Monday, September 21, 2009

NaPro appt today

DH and I both went, because we needed to "re-group" and get a plan going from here, in collaboration with the treatment protocol from Dr. Kwak-Kim.

The one thing I love most about my NaPro Dr is that she is sooo open-minded, and definitely willing to learn more about areas she's not an expert in (like immunology, clotting factors, etc.). When I told her about the Doppler u/s and no blood flow in the endometrium, she was astounded! She thought (just like I did) that this was a SUBSTANTIAL finding, and admitted that when I was first diagnosed with the MTHFR, she really didn't think it had any bearing on my fertility.

She does think I should go out to Chicago for another ultrasound on 80 mgs of Lovenox, the cycle after next (if next cycle is unsuccessful).

The only "bad" part of the appointment was that I was denied injectables :( Just as I suspected, NaPro, and my Dr, are not fans of over-stimulating the female system and manipulating it to our "needs." She also reiterated that I've always responded really well to both Clomid and Femara, and that with the progesterone support in the post-Peak phase, this may be all I need to conceive and then implant with the Lovenox. She said she's noticed that Dr. S is using post-Peak progesterone support more and more with women who are on ovulation inducers, even when their P+7s are already high... and that she is starting to pick up on this, too. Especially since my estradiol is always through the roof in the post-Peak (last cycle was 454), she thinks making the progesterone level nice and high may be "just what I need."

So, while I was a bit bummed about the injectables, I do see her point. She even voiced my true underlying desire, by saying, "You know, a lot of women who have been through this for as long as you feel like they want twins or triplets..." but she basically said that the injectable mind-frame is founded in the ART world, and even though Dr. Kwak is respectful of my wishes to do things naturally, she is probably just thinking, "well, why not hyperstimulate her?" This does make sense to me. I think I'll give Femara one more shot, and then I'm literally going to beg for a low-dose injectable.

As for the thyroid stuff, she told me that she's not concerned about it, because since I'm ON T3, it's bound to be elevated in the labs. In NaPro, the end result of the T3 therapy is normalized body temperature, not clinical labs, so we're going to do my temp-taking again next pre-Peak and check the levels of the thyroid hormones at P+7.

I also feel TONS better about my decision to come off Hydrocort after talking to her about it. I decided to wean off of it since I wasn't fond of the idea of being on it to begin with, especially since it didn't help ONE of my symptoms!! (I still had brown bleeding, still had fatigue, actually the fatigue got worse after a few weeks on it.) But I had read on the internet that people can have hypo-thyroid symptoms if their adrenals are not functioning properly, so I was starting to second-guess my decision.

My Dr. said she is actually glad I'm coming off, and that she's personally leary of the long-term effects of cortisone therapy, herself.

So, we're going to continue on all the same meds/vitamins except for Hydrocort, and Dr. Kwak's letter to my NaPro Dr. also recommended I add Vit. E (Dr. Kwak never mentioned this to me!), so I'll be adding that. I won't be taking the Dr. Toth antibiotics, BUT I will take Amoxicillin again as a mucus enhancer during my mucus cycle.

A good game plan, I think.


Praying for Hope said...

Good game plan! You've taken Amoxicillin before for mucus? How did it work? I'm to start it next cycle (provided I get it from my prescription provider in time).

Kathryn said...

It all sounds very reasonable, and hopeful!! Seems like your doctor has a lot of unusual thing in that field.

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Definately, K! She's the furthest thing from an egotist, imo.

PfH, I personally think Amox was always the BEST cm enhancer I've ever taken. It works better for me than Mucinex, B6, or Fertile CM. I hope it does the same for you! GL!

Hannah's Song said...

I have been doing Napro for about 1 1/2...and I have seen many women receive injectables. Either HCG or progesterone. But, I believe that Napro gives you the shot after you have already that it does not over stimulate the ovaries. The shots are used for the following cycle to help with your hormone levels. I have been taking B6 and using the mucinex for about 3 cycles...and I don't think I see an abundance of CM...I am allergic to Penicillin, so my Dr. didn't give me the antibiotic...but I might ask was only a rash....
Hope that helps!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Hannah's- I probably should have been more specific. I meant to say injectable FSH (the drugs the REs use in IUI/IVF cycles). I know they're not opposed to anything in needle form :)

... said...

I have to say I am fascinated by the blood flow to the implantation zone. I've never heard of anything like that.

It sounds like you have a great game plan for now!

JellyBelly said...

Sounds like a great plan!!! Your Napro doc sounds like a fantastic doctor. It's hard to find doctors who openly listen to other doc's advice. You're so lucky!

E said...

I am SO excited for you! You are really using this time wisely. Your journey so far has helped you to see what works and what doesn't. Everything so far has given you so many clues. :)

I am probably a good candidate for injectibles because I have LOW estrogen and clomid, etc lowers it even more. Hopefully the injectibles will help raise it.

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

That's a really good point, FJIEJ. I was actually thinking of you during my appt today, thinking exactly what you said. Not only would injectables improve your pre-Peak hormones, but your post-Peak estradiol, too.

But I secretly (or not so secretly) still really want twins after all this ;) So if no success, I'm gonna push for them again, hehe.

LifeHopes said...

This all sounds really good to me!
And I realize that injectables are very enticing, but I am living proof that they don't always work. (that being said, I will probably try them again at some point since it's pretty aggressive, and I get how you feel completely on that. You can reach a point where you just need to take the bull by the horns!!)

Mrs. Mike said...

How did you wean yourself off of the Hydrocort? I'm so done with that drug and PPVI has STILL not responded with the results (from July) of the second Adrenal Questionnaire I did.

Did anyone recommend a dosage for weaning yourself off the Hydrocort? I'm currently taking 5mg 4x's day.