Friday, May 8, 2009

I've Officially Lost It

Don't ask. I have no idea what's wrong with me, but for some reason I have taken a time machine back in time to 2006/2007, when I would make up pregnancy symptoms in the 2WW.

It wasn't something I planned to do. (WHY put myself through THAT??) But ever since 3dpo, I have noticed some interesting "symptoms," some of which I haven't ever experienced before. I'm not writing this because secretly I do think I have a chance this cycle; nor do I want all of you to convince me otherwise. Rather, I'd like to correlate these with my progesterone level at P+7, because it seems that my fake early pregnancy symptoms are magnified when my progesterone is high.

(And just to further discredit the idea that maybe these aren't "fake" symptoms, remember that there is NO HCG being released in the body until after implantation. So how could it possibly be pg symptoms??)

Anyway, here's what I've noticed:

In the middle of the night at 3dpo, my thirst actually woke me up at 2:30am. Very weird, because a) I'm a lazy thing who hates to get out of bed for any reason, but I could NOT ignore this thirst, and b) I usually don't get parched like that.

Alternate explanation- I woke up to the sound of the rain through my cracked window, and subconsciously needed water.

Since 3dpo, I started sneezing about 2 x day. I never sneeze unless I have a cold, because (don't hate me), I don't have any allergies whatsoever.

Alternate explanation- I'm developing allergies. Or, I'm just sneezing more often lately. Sheesh, does everything need to be analyzed, TCIE??

3dpo during the day, I got nauseous on my way to class in the am. Woozy and nauseous, and it passed in about 10 minutes.

Alternate explanation- I had a mocha frappuccino, and all I had to eat was a multi-grain breakfast bar. I've had some waves of nausea in the past during the 2WWs, so this one isn't "too" weird.

Since 4dpo, BBs very sore. What else is new?

Since 5dpo, (TMI warning), my urine and/or cm has had a "sweet" smell to it. This is really the only way I can describe it. It is similar, though not quite the same, as the smell of urine after you take antibiotics. I haven't taken any antibiotics since CD 12. It's a very strong smell, and along with it, I've had lots of watery/milky "PC" (creamy cm). THIS is definately not new for me, I always have post-Peak pasty cm. The smell is most assuredly new.

Alternate explanation- Ummm... all this TTC has finally made me lose my mind (and my sense of smell)???

5dpo, fixed myself a nice big bowl of fresh berries (strawberries and blueberries), and as I ate them all I could taste was a nasty metallic aftertaste.

Alternate explanation- This, too, is not a brand new symptom. I think I've had this once or twice in the past. I have absolutely no idea what causes it. Any ideas? (And don't say pregnancy.)

So, today is 6dpo. I'm not referring to it as Peak Day this month, since I know for a fact which day I ovulated (Saturday), and I didn't Peak until Sunday. I asked the Dr when I should get my b/w, since P+7 would be a Sunday, and that 7dpo would not correlate with Peak... she said to go ahead and do it later, since that will probably "tell us more" anyway. I always like to do my P+7s later, too, for that reason. That way if they're high, I can pretend for a day that I'm totally knocked up. It's nice to pretend.

P.S. Just as I was about to post this, I got a call from Dr. Stegman's office saying the next available surgery date is about 30 days out. This actually works just fine for me, because then I can do the uterine washes first, and the selective HSG the beginning of the next cycle.


barbie said...

I dont' know why our bodies throw symptoms at us like that, I think it's just to make us nuts! I've had some of those symptoms throughout my years of ttc, excpet for the sweet smelling urine.....
The metallic taste...had it. It's SUPPOSED to be a pg symptoms, but not for me! it's just a crazy body symptom!

Good luck to ya!

Praying for Hope said...

I don't believe in pg symptoms anymore, although they still get me going on occasion. So you'll be coming to Harrisburg in the not too distant future? Excellent! Here's to hoping he finds everything in reasonable shape.

Karey said...

I love how you are keeping yourself in check with the alternate explanations. That shows you are definitely not losing it!

That's all very interesting. I, too, have had the metallic taste in the 2ww. If you find out what can cause it all (other than pregnancy), let us know!

And I am over thinking I'm pregnant with high progesterone numbers!! Once you start getting them in the 30's and 40's each month (and you're NOT taking any supplements) and still get your period, you can't pretend anymore! Oh well.. I hope you get an explanation for everything!

Kathryn said...

I've never had PMS issues with a lot of other symptoms. I have other issues, but so totally unlike pregnancy that it isn't even a question.

For the past 4 months i've had some of the issues you're mentioning. At times i'm really angry at my body, believing it is tyring to trick me or something. I've not recorded all the different feelings as you have (this is not a criticism of the way you handle it) because, for me, focusing on them just makes the disappointment that much more.

I was pregnant once - lost her at 10 weeks - & since then sometimes i've wished i'd kept better account of the early days & what i was experiencing. But as i've not been pregnant again, it has been a moot point.

Keep on! We're all praying God will bless you with the family of your dreams.

Sew said...

Here is my explanation. TCIE is truly loosing it, now her urine smells like a bag of roses! ;)

hahaha! I love it! Seriously, write it down because this is the only place where you won't feel like a total idiot! :) Not that I think you are an idiot. :) But I am loving reading your post!

E said...

I hear you...I always have pg symptoms, even this month when NOT taking HcG. Oh well. I don't think you are losing it, maybe your progesterone is up? I get incredibly thirsty when my thyroid is off, in fact my hands get really dry, too. Did you take the met with the coffee? If I don't eat enough, it makes me sick. Hang in there!

JellyBelly said...

i'm stumped that my infertile body throws me strange pg-related symptoms. i'm actually a bit relieved that i don't have to worry about it for the next three months...

don't worry you're not losing it!!!

Nicole said...

I am not here to give you any false hope...however, when I was pg with my angel, the first "symptom" I had was the smell of my urine. My hubby actually noticed it more than me (I totally thought I just hadn't had enough fluids or it was something I ate) but he came in the bathroom right after I peed (prior to flush) and was like "WTH? why does your pee smell like that?" I blew it off, when I get my Trigger shots...SAME SMELL!!! Which makes me go all crazy thinking Im pg only to be crushed 14 days later. So....long story short...ITS POSSIBLE and I am praying for you!!!

Kathryn said...

I am at the same point as you! Only I can't come up with any symptoms to analyze...but I am still somehow convincing myself that I am pregant. UGH!