Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Updates

I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from Dr. Kwak-Kim's office today. Yesterday, I happened to call them to ask about my meds for this upcoming cycle- she wants me to do an ovarian assessment (b/w) and have it shipped to her on CD 3. However, my current Femara protocol is to take all of the pills on CD 2. I knew that as an estrogen-inhibitor, this would affect not only my estrogen but my FSH levels on CD 3. So I called to see what I should do. The nurse said I was right, that I should hold off on the Femara and take it CD 3 AFTER the b/w, instead.

Today, they called again. This time, to schedule my phone consultation to review my blood work results from Aug 25th!!! I was not expecting this so soon, because everyone else has said (including Dr. Kwak-Kim herself) that it takes 3 weeks for all the results to come back. But I assume that since I had a bulk of the immunological testing done already, that maybe she didn't repeat some of those tests like the APAs and DQ Alpha and NK Assay.
The first available time slot they had for my phone consult was Monday, September 14th. Still, pretty good! I can't wait!

I started my first clinical days for sonography this week. I go in twice per week to a local imaging center, and it has been wonderful so far! My "mentor" is the main tech, who has been doing this for 30 years and knows EVERYTHING about ultrasound. He has been so helpful already. His imaging center is also mostly ob/gyn, so I'm seeing a bunch of gynecological sonograms that really interest me. (Fibroids, polyps, adenomyosis, etc.) I did see an 18 yr old come in for an early pg scan, with what I can only assume was the boyfriend, AND a girl friend. She was only 5 weeks along, and when the tech asked why her Dr ordered the scan so soon, was she experiencing any pain, she said, "Yeah, I had some sharp pains in my back about 3 weeks ago." The tech just looked at her and said, "Well... you weren't pregnant 3 weeks ago." Then when he scanned her and measured the corpus luteum, she asked, "Is that normal??" I swear... how is it that women who know nothing about their bodies can manage to get pregnant?

Insanity. I think that MTV show "16 and Pg" really glorified teenage pregnancy. The fact that she brought along her entire "support team" to a 5 week ultrasound tells me she's not at risk for abortion, but clearly adoption is even further from her mind. I had to bite my tongue to not offer to buy her baby!!

My fatigue has been getting worse, and worse, and worse. I called PPVI today to ask if I could come off the Hydrocort, because it is clearly not working. I think Dr. Kwak-Kim prescribes a low dose of Prednisone, anyway, so it's better if I come off the Hydrocort now. PPVI said it was fine to come off. I expressed my concern over the fact that I've been on it for so long (over 6 months), and that my symptoms at first got better, then progressively got worse. Frankly, I'm a little ticked that my care was not managed better with this medication, particularly since I expressed such concern when I first went on (my Grandmother had Addison's Disease, and I was afraid that by supplementing adrenal hormones, my adrenals would shut down and stop producing altogether).

I'm so freaking exhausted lately it's not even funny. It's ridiculous. I'd jump back on the coffee wagon, except caffeine is supposed to inhibit blood flow to the uterus... so really the only thing left for me is cocaine. Anyone know any good dealers? :P

Gotta run, I have my first follow-up with my new long-distance transfer client... Waiting for Baby Blondie :)


Sew said...

I thought you said it was just "some" updates! Hahahahaha

And yes, since you are a professional, I knew you had my back. I am probably one of your neediest, non-consistent client you have ever had! muah!

the misfit said...

I don't see why you'd skip right over ritalin and amphetamines, but then you have more medical training than I do :).

I'm not sure our symptoms are precisely the same, but I've been lethargic for MONTHS and I HATE it. I don't feel like myself at all. Not only is my house perpetually slightly dirty (I can only make myself clean for specific reasons), but my whole life deteriorates - I don't try new things or invest in new hobbies or take the initiative for any reason. It's much more of a pain than it sounds like, and I hope you find an effective regimen soon.

mrsblondies said...

I'm glad that you are going to have your phone consult so soon. I hope you can find something soon that helps with your fatigue. I'm sorry to tell you but cocaine is a vasoconstrictor too, so it would also inhibit blood flow to the uterus. :-)

E said...

You made me LOL about the coke! HA!! I HATE fatigue. I think you maybe need syntroid instead of the T3.

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Yeah, you know, I'm getting more signs that this is all thyroid related... LOTS of hair loss in the shower lately.

And bummer about the cocaine, mrs blondies!! Way to rain on my parade :P

Thanks for the comments.

Praying for Hope said...

You're too right about how women can manage to get pregnant and know so little. Something is backwards.