and any kind of processed meat. I'm not supposed to have any soy sauce, mexican spices, chinese food spices, mayo, salad dressing, carbonation, alcohol, sour cream, aged cheeses, onions, tomatoes or hot sauce. I can totally relate to your pain here. I am allowed wheat, potatoes, rice...basically anything bland. Talk about sad. Of course, I can't keep to this all the time, cause I love to cook and it would drive me crazy! Sometimes I just eat the stuff knowing that I will pay for it later, when I have to pee eight times in an hour.

Thankful said...

Thanks for the update! I called about being tested and, when she said it would be $595, I just about dropped the phone. Glad to know that it is a standard price. I will be interested in seeing how you use the information.

the misfit said...

I thought nobody on the planet was allergic to rice. Also, assuming that your body was designed by a rational entity, how are you supposed to ingest carbohydrates with no wheat, rice, or saccharine? Um...potato flour?

I gotta tell you, while I find your tenacity in finding answers inspiring, this confirms me in my conviction that I should NEVER do a food sensitivity test. If I had a basis to feel guilty for eating Christmas cookies (as opposed to TOO MANY Christmas cookies, which is a different thing), I don't know how I would react. Are you not a sweets person? How are you coping???

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

OMG, misfit you have no idea!! I am THE sweets person (cookies, candies... I hate cake, but love pie). I am pretty much banking on the fact that the moderate sensitivity stuff I WILL be able to eat still, in moderation. They were not in the red zone, so I'm thinking that's how it will work.

And if not, then that's just too bad. I will need to have Christmas cookies. Especially the little chocolate nut balls, omg I love those. And the coconut/chocolate ones... and the swedish cookies... thank god wheat wasn't in the red zone.

Grace in my Heart said...

That is so funny! I read this post, so maybe it seeped into my subconscious, haha! Anyway, a good thought to remember! :)