Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Inconclusive, and CRAZY day

Well, today's ultrasound was not very conclusive. There was still evidence of a lot of fluid, but the shape of it made my Dr lean more towards it possibly being pelvic fluid (cul-de-sac fluid is how it's referred to), rather than tubal fluid. She went back and consulted my other ultrasounds, and post-Peak I have always had this pelvic fluid. (Sometimes it was so much, that I literally would feel pressure whenever I sat down... it was like a really intense bloating.)

However, nothing could be ruled out completely, because when she tried to find the fondus of the uterus, to see if there was any fluid "coming out" from it (which would indicate that it was indeed hydrosalpinx), there was too much bowel in the way. Stupid bowels!

Even though my prayers were answered EXACTLY (I still have that glimmer of hope that maybe it's not hydrosalpinx), I started crying my eyes out as soon as I left the Dr's office. She had asked me if the insurance situation was settled with Dr. S.tegman yet, because it's really imperative that I get another selective HSG done.

When I got home, I was still on the phone with my Mom, crying about how we still don't know, and now if it is serious, we won't be able to treat it or see if we can salvage the other tube, since my appeal is STILL not settled with the insurance! (Dr S.tegman can't do any more procedures with me until the account is settled.) I kept telling her, it's not just the amount of $$ that's the issue (it's not insanely high, it's about $1400-1700, somewhere in there), but more the principle of it. I had resolved to NOT paying that bill because it was an error on H.orizon's part. But now, if I wanted to save any chance of ever having fertility, I would have to pay it because they took too long answering the 2nd appeal.

My Dad called back a while later to offer me the $ to pay off the Dr. Again, the tears started flowing as he told me it was more important to NOT put this surgery off if there would be medical implications in doing so. Now, my Dad was laid off (for about the 5th time) last October. He was actually pretty excited about it, because he was turning 65 this February, and on top of collecting SS, he could also get unemployment. But, they do not have tons of $$ to be throwing around, so this was a HUGE gesture.

While I was calling Dr S.tegmans financial office, DH got on the phone with the insurance (again!) to bitch them out about this appeal stuff. We have been on the phone with them just about 2 x week every week since last December. Last week, finally they told us that they were "taking care of it" and getting this 2nd appeal settled. They said a letter had been issued to us with the "results" of the appeal (which, of course, we took to mean it was again denied). Still no letter. As DH got ready to rip the insurance rep a new you-know-what, she tells him that a check was sent off to our Dr on May 1st, and that they "decided to pay this appeal in full." AHHHH!!!! FINALLY!!! It only took 13 months for them to do what they TOLD US THEY WERE GOING TO DO even before my surgery!

So, while medically I'm still freaked out, this is a MAJOR step in the right direction.


The financial office calls me back (I have this chick's direct line on my cell phone, which is how often I've spoken to her over the past year and a half), and I tell her the good news. She then tells me that she was going to call me this week, anyway, because yesterday, Dr. S.tegman sent her an email asking about me! He wanted her to contact me again to see if there was anything his office could do to expedite this process and get me in for my HSG. How nice! I didn't even think Dr S.tegman remembered me, let alone that he'd ask specifically about my case :) She said she would call me back tomorrow since he's not in the office today, and try to set up the HSG quickly. He has some openings for surgery coming up, but they may not fit in my schedule/cycle. I'm hoping this HSG can coincide with my uterine washes, which I'll be getting from CD 5-15 next cycle- because I know an HSG can carry infection into the tubes, which would obviously be detrimental.

So, today has been a never-ending roller coaster ride. I am still pretty upset about the possibility of hydrosalpinx, but the good news of the appeal being paid in full, and my HSG getting scheduled so soon, seems to be God's way of telling me I need to trust. I just need to trust. Why is that seemingly simple request so extremely hard??


LifeHopes said...

OH MY!!! You HAVE had quite the day!!! I feel like we live in parallel universes b/c your day sounds so much like one I had not so long ago! One minute you're in shambles, the world is falling apart, the next minute God is rescuing you and things are okay!!!

It is a great way to learn how to trust God ... although it is SO hard to do when things are looking bad!

I hope and pray they figure out what and where this fluid is located.

I too have trapped fluid, but it is always around the ovaries, which means I have adhesions. Have they ruled this out? Adhesions cannot be seen on ultrasound, but trapped fluid can be an indicator b/c the adhesions keep the fluid from being absorbed into the body normally. (sidenote: there is a new cutting edge procedure at Duke university that reveals whether you have adhesions, without surgery. I had it done last month and mine showed up. Let me know if you are interested and I can introduce you to the Dr. who is doing the study).

Karey said...

Wow! Don't you just love parents?! What a generous gesture.. and even better that you won't be needing it!

I think this all is a huge answer to prayer and I love how in the midst of it all you are able to see that your prayer for a glimmer of hope was answered as well. I am praying that you have more than a glimmer and that you have great news very soon!

Sew said...

TCIE! You make me want to donate a fallopian tube to you! Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about all of this madness! Are you drinking yet! WHAT THE HECK!!!!?????

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

LH, the day has been so crazy, with SO much information being thrown at me, that I didn't really get into too much detail about the u/s - - but YES, those were my Drs exact words, that it could be fluid sticking around due to adhesions. I told her I bet I did have some, since I had the wedge resection (I mean, despite the Drs most valiant efforts, gimme a break, BOTH my ovaries were chopped up and sewn back together... there HAS to be SOME kind of adhesions!!) She agrees there may be some.

How much they're affecting my fertility, on the other hand, is the question.

I would LOVE the info on the study at Duke. (Is it free, since it's a study??! Wouldn't that be nice?!)

AYWH- thank you for the kind words. Yes, I noticed the answer to my prayers, and St. Gianna has been by my side ever since that Mass... I know she's pulling some strings up there :)

Sew- I'm drinking a Venti Mocha Frappuccino right now. Does that count? :P

Fertile Thoughts said...

What a crazy day you've had! You'r dad sounds so sweet. That was so generous of him!!! I really am praying that's its just something simple to treat. Please St. Gianna :)
Aren't insurance companies a pain!!! I am so happy for you that they sent the heck. YEAH! I am celebrating for you :)

Life In Mazes said...

What a day. That is great news that the insurance is finally paying and that your doctor was asking about you. I hate that it took 13 months for this to happen, though.
Please keep up your courage, I said prayers for you today in front of the tabernacle.

E said...

We must have similar issues with our tubes. I am recruiting for tubal transplants, want me to find you a couple, too? I am SO EXCITED about the appeal finally going through. I think that Dr. S might be thinking about us both since we were on the same track with DT. You parents are awesome people. Call me if you need to talk. :)

JellyBelly said...

what a day you had!!! oh my goodness!

i almost started to cry when i read the part about your dad offering you the money. you're so lucky to have such generous parents!

i'm so glad that the insurance business was cleared up. i can't believe how ridiculous insurance bureaucracy is!

i'm sending you prayers -- i'd offer you a fallopian tube like sew, but mine are all twisted from the mess in my ladyparts so they wouldn't be ideal! ;)

Hafsa said...

Oh honey, my heart goes out to you, it sounds like a ton of crap you've had to muddle through. I don't think I would be able to handle it as well as you seem to be. I am glad that everything got straightened out with your insurance co., I hate ins. co., they are suckafaces and a half!

Praying for Hope said...

I'm so glad you're going to be able to get back in with Dr. S. He surprises me with how much he remembers about people. That's one reason I stay with him rather than giving way to may panic and going for an IUI. I trust him because he actually cares. I hope you can get in sooner rather than later.

Teresa & Connie said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm am so incredibly sorry that you are going thru all of this. WTF? You're in my prayers gorgie.