Friday, October 16, 2009


So, I didn't really get the opportunity to probe myself with the vaginal ultrasound transducer this week while at clinicals... but I did ask my mentor if he could do a quick scan for me.

And what we saw was 1 big follie on the left (surprise, surprise), aaaaaand... 1 big follie on the right!! Go, righty!! It was slightly smaller, but definitely big enough to be in contention for a double ovulation (lefty was 21.9 mm, right was 19.7 mm). This was Wednesday. Yesterday during work I did scan myself transabdominally, and was able to see that both follicles were still quite large (can't measure accurately transabdominally), but it proved that ovulation had not yet occured and both were still growing.

Felt some O pains on the left. Came home, took my last OPK, and it was positive. Few hours pass. Felt some O pains on the right. Woo hoo!!

Peak-type mucus the last 3 days, and today is CD 15. Today I have definite "fluid in the cul-de-sac" bloating, which is proof-positive of ovulation for me.

The not-so-great thing about this cycle was that I had not 8, not 10, but TWELVE (12) days of bleeding. I think this is partially due to the Lovenox, because my flow went from light back to moderate on day 6 when I took the double dose of 40 mgs. Then, the light flow continued MUCH longer than it normally does, through day 8. Day 9 was VL, and days 10-12 were the dreaded, want-to-shoot-myself-in-the-head brown bleeding.

Of course, I did skimp out a bit on Dr. Kwak-Kim's progesterone support protocol to build up my lining for "proper shedding." I took the prometrium faithfully during the Post-Peak of last cycle, but only took about 3 days of the Endometrin around P+6-8. I figured why waste all that expensive progesterone on a break cycle?? But trust me, on the 12th day of bleeding I was regretting that decision. I just hope that this is due to the clotting, the Lovenox, and the progesterone, rather than the OTHER thing :(

Speaking of the other thing, I am no longer taking cyclical antibiotics. Dr. Kwak-Kim felt that we had been on them long enough, and that she didn't want my body to build up a resistance to them.

Well. That's the news. I'm officially in the 2ww of the first cycle of Dr. Kwak-Kim's protocol. I should be able to test by Halloween, when I would be P+15.
I'm thinking I have twice the chance, right? (But then I think, well 2 x zero is still zero...)


prayerfuljourney said... can feel fluid when ovulating? I'm in tune with my LAP and RAP...but not fluid retention, etc. Wow..that's impressive. I do get some queaziness on O that is when I'm assured it's happening.

That is good that you have two good mature follies....Lord willing that's double chances for you.

Praying for Hope said...

I wish I could scan myself. What a unique opportunity to do your own u/s. And to even be able to feel ovulation. I've never been able to do that. Sigh.

JellyBelly said...

Wow! Two follies!! That's awesome!

I wish I could scan myself too!

mrsblondies said...

Sorry about the crazy long bleeding. I know how annoying that is. It's pretty awesome that you can u/s yourself and having two follies is fabulous.

LifeHopes said...

Woo hoo!! I hope you get em both!!

I have been stepping up the prayers for you, oh I really hope you get good news in about two weeks!!!

(by the way, our cycles are in sync right now)

I hope you took full advantage of your fertile days!

Sew said...

I know why you went into that field. Gosh, I'm so freaking jealous of you right now. I mean I feel angst when I read how you scan yourself.

You better be glad I don't live near you. You better be glad! ;)

E said...

2 FOLLIES!!! WHOO HOO!! I am really excited for you. I would think that the extra bleeding was from the lovenox. Did you charting correspond with your u/s?? I love when it does...

Keep the positive thoughts going, or start drinking. Both worked for me. :)

keep calm and carry on... said...

2 follies? that is awesome.

reading your post makes me envious... getting to scan whenever? what a luxury! ;)

i wonder if tom c.ruise is ever going to put that ultrasound machine that he bought up on ebay... i can think of some people that would have some interest... hahaha

dawn827 said...

That is so awesome you can do your own ultrasounds lol. I hope those mature follies I really hope you get some good news soon!

Thankful said...

How lucky to have such easy access to (and the skills to read) a u/s. Good luck!

Jeremiah 29:11 said...

Good luck with this cycle! It cracks me up to picture you scanning yourself. :)

Thanks again for the advice you gave me last week!

You're in my prayers.

the misfit said...

P+15 on Hallowe'en? That's definitely not like Christmas, but very interesting. What will you be dressing as?