Friday, November 13, 2009


So, after last cycle failed, I was on a mission to see what else I could do to up my chances. Here are the changes that were implemented:

Last cycle- 40 mgs of Lovenox 2 x day pre-Peak; 60 mgs of Lovenox 2 x day post-Peak
This cycle- 60 mgs of Lovenox 2 x day pre- and post-Peak

Last cycle- Vitamins/Supplements: Vit E, Vit D3, Vit B6, Neevo prenatal, Calcium Citrate, Cod Liver Oil, Omega 3s
This cycle- all same Vitamins, and add DHEA 5 mgs

Last cycle- Femara 25 mgs
This cycle- Femara 32.5 mgs (supposed to be 30, but the pharmacy gave me 13 pills instead of 12... sweet!)

So, I also wanted to see if Dr Kwak-Kim recommended prednisone. It seemed to me that the majority of her patients (whom I speak with on various message boards and online forums) are on prednisone and/or IVIg. At my first appt, she said I didn't need either at that time, but that she'd re-test and re-evaluate.
I had another NK cell and TH1:TH2 ratio test, along with a re-check of my PAI-1 levels drawn and sent to her lab on Monday. If prednisone was warranted, I would need to start taking it right after ovulation - which is NOW.

Well, the nurses called and left me a message this late afternoon, that Dr Kwak DOES want me to start prednisone 10 mgs 1 x day. They said, "Give us your pharmacy # so we can call it in." Only problem? They were closed when I called them back! And, of course, it's Friday evening- worst timing to need a new script!!!

So, in an act of desperation, I emailed my Dr. (I hate to do that on weekends, and take advantage of the relationship we have as Dr/patient, but also as employer/employee and friends.) Not 5 minutes later, she wrote back, "I'll call it in for you right now." Prednisone isn't even part of her NaPro protocol! This is not a med she normally prescribes at all!! She is so awesome!

So, DH is out now picking up my prednisone so I can start it tonight. The other great news is that I called the pharmacy to see if it would be ready, they said Yes, AND they already ran it through my insurance and it's covered... I only have to pay a few bucks (not the normal $10 or $35 co-pay). Ugh, thank goodness! I couldn't afford 1 more $35 per cycle med.

Now all weekend I'll just be wondering what my test results were... if my NK cells all of a sudden flared up, or if my TH1:TH2 ratio changed, or perhaps everything was still fine and Dr Kwak just wanted to try this? (I'm thinking the NK cells couldn't have been TOO bad or she'd have recommended IVIg.)

If anyone else out there is on prednisone for immune-related IF, or has a prednisone success story, I'd love to hear about it!


mrsblondies said...

I'm so glad that your dr. was able to get the prescription sorted out for you. Working for/with drs. does have perks; I would have had a really hard time getting my cycle-long b/w done without nannying for a dr. I hope that the prednisone and the other meds, etc help; and it's awesome that it's less than the other meds. I'm praying for you.

E said...

Got your messsage! Let's chat tomorrow. :) I need some support from a DT friend.

I am psyched for you for this cycle!!!!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

I have a prednisone success story...but nothing related to IF. It was one of my chemo drugs when I went through treatment for NH lymphoma a few years back. I am alive and well obviously that drug and some others (along with God) worked well! It sounds like you are taking 10mg an in my limited knowledge that seems very manageable (from a side effect perspective), I was taking I believe somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 - 100mg and the withdrawal after not taking it each chemo cycle was a a bit rough. But hey, it was worth it! God Bless you and I look forward to continuing to read your blog. - Marie

Fertile Thoughts said...

I am so excited for you this cycle that you get to take the predisone (sp?). Not only this but I am so INCREDIBLY jealous that you are even working with Dr. Kwah-Kim to begin with!!!! I am really happy that you're under her care. She seems to help so many women. Can't wait to hear how this cycle goes...

Praying for you!!!!


JellyBelly said...

So great that everything worked out!

I also have a non-IF prednisone-related story:

I've been on prednisone a few times in my life. I've been prescribed it after severe asthma attacks (man does it work like a charm!) and more recently, I was given it to boost my immune system after a really bad colitis flare. Although I was more than a little moon-faced in my wedding photos, I was also UC-symptom free for my wedding and honeymoon TON for an extended period of time.

Can't wait to see what is going to happen with this cycle!

Sew said...

This is good stuff!!! YOu are a crack head when you break down the femara mgs due to the extra pill. :)

This is good stuff, my gosh, I can't believe you inject yourself that much! I would fall over and die!

Go follies! Let's make TCIE a baby!

I know it will happen! Grandma is busting her tail off up there!

LifeHopes said...

I am SOOO excited for you on getting the Prednisone!!!!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!! And for only a few bucks!!!

All I know is that I want to be on it. For some reason I just know I need to be on a steroid. I just know it!!!! I can't wait to hear about your BFP this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I was on prednisone, SIRM perscribes it to their patients with intralipids. I had tried it before, even though my RE doesnt usually Rx it- I made him Rx it for me, muhahaha. Thankfully its a VERY cheap drug, $3 without insurance (they dont even run it w/ insurance for me because my copay would be like 5 cents lol) I continue to pray that this will work for you!

Nicole said...

I do have an Prednisone story...My Grandma was infertile for 8 years after getting married and the doctors told her it was due to her severe asthma. They said her body wouldn't allow her to get pg with such low oxygen levels because surely she would never carry to term. She then got the Prednisone for her asthma problem (I guess it was fairly new in the late 50's) and BAM...Preggers with my mom! She then had 2 more babies. The dr. told her it was a miracle drug. ;-) I hope its yours too.

Sew said...

I'm totaling taking you up on your offer of going out! ;) I would love it!!!!!! It would be a blast!

Fertile Thoughts said...

I just remembered that you asked if I subsitute anything for the butter in my almond milk mashed potatoes. Yes, I use Ghee because it has the milk solids removed and is casin free. You just need a very small amont though because that stuff is potent, haha!

I hope you're able to try the recipe. I also use salt, garlic salt, and parsley....YUM :)


Where is that Lasagne recipe?????