Monday, June 29, 2009

I Got Lovenox!!!

Today I had my FU appt with the 2nd hematologist that I sought out after getting
my MTHFR diagnosis. He had run a bunch of other tests on me (a complete
thrombophilia panel and additional thyroid testing) to see if there was any
other issues at play in my *possible* implantation failure. With the MTHFR
alone, and normal homocysteine levels, he didn't think Lovenox injections were
warranted, and he has never personally Rx'd Lovenox to women PRE-conceptually.
However, I was equipped with all kinds of research at the 1st meeting, and he
did sound like he would be willing to let me try the injections starting on CD 6
for about 3 cycles.

As it turns out, he said that there was another test that came back with "funky"
results, and that this coupled with the MTHFR made him feel better about Rxing
me Lovenox. The test was Phosphatidyserine (IGM), and my #s were high and out
of range. Also of interest (which he didn't point out to me, but I have a copy
of the test results) is that I have one mutation on the PAI-1 4G allele. He did
tell me that my Factor VIII was low, and that too seems weird. (I'm not sure
what low means, since high out of range means clotting.)

Anyway, he asked me what I wanted to do, since he had never before used Lovenox
pre-conceptually and didn't know when to start it. I told him that most of the
Drs out there who do use it preconceptually start on CD 6 with 40 mgs a day. He
is giving me 3 cycles of this treatment!! He also went on to say that he has
confidence in doing this for the first time with ME, since I came to his office
already knowing all about how clotting disorders affect fertility and cause
early m/cs- - and the fact that I'm a FertilityCare Practitioner (which he
doesn't quite understand, but thinks it's like a nurse, haha). I'm so happy I
was able to plead my case successfully and not have to travel out of state to a
Dr who would take my concerns about this clotting stuff more seriously.

I truly think at this point, with everything else looked into, checked out, and
fixed or corrected with my fertility, that implantation failure is a big
contributor of my IF. And even if I'm wrong, and I have not been able to get pg
thus far, at least now I am treating something that most likely WOULD cause me
to have an early m/c in the future.

So I'll be taking 40 mgs per day starting CD 6 of next cycle. I am putting a
lot of stock into next cycle, because I'll also be back on Femara... c'mon
July!! Mama wants an April baby!


Sew said...

Me too!!! Me too!!! I want an April baby too!!! hahaha

Woooo-hoooo!!!!!! Thanks for texting ding bat and letting me know! Little did you know I was slamming HM's! :) hahahahaha

Bring it on!!!

U do injections every single day??????? That is scary!

prayerfuljourney said...

Good luck with it all! That is great that you came to the Dr prepared and ready. You go Girl! Praying this helps your TTC journey. Blessings!!!

mrsblondies said...

I'd love an April baby too! I really hope that the Lovenox helps you.

E said...

I am so happy!!!! You are so awesome and just keep on going!! You will be rewarded, I just know it!!!

Living Advent said...

I'm glad you were able to get it. I'm going to see the doctor in the videos on the 14th so we'll see what he says.

JellyBelly said...

woohoo!!! here's to an april baby tcie!!!

p.s. i'll have to start practicing the thriler dance now in preparation for bw!!!

the misfit said...

Apparently a lot of folk around here want an April of luck!!

barbie said...

wow! I hope this works! how exciting! I just love finding things to fix!

Praying for Hope said...