Monday, May 4, 2009

Type "E" Mucus

I was in the Drs office today having a follow-up with a new client, and the Dr caught me afterwards to say, "Oh, I have to show you something!"

Turns out, she still had the slide from my post-coital. My first thought was NO WAY are those little guys still alive and kicking!! But no, she just wanted to show me the ferning in the Type E Mucus. (Those of you who have seen an Intro of the Creighton Model may remember my very favorite slide in the whole presentation - actual photographs of Type E and Type G mucus, with all the swimming channels in the former, and the "block wall" effect in the latter??) Well, it was SO COOL to see it in my own cm!! Then she added that my blood work had also returned, and my progesterone had already started to rise, so she guesses that I ovulated the morning of my post-coital! Perfect timing! She moved the slide over to the edge, and there you could see the effects of the progesterone on the mucus already. Small sections were forming that "block wall," just as they should have! My mucus was literally metamorphing during my post-coital!

Now here's some not-so-good news. During Saturday's u/s, the Dr saw a cul-de-sac of fluid - which is consistent with ovulation. But then she said she saw the fallopian tube. I was surprised, and commented that I didn't think you could see the tubes on u/s, and she replied that you usually can't, unless there's fluid in them. But she didn't say much else.

Until today. After showing me the slide, and commenting that Saturday's timing was "perfect" - she asked when my last uterine lavage was with Dr. Toth. I said that I hadn't had the repeat washes yet, so it was Nov. 21st! Then I caught on to what she meant. I said, "Oh, fluid in the tube can't be good, right?" She said, "Well, no, it's not good. But it may also have been ovarian fluid, and it just looked like it was in the tube."

Freaking A! What causes fluid to get in the tubes? DH asked me if I was jumping up and down after sex. Yeah, hon, that's it.

It's like every time I'm given a shot at hope, something else goes wrong in my body. DH is trying to play the positive, and doesn't think there was fluid in the tube itself... like he knows. Man, I hate this!!

I have another u/s tomorrow or the next day (still trying to schedule it, since my Diagnostic Medical Sonography classes start tomorrow!!!!) - so I guess we'll see if there are still signs of fluid.

UPDATE: Holy crap. I might actually be barren. Here's a link on hydrosalpinx:


Praying for Hope said...

What looks like a fluid filled tube isn't necessarily Hydrosalpinx. I have no idea what it could be, but it doesn't do any good to panic until you know the whole story - what ever that is. Your husband could be right in his positive outlook. I hope he is.

Living Advent said...

Call me crazy but couldn't the "fluid" be your DH's guys?? I'm guessing not from the doctor's conversation with you. I'm glad your doc wants another u/s to see. I'll pray that that one is clear.

the misfit said...

OK, I just read your whole page you linked there and I'm upset that you're upset by this. Though written by a doctor, that page is NOT a reliable source of information. I think I'd have missed it if I were reading about me here, but since I'm not (that I know of), it's clear that the tone is all alarmist, all the time, already a bad sign. It's essentially advertising copy. The kicker is this line: "In vitro fertilization is the ultimate fertility therapy." That's him, hawking his most expensive product! (I note that his earlier comment about the fluid being hostile to early embryonic development in utero is totally inconsistent with IVF being an effective treatment.)

Supposing any of this information is really accurate, there are a number of other things I would pay attention to. First of all, he said that the tubes would be "sausage-like" in an HSG. That sounds pretty distinctive to me, and I bet you've had a truckload of HSGs. Nobody noticed this? Also, he says the HSG dye causes infection - I bet you'd have noticed an infected fallopian tube right away. That sounds really painful. You also say that you could see A tube on the u/s - so the other one could be open, right? I'm told that one working tube will even seek out and draw down eggs if the other is blocked.

Finally, if this liquid is so hostile (and liable to infection), it need not interfere with treatment at all - I feel confident even as a non-medical person saying that the tube could be drained, or, if it refilled, simply removed (that's a salpingectomy). I would be assuming here that you MAY have SOME complication with ONE tube - more tests, maybe more surgery (maybe nothing), no fun, but no hydrosalpinx based on that page. My $.02.

Oh, one more cent - here's an unbiased source, which even says the blockage can be reopened:

And, though I haven't heard of this being done, I know the Church is OK with moving a (naturally occurring) low tubal pregnancy to the uterus - so why not moving an (unfertilized) egg to the uterus for fertilization by natural means? If they can extract them for IVF, surely they can extract them for sex. And that wouldn't be contra Donum Vitae as I understand it. (This is probably a typical attorney answer to a medical question...)

And, I would wait to think about ANY of this stuff until you have a DIAGNOSIS! Because you're probably FINE.

E said...

I have the same worry...I am trying to get on Dr. S's schedule for Aug/May since I had something similar on my last HSG. This sucks! But if that is all you need, and everything else looks good, IT CAN HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

LifeHopes said...

Oh my gosh. I didn't look at the link but it definitely seems fixable to me!

I sometimes wonder whether we "know too much" hence the cause of all of our worries!

I hope and pray that this question is resolved soon in the form of a BFP. Is that too much to ask for? I don't think so.

Vent-ilation said...

Stay AWAY from Dr.!! okay.. and this is a totally dumb question.. but don't we have more than one fallopian tube? So if one does happen to be blocked, wouldn't there be others that aren't?

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Thank you for the reassurance, girls. I probably did over-react (and I, too, see the blatant IVF-pushing in that link). My concerns were that I felt like I was reading about myself in the sections about how hydrosalpinx occurs in women - - I have chlamydia, and pelvic inflammatory disease... and when one tube is damaged, the other isn't far behind if these things are the cause.
I know I'm jumping to conclusions... I've just never seen anything like that in my u/ss before, so it's kinda scary. But CT can and does lead to complete blockages/damage to the tubes, which for Catholics pretty much means barrenness. I'm just really scared right now. I can handle IF, but don't think I can handle barren.

dawn827 said...

I don't know if you remember much about the details of my infertility but i did have hydrosalpinx's. It really does depend on severity and how damaged the tubes have become. Obviously mine was very very bad and i had to have both tubes removed (not necessary if not doing ivf obviously) but it would have cut my chances of success with ivf down 50% with the tubes in. From what i understand and the research i did for over a yr knowing of the hydrosalpinxs is that majority of the time it is sadly unfixable. :( I really hope that this is not the case for you. Did they not notice any of this in ur surgery?

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

From what I'm seeing, all of the things I have had, or had done, can *cause* this condition - - so the surgery itself could have lead to this, coupled with the ongoing infection and PID. But the part that confuses me is, does it happen that quickly? I mean, I guess it could have slowly been getting "hydrosalpinx'd" since April of last year (the last time anyone checked my tubes), but I've had many many u/ss since that time, wouldn't we have seen a tiny bit of fluid in any of those?

I'm just going to wait (impatiently) until tomorrow's u/s to see what else we can learn. This sucks.

Sew said...

So how was today lady???