Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random Updates

There are a few things I've yet to mention, and since I'm bored to tears today and wanted to blog (with no huge IF updates), I figured I'd give some random off-topic updates.

First, Simba, our youngest kitty (1 of the litter we had in our upstairs office bathtub- see this post) turned One Year Old yesterday :) Happy Birthday, little guy! We're so glad his little pee-pee is doing better.

Second, tomorrow is my parents' 40th Anniversary. Originally, my sisters and I wanted to throw them a party in the Church hall, but my Mom caught wind of it and insisted we not have a party. So instead, they are getting a blessing during Mass tomorrow (by the priest who married DH and me), and we're taking them to a fancy restaurant for brunch. I'm looking forward to it!

It's also my 2nd oldest sister's 37th birthday tomorrow, and she's having a little soiree at her place tomorrow night. We promised to bring a bottle of wine, and I was looking forward to drinking... even though I knew I'd be post-Peak at the time. But after the appt with Dr. Kwak-Kim, and the treatments I'm taking now just to ensure that implantation is a possibility... well, I probably shouldn't chance drinking. I'm supposed to test on Monday, too.

DH is next door "talking" with his mother. We decided it would be best for him to express to her how the past 3 years have affected HIM, 1-on-1. Since he's her son, and there's an unbreakable bond there, we thought this would be the best way for us to "get through" to her. I know she wasn't thinking, and wasn't doing anything intentionally... but I'm sure this will help matters.

Another update: I've somehow, without planning it, become the face of Catholic Infertility in the state of New Jersey! Through starting the Support Group in the Diocese, I've been put in touch with tons of people who are doing research on infertility in general or specifically from the Catholic perspective. The latest development is that I asked my NaPro Dr to come speak at our next meeting (in September), so the woman from the Family Life Office, who has been great in helping me to advertise, etc. had the Diocesan newspaper come out and interview her for a special full-page article on FertilityCare and the Support Group!! My Dr asked me to come to the office for the interview, so that the journalist would get additional info for the article, and he even took a picture of me, the Dr, and the Dr's mother (who is the other Practitioner at our office) for the article.

What was funny was, when the journalist first showed up, me and the Dr's mother spoke with him first, since the Dr was in with a patient. He sat down with us and said, "Just to let you know a little about why I'm here... there is a new ministry in our Diocese, a Fertility Support Group, which was actually started up by a couple who are patients of the Dr's..." I'm famous :) Though, I'm not sure if being a famous infertile is really what I ever aspired to be!!

Last update, which relates back to the first one, we ended up with TWO MORE pregnant stray cats early this summer, and now we have 1 litter of kittens about 5-6 weeks old living in the upstairs bathroom, and another litter 1 1/2 weeks old in my ILs closed-in sun room. They are all gray. The ones upstairs are adorable :) The mother to that litter is a muted tortie, and 1 of the kitties is, as well. I don't get why everything on this property is super-fertile except for me, though!! Even our garden was ridiculous this year... everyone we spoke to had a terrible year for tomatoes. Not us! I made homemade tomato soup last week which was KILLER. Sooooo good. But seriously. Enough with all the fertile stuff surrounding me!

'Tis all for now. I'm reading an excellent book by Christopher West, "The Good News about Sex and Marriage." Terrific read, I highly recommend it.


prayerfuljourney said...

Yeah...the ground for my garden is fertile too! Have fun tomorrow! 40 years is definitely commendable. Blessings.

Karey said...

Yum.. brunch sounds good!! Have a great time celebrating your parents and sister tomorrow!

Beth said...

I like that book. I tried to talk Ken into getting a kitten today, but he was not into it :)

JellyBelly said...

Congrats to your parents! We were at a Knights of Columbus function yesterday and we sat with a couple that are celebrating their 40th anniversary as well. We just celebrated our 4th, I can't even fathom 36 more years!

And congrats to you! It sounds like such a wonderful ministry to help others that are IF. You are so much braver than I am!

Btw, can you post photos of the cute kitties?

Sew said...

I say a glass of wine or two won't kill you! ;) But then I am very non restrictive when it comes to my post peak phase. :) A glass or two are very relaxing. It could "help".

You should have called me yesterday I was bored as well!

Do you by chance have the last chart that I emailed you? I lost all of my charts since they were on my computer. It would be nice to at least have the chart that I was pregnant on. :( Dang computer

Oh and your last post, you deserve more then a bandaid dear! :)

Living Advent said...

I'm with Sew on the wine. I had several 1/2 glasses and 1 whole glass during the 2ww this cycle. I'm half convinced that it's good for MTHFR!! At least that's the way I justify it.

What a blessing that IF ministry is getting so much attention in your diocese!!!