Saturday, May 30, 2009

God's Timing... or coincidence?

I've been complaining for a looooong time about how things have been stagnant. Not just with the adoption, but with fertility stuff (due to insurance problems, etc.) and mostly, FINANCES. Ah, the word we all cringe upon hearing.

Well, about 2 weeks ago, DH got a check for 1/3 of what he is owed to date. That may not sound like a lot, but actually, 1/3 of what he was owed (just from salary, not from business profit) was $10,000. Yes, my dear friends, DH all this time was owed $30,000 from his company, and somehow, someway, God managed to pull us through to this point. So, while much of that $10,000 has already been used to pay off credit cards and the recent Dr Toth treatments, we are finally breathing a little easier, knowing that jobs are being signed each week and there is a LOT more $$ where this came from... just around the corner... (story of my life, lol!)

Anyway, it seems that the past couple of weeks especially have been moving very quickly, and things are getting done or at least moving forward. As you know, our 2nd Home Study appt was scheduled, and that will be on Wednesday. We got a call from DirectBuy that our bedroom and living room furniture has arrived, and that will be delivered on Monday. Which, of course, means that today I am up to my neck in laundry- - I'm embarassed to admit just how dirty I had let my bedroom get :( But now my butt has been kicked in gear, because I HAVE to have it all clean (and move the old furniture out) by Monday at noon!! It just seems so funny to me that this is all coinciding with the Home Study... now, if I had had things my way, we would have already been done with the Home Study by this point. But because things were moving slowly, now we will have a gorgeous new bedroom to show at our Home Visit, as well as (fingers-crossed) new carpeting in the living room and pergo floors in the nursery. The reason I say fingers-crossed is because these last 2 renovations will need to be paid by our landlord, a.k.a. the in-laws, since the carpet that is currently in the living room and nursery were ruined by the previous tenants, a.k.a. sister-in-law and her 13 cats. When we first moved in here, I rented a carpet washer, and the carpets are definitely livable now... but now that the company has $$, we're thinking we can talk them into getting these things.

And then in fertility news, I had a great appt with the hematologist on Thursday!! I think I have convinced him to let me try injectable blood thinners (Lovenox) for 3 months pre-conceptually, even though he has never done this protocol before. He is, however, very aggressive when it comes to clotting factors, and does believe it can cause implantation failure very early, which disguises itself as infertility. In my case, he didn't think my MTHFR alone was a big deal... so he ran another thrombophila panel for me, this time of EVERYTHING under the sun, as well as a test for thyroiditis (I think it's also called Hashimoto's). If it reveals another clotting disorder, or thyroiditis, I believe he will give me pre-conceptual Lovenox. If not, then I still think I was able to successfully argue my case to "try" Lovenox for 3 months. The Dr. was impressed with how much homework I had done on clotting factors, and I was so proud of myself for speaking up and somewhat demanding what I wanted from him :) That is SO NOT ME! But when it comes to my fertility, I've realized that if I don't start trusting my own instincts, I may never get anywhere past here. Bottom line? No one Dr. knows everything, or can treat EVERY aspect of your fertility... not even Dr. Hilgers, though I admit he's probably the closest. We need to take initiative with our own health care, and seek out alternatives/specialists in areas where we think one Dr is lacking.

So, June will prove to be a very interesting, and action-packed month. I will discuss the b/w results with the hematologist in late June. I have my surgery on the 16th. Home Study visits will take place, and possibly even the Home Visit. AND, I have been asked to speak at a Catholic Young Women's group at R.utgers University on the 18th. It is part of a series of talks about understanding our bodies, our hormones, our relationships, etc... I still have to sit down and figure out exactly what I want to say and how to say it, but I do know I'll be talking about SPICE :)
And then, June 20-27, here we come much-needed VACATION!!! Again, coincidence that I'll be ovulating that week??


barbie said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes on he blood thinners! That reminds me that I need to test for that.

Hafsa said...

God is so good.

Sew said...

Great news! When God gets moving it is hard to keep up with Him! Then He recoils! hahaha That probably isn't the right word!

I am burnt out on SPICE! :) Please don't make that a focus. ;) hehehehehe

Discuss arousal fluid! hahaha

Jeremiah 29:11 said...

All of that sounds great! :)

the misfit said...


E said...

Sounds like your (and the Lord's) are coming together! You are one busy girl! Let me know if you need help putting together the talk. Way to go with the hematologist!!!

LifeHopes said...

It sounds to me like things are progressing, even though sometimes it might feel as though time is standing still. (usually how I feel).

I am interested to see how the Lovenox works out, I have always wondered whether I might have a blood issue since my period is heavier than most. But I am not sure whether that would mean I clot too much or not enough:)

Keep us posted!

Fertile Thoughts said...

That's awesome that Dh finally got paid and you all can get some things you needed. Woo-hoo! I can't wait to hear how your B/W turns out. I have read so much about lovenox (sp?) that is great your Dr. is so open about it. Also, I can't believe how busy June is for you! WOW! You wll need that vacation.
Praying for you,
P.s. this is short because I am dying of cramps :(