Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Ovulate, Or Not To Ovulate...

that is the question.

Ever since my ovarian wedge resection, I CAN (miraculously) ovulate without ovulation inducing medication.

But lately, when I had to stop taking Femara for Dr. Hilgers' Hydrocort protocol, when I ovulate, it doesn't seem to be a very good one. I had premenstrual spotting for the first time ever both cycles on Hydrocort alone (no Femara).

So, me like-y ovulation meds.

This cycle, Labor Day weekend messed me all up. I was supposed to stop taking progesterone on 10dpo with a negative hpt. But "just in case" it was too early (who was I kidding?), I waited until 12dpo, took my last dose, then tested 13dpo am.
By then, it was obvious that CD 1 would come at an inopportune time. I needed to get blood work drawn and shipped to Chicago for Dr. Kwak-Kim on CD 3 this cycle. It was looking like CD 3 would be either Sunday or Monday (Labor Day)- eeek!! So, back on the progesterone I went, to try to hold off AF as long as possible. And even though I took it Friday night, AF arrived on Saturday, making CD 3 Monday (Labor Day).

Obviously no labs were open, so I needed to hold off and get the CD 3 b/w on CD 4, Tuesday. BUT, I didn't want to take my Femara TWO days late, instead of just one day late, so I decided to ask my Dr for Clomid this cycle (to start on CD 5) instead.

Long story short (is it too late for that?): DH went to pick up the prescriptions, didn't check the bottles before coming home, and there is no Clomid. Called the pharmacy and they said no Clomid was called in, but they did get a call in for Femara. Greeeeat.

We are also not taking the Zithromax this cycle (protocol for the CT), because a) it made me feel crappy last cycle, and b) our insurance is no longer paying for all 12 pills that each of us needs, instead they cover 6 per person per cycle... so we were paying $200 for the stuff. I decided to fill the 6 this cycle, and save it for next cycle. In the meantime, we are taking our Macrobid, which is the other antibiotic we take cyclically (not nearly as strong as Zithromax, though).

I'm really not sure what to do this cycle. If we should just not try, or what. I speak to Dr. Kwak-Kim on Monday, and will ask her advice, but more than likely, we'll take this cycle off. Which sucks. Because, unlike normal people who can just use infertile days to avoid, with the Chlamydia (and no Zithromax), I'm way too scared to have any sex at all and mess up our potential fertility in future cycles.

This sucks.

CT sucks. It has given me the biggest complex, but that's a whole other post.

Alright. Bring on October, with its injectables, horse-strength antibiotics, steroids, and IVIG (maybe?)!!


Sew said...

Blech, I wish I could well b slap your cycles!

What is IVIG?

LifeHopes said...

Wait I am confused! Why not just take the Femara instead of the Clomid?

And I am dying to kow ... what is IVIG???

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Sew, my Femara protocol is to take all the pills on CD 2, not over a 5 day period, like Clomid.

IVIG is intravenous immunoglobulin G. It's one of the more common treatments for many of the immune-related infertility issues, like increased NK cells, or imbalanced TH1/TH2 ratio... all this stuff is pretty intense and hard to understand without tons of research. I've done tons of research and I still only half understand it!!
(Intralipids are a cheaper alternative to IVIG, but Dr Kwak-Kim doesn't prescribe them. The Sher Institute, a "chain" IVF clinic, does, though... depending on whether or not my insurance will cover IVIG will determine which I will try to do... if it's needed.)

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

I meant to say LH, not Sew.

Sew, my cycles have already been b slapped enough :P

JellyBelly said...

I'm blaming my mental exhaustion on why I'm confused about your cycle.

I wish I had some advice for you, but I do know one thing: I don't like taking C.lomid. Then again, I didn't like it when I had endo growing everywhere in my insides. I figure that my Napro doc will put me back on it when it's finally time to TTC. I just hope that it doesn't give me horrible pain like it did before!

Btw, I've never heard of IVIG. I learn so many things from reading blogs!

E said...

I get it and this situation sucks. It sounds like you are being lead to take a cyle off. That is OK. Don't worry about the CT and just have some bonding BD. I am sure your DH would really like that and it just may be good for your marriage. :)

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

It would DEFINATLEY be good for our marriage if I could BD (or "non" BD, on an infertile day) without constantly thinking about CT!!

I seriously need to get in touch with C.W... I want to be able to just do it and not worry, but I have this block up that won't allow me.

I'll be calling you about this :)

Jeremiah 29:11 said...

Grrr, I totally feel your frustration! I can't tell you how many times I've needed bloodwork or to see my doctor on the weekend. Why doesn't my cycle realize what day it is??? Keep us posted on how all these treatments go.

Praying for Hope said...

Ick. What a choice.

mrsblondies said...

I'm sorry that the calendar and your cycle are at odds with each other. I hope that you are able to not stress about taking this cycle off and that your body doesn't go too crazy. I'm sure Dr. Kwak-Kim will have some advice when you talk to her on Monday.