Friday, October 23, 2009

Life Banquet

Last night, DH and I attended our local crisis pregnancy center's fundraising banquet. Their name is Life Choi.ces, which I think it brilliant. The woman who founded it explained to me that by name alone, women scrolling through the phone book looking for "help" with their pregnancy think that with the word "choices" in it, they are a type of Planned Parenthood. So, they call to schedule an abortion, and once on the phone, the center is able to talk to them, ask them in for an ultrasound, and offer them real alternatives. Fantastic!

Our center is unbelievable. They just this year purchased a second ultrasound machine and a MOBILE CENTER which travels to the surrounding cities!! When I mentioned a few months ago to the woman in charge that I was in a sonography class, she told me, "Tell me when you're done, we can always use you!!" (Their current full-time sonographer used to be the sonographer at my NaPro office!)

Anyway, the night was really great. The guest speaker was Sha.wn Car.ney from EWTN's " Human." I have to admit, I never saw that show. But Sh.awn was a brilliant speaker. He is apparently one of the youngest, most insipirational pro-life speakers in America today, AND he's the co-founder of 40 Days for Life!!

When he began speaking, he mentioned that he was 27, married, and had 3 children. We were all sitting at round tables as he spoke on the stage, so DH was behind me at the time... I could hear him mumble, "Good for you!" Haha! Yeah, that kinda stunk to hear he already had 3 kids. Not because I'm jealous (I promise this time!!) but because I keep making the excuse to myself that MY infertility is so that I can best serve the Lord in the pro-life (and NaPro) movement. I tell myself, "Oh, yes, this makes sense. I never would have been able to go through sonography classes, or become a Practitioner, if I already had kids." But then along comes Sha.wn Carn.ey, who has done a heck of a lot more than that, he's a year younger than me, AND has 3 kids.

It just reminds me that no, my infertility is not for some greater purpose. If I am doing the will of God right now, I could and would do the will of God as a mother, too.

But, back to the banquet. We really did enjoy Shawn's presentation. We also saw tons of pictures of babies saved by Li.fe Choi.ces, and heard inspirational stories of some of the babies personally saved by the founder.
There was a record 400 people at the dinner :)

I am P+8 today, got my blood work done yesterday. This time I don't really care about the Progesterone/Estradiol (since I'm on so much progesterone right now, they are bound to be high), but I do want to see how my thyroid hormones are adjusting. I won't know until Monday, since the office is closed 'til then.

Oh- and I did finally solidify a priest/spiritual director for our November meeting of the Catholic Fertility Support Group!! I'm so excited!!


Karey said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about doing things with or without kids. Every time I think of something that perhaps God wanted me to be childless in order to do, I think about all the people who do it WITH families. But then I think, would I have done it with kids? And the answer is usually no. Yes, it can physically be done with kids, but maybe WE wouldn't have done it. Maybe we wouldn't have had the time, or maybe it wouldn't have even been on our radar.

Sounds like it was a great banquet!

Life In Mazes said...

Sounds like a great opportunity when you finish your training!

SO happy you enjoyed the banquet!

Grace in my Heart said...

The banquet sounded awesome! I've seen Shawn on EWTN and we have his pro-life movie. He's so inspirational- that's awesome you met him! :)

E said...

Sounds like a great time!! IF definately gave us time together as a couple that I wouldn't trade for anything. As for work, I probably could have become a pracititioner with kids but I wouldn't have the compassion I have for my IF clients. Try not to compare yourself to others, I know it is hard! But the Lord has plans for you, that are perfect in His eyes.

mrsblondies said...

It's sounds like a great center and a great banquet. I'm glad you found a spiritual director for your support group meeting.

JellyBelly said...

I wish we had EWTN!

I've been thinking lately that my calling is just to teach other people's kids. It just sucks when my students ask me if I have kids and I have to say no.

Personally, I think I have enough compassion for people with IF. I'm done.