Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some Scary Stuff and More Info on Food Testing

OK, I just got back from my sonography lab, and I'm freaking out.

While scanning transabdominal uterus and ovaries (with full bladders), 1 of the professors walked by as I was laying on the table (being a test patient) and says, "Is there something in her bladder?" Sure enough, it wasn't artifact, it was some kind of echogenic (giving off echoes) mass. All I kept thinking about was how my mentor recently told me he was scanning a woman's uterus and found bladder cancer purely by accident.

Luckily, it did not have the shape of a mass, so I wasn't really thinking "tumor." But I WAS thinking, "WTH?!?!?!" The sludge (as we'll call it) was gravity-dependent, so it moved when I switched positions, again confirming it was not a mass, lesion, tumor, etc. My professors were guessing it was blood, and asked if I had seen any blood in my urine. No. None.

I told them about my blood thinners (Lovenox). They're thinking maybe that is the cause. I already called and left a message with Dr Kwak to see what she thinks, and if this is a common side effect (or maybe means I need a lower dose?) I had to fess up on the message and tell her my hematologist refused to write the script for 40 mgs 2 x day, so I was taking 60 mgs 2 x day.

I am just SO FRUSTRATED right now. If it's not 1 thing, I swear, it's always always ALWAYS another with my body!! Every time I think I'm fixing something, another problem pops up. WTH???

St. Raphael, pray for me!

OK, and by popular demand, here is more info on the food sensitivity testing that I will be doing:

It's called the LEAP test: Lifestyle Eating and Performance. You can get more info by calling the main hotline at 1 888 NOW LEAP.

Now I'm worried that Dr Kwak's nurse will call me tomorrow and tell me to decrease my Lovenox to 40 mgs 2 x day. I know it sounds crazy, but I'd rather NOT risk a failed implantation over getting rid of some assymptomatic sludge in my bladder... kwim? Like, as long as it's not malignant or anything... I just don't want to mess with my dose RIGHT at the time I would be implanting (I'm 5dpo today). Of course, I won't put up a fight if they tell me that this is not a problem NOW but that it COULD become worse. Then I'll do whatever they want. I'm so torn!!


Sew said...

Step away from the vag wand. You must surrender and put it down. Step back slowly! hahahaha

CRAZY LADY! WTF IS GOING ON! You totally need a good night out on the town! ;)

I agree with you, if it isn't one thing its another. I throw my hands up with you. Crazy!

Keep us updated. Your apron went out today in express mail. I hope you get it because I know your mail runs so slowly. Hopefully two day mail will get it there in time.

Praying for Hope said...

Wait and see. They haven't called you yet to let you know what you should do, so it doesn't bear obsessing about it now (yeah, easier said than done). They could tell you it's a common side effect and not to worry. That's what I'm crossing fingers for.

LifeHopes said...

Well I'm stumped. I don't know why it would cause any sludge thing in your bladder! That honestly doesn't sound too good!

It seems, the more we know about our bodies, the more we know how much is wrong inside!!!

I bet if all the fertile ladies had all the testing, blood draws, ultrasounds and laps that we did, they'd realize their bodies are far from perfect! (or at least thats what I tell myself)

WheelbarrowRider said...

Yes, yes! If others did all the testing, we'd have to redefine normal. You just know too much :) Keep us posted. At least you caught it way early if it is cause for concern. Thanks again for turning me on to all these blogs, I am in blog heaven!

mrsblondies said...

I hope that the bladder sludge is nothing serious, and if it is something you have to be concerned about at least they found it early.

Let us know as soon as you hear something.

JellyBelly said...

I hope that it isn't anything serious. I agree with Sew, step away from the vag wand!

I'll say an extra prayer for you tonight!